What at all is news reading and how should it be done? I have never travelled outside Ghana but I believe news reading in other countries is not seen or treated as comedy. However, in Ghana news reading is becoming something different rather than a serious activity to inform the listening public.

When was the last day you listened to news on Peace fm or any of its sister radio stations? For me, news reading should be done with all the professionalism it deserves but that of Peace FM and its sister radio stations gets me annoyed, shocked, disappointed and totally insane. I simply don’t understand how they want to treat their news reading.

You listen to Peace fm’s news which is picked up by the other radio stations, and you can’t tell if the news items had been written out for the news readers to read or the news readers use their minds to say whatever they want to say already having in mind the subject matter of the news item. It is so obvious that at most times, these news readers embellish the news with so many unnecessary proverbs or wise sayings not necessarily to explain issues to the listening public, but to create laughter.
Is that the new editorial policy adopted by the Peace fm News Room? In explaining just a simple thing,a news reader could use all the time in the world to explain it by certain illustrations which in some instances becomes offensive and in bad state. News reading should be treated with all the seriousness it deserves. For God’s sake,news reading is not comedy and should not be treated as such.

If some of the news readers of Peace fm and other radio stations are naturally talented comedians, then their management should allocate a slot for them to exhibit their talents rather turn news reading into some sort of a joke.

Just last week Friday as I was returning home after a hard day’s work, thinking that if I listen to Peace fm’s 6PM news,I would get to know what exactly may be going on in the country, I was annoyingly taken aback by what I observed. Kwabena Marfo read the news with respect to the issue of some headmasters of some schools who were charging unauthorized fees. He then had to interview a resource person for clarification of the issue via telephone.

All of a sudden, Kwabena Marfo switched language from Twi to English. That is pardonable especially if the resource person cannot communicate in Twi. But the big question to ask is about the effectiveness of Kwabena Marfo’s communication in the Queen’s Language.

Kwabena Marfo’s interview was full of grammatical errors, pronunciation of words was absolutely bad and he spoke like a village boy without any command over the English Language. With all due respect, I understand Kwabena Marfo is an educated chap but trust me, the kind of English he spoke was just shameful, unacceptable and a total disgrace to the entire radio fraternity in Ghana.

Peace fm should take their news reading serious and treat it with all the seriousness it deserves and should not think news reading should be used as comedy. There is time for everything but then news reading should not be toyed with. I can’t really imagine if indeed news fooling adopted by Peace fm has been endorsed by its news editors.

If that is the case, then they need to revise their notes because it’s never professional and it ends up with the supposed listening public treating their news as comedy rather than a source of information. Probably the likes of Fiifi Banson, Kwame Sefa Kayi and Adakabri Frimpong Manso could add their voices to ensure that the news fooling ends abruptly.



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It’s a well known fact that Okomfo Kwadee is not too well and that he needs medical attention. In as much as he needs medical attention, I am one of the few people who would also call for some sort of spiritual intervention to ensure that Kwadee totally becomes free from the entanglement of the abuse of the substance wee.

As at now, some people are of the opinion that Kwadee’s present predicament may not be due to the abuse of wee. I strongly beg to differ. Kwadee’s condition is simply due to the abuse of wee. I say this because I have strong evidence to back my assertion. So fortunately ,when Kwadee’s ‘’madness’’ came into the public domain and people close to him were denying the story, I found myself at a vantage point all because at that time, I was spending five days in a week at the Accra Psychiatric Hospital .

I wasn’t at the Accra Psychiatric Hospital as a mental patient but as a young man in my capacity as an employee at the Records Department. On day to day basis, I had access to Kwadee’s medical folder and read it from one end to the other and realized he had been diagnosed as suffering from schizophrenia and psychosis. This won’t be the right time to explain what schizophrenia and psychosis are but for those who are curious, they can quickly check on the internet.

I even had the chance of getting close to Kwadee in his hospital bed at the BHC ward. With his dreadlocks at that time totally scraped off, it was so evident that Kwadee’s case was quite serious and damaging ;no wonder a close associate of Kwadee’’begged’’ me not to divulge any information about Kwadee as I was also a radio presenter at that time.

I stand to be corrected but Kwadee’s condition has been existent for more than five years. This should give a clear idea about how deep he got swallowed in the abuse of drugs and how difficult it is for him to come out of the predicament and concentrate on his music career.However,I find it difficult to understand why after all these years,Kwadee is still sick.
I am very sure many people in the showbiz industry and out of the industry have tried to help Kwadee but they haven’t been successful. Apart from the Accra Psychiatric Hospital,I am very sure he may have been to other hospitals and have seen different doctors .Judging from interviews Kwadee’s mother has granted to radio stations all over the country, it’s clear that Kwadee has also been taken to so many churches and prayer camps but the big question to ask is why Kwadee is still mentally sick.

Just like any caring mother would do, Kwadee’s mother has sought to seek help for Kwadee by appealing to all Ghanaians through many radio interviews but I believe it’s about time she keeps her mouth shut. Talking about her son’s ‘’madness’’ on radio wouldn’t cure Kwadee. Her outbursts on radio are rather causing embarrassment to the young artiste. In as much as its now public knowledge that Kwadee is not too well, some of the revelations made by her,in my opinion, amounts to her washing Kwadee’s dirty linen in public.

At this point in time, I am aware Kwadee’s mother has been in constant with Evangelist Lord Kenya all in a move to ensure that Kwadee would be back to his old self.The best thing she can do at this time is to ensure that Kwadee receives more medical attention and back it with her prayers rather than finding pleasure in granting radio interviews and talking about Kwadee’s illness.

In as much as Kwadee may be a celebrity for which reason many radio stations may want to find out how well he is getting or otherwise, I would be very glad if these radio stations would understand that the continuous discussion about Kwadee’s health is no more doing good for the artiste. There is the tendency of crippling his music career without the slightest chance of his comeback even when he is totally cured if the continuous discussion about his health pertains.

Once again, I would advise Kwadee’s mum to shut her mouth up and reject any radio interview. If radio interviews could have cured Kwadee, he should have been well by now .Radio presenters and stations should try their best to keep Kwadee’s health issue out of the public domain for now and rather channel all their efforts to ensuring that Kwadee gets back to his feet as one of the talented artistes in the country.

Surprisingly enough, even though many artistes are seeing clearly what the abuse of wee has done to Kwadee, they joyously still abuse wee and even go ahead to sing about it .Even though Lord Kenya has publicly come out to confess that he was under the influence of drugs which did not do any good for him and for that matter has repented and decided to do the work of God, many more artistes have closed their eyes and ears and are rather swimming, sleeping and snoring in the abuse of drugs.

I wish all our artistes the best and pray that one day, they would all follow Lord Kenya’s steps and stay away from drugs. As for Kwadee’s mum, the best and wise thing for her to do would be to shut up. With God, Kwadee will soon be medically well in the head. I rest my case.