What at all is news reading and how should it be done? I have never travelled outside Ghana but I believe news reading in other countries is not seen or treated as comedy. However, in Ghana news reading is becoming something different rather than a serious activity to inform the listening public.

When was the last day you listened to news on Peace fm or any of its sister radio stations? For me, news reading should be done with all the professionalism it deserves but that of Peace FM and its sister radio stations gets me annoyed, shocked, disappointed and totally insane. I simply don’t understand how they want to treat their news reading.

You listen to Peace fm’s news which is picked up by the other radio stations, and you can’t tell if the news items had been written out for the news readers to read or the news readers use their minds to say whatever they want to say already having in mind the subject matter of the news item. It is so obvious that at most times, these news readers embellish the news with so many unnecessary proverbs or wise sayings not necessarily to explain issues to the listening public, but to create laughter.
Is that the new editorial policy adopted by the Peace fm News Room? In explaining just a simple thing,a news reader could use all the time in the world to explain it by certain illustrations which in some instances becomes offensive and in bad state. News reading should be treated with all the seriousness it deserves. For God’s sake,news reading is not comedy and should not be treated as such.

If some of the news readers of Peace fm and other radio stations are naturally talented comedians, then their management should allocate a slot for them to exhibit their talents rather turn news reading into some sort of a joke.

Just last week Friday as I was returning home after a hard day’s work, thinking that if I listen to Peace fm’s 6PM news,I would get to know what exactly may be going on in the country, I was annoyingly taken aback by what I observed. Kwabena Marfo read the news with respect to the issue of some headmasters of some schools who were charging unauthorized fees. He then had to interview a resource person for clarification of the issue via telephone.

All of a sudden, Kwabena Marfo switched language from Twi to English. That is pardonable especially if the resource person cannot communicate in Twi. But the big question to ask is about the effectiveness of Kwabena Marfo’s communication in the Queen’s Language.

Kwabena Marfo’s interview was full of grammatical errors, pronunciation of words was absolutely bad and he spoke like a village boy without any command over the English Language. With all due respect, I understand Kwabena Marfo is an educated chap but trust me, the kind of English he spoke was just shameful, unacceptable and a total disgrace to the entire radio fraternity in Ghana.

Peace fm should take their news reading serious and treat it with all the seriousness it deserves and should not think news reading should be used as comedy. There is time for everything but then news reading should not be toyed with. I can’t really imagine if indeed news fooling adopted by Peace fm has been endorsed by its news editors.

If that is the case, then they need to revise their notes because it’s never professional and it ends up with the supposed listening public treating their news as comedy rather than a source of information. Probably the likes of Fiifi Banson, Kwame Sefa Kayi and Adakabri Frimpong Manso could add their voices to ensure that the news fooling ends abruptly.