A 21-year old Ghanaian artiste versatile in hiplife, hip hop and afro pop music has pointed accusing fingers at the ‘’boys abr3’’ Hitmaker, Guru, for stealing his song titled ‘’bossu’’.The young artiste who used to be known as Osagyefo changed his name to Osagy when he realized another artiste on the Twi Pop Music label used the name Breda Osagyefo.

According to Osagy, about six months before changing his name, he uploaded ‘’bossu’’ and some of his other songs on hulkshare.com. Osagy claims that the ‘’bossu’’ song had even been played on Radio XYZ before and on Top Afrik Radio in Germany and Gentleman online radio. The song is always played by DJ Koi and had been receiving massive airplay on Thank You fm in the Western Region.

In an exclusive interview with your authoritative and evergreen Flex Newspaper, Osagy, also mentioned that the ‘’bossu’’ track was uploaded on a blog called ghanafame.com. The ‘’bossu’’ hit track which happens to be the track allegedly stolen by Empire Entertainment’s Guru was recorded at Ho at the Milky Mico Studio and the beats to the song were programmed by 1beat between June and July last year.

On January 26, 2014, Osagy received a whatsapp message from Nigeria with the information that his ‘’bossu’’ track had become an instant hit in Nigeria. The song was then after uploaded on save9nja.com. Osagy who at this time thought he would be experiencing breakthrough in his music career ,had the rudest shock of his life when he realized a song recorded by Guru was a complete copy of his ‘’bossu’’ track he had recorded earlier. He got wind of Guru’s version of his ‘’bossu’’ track after he was prompted by a friend to do so on google.com.

According to Osagy, Guru’s version of the ‘’bossu’’ track has the same hook he (Osagy) used on the original track. When asked how Guru may have come by his track to the extent of ‘’stealing ‘’ it, Osagy noted that after recording the track, in the course of finding help to promote the track, he sent the songs to some musicians like Jon Germain and Guru himself and so Osagy felt very disappointed that the same artiste who he felt could help, was the same person who had ended up stealing his song.

Osagy even spoke to one Fred of Money farm Records, who doubles as the Manager of Ruff n Smooth, who asked him to come down to Accra so they could do some business as he loved the ‘’bossu’’ track. However, Osagy could not make it to Accra as planned due to his education but promised to meet the Money farm Records rep in February, 2014.

Osagy angered by Guru’s action got in touch with him via whatsapp but Guru did not respond to him. Again, he called him on phone. Guru told him he had never heard his ‘’bossu’’ track before. In a bid to find out if indeed Osagy owns and recorded the ‘’bossu’’ track, Flex Newspaper got in touch with 1beat who is said to have programmed the beat for the ‘’bossu’’ track. According to 1beat, the song really belongs to Osagy. He noted that he recorded the song specifically on June 12, 2013.

In a separate interview with Yasir who works with Radio XYZ 93.1 FM, he also revealed that he first played the ‘’bossu’’ track last year and knows the song belongs to Osagy. The CEO of Empire Entertainment, Nat Kwabena Adisi a.k.a Bola Ray when contacted, expressed shock at the issue and all that he could say was’’ oh how? Call the manager on 0244******’’.

An initial whatsapp message was sent to him but he responded by saying that he could not speak on the issue via whatsapp. Later on, when Flex Newspaper got in touch with Guru, he said what he knows how to do best is to churn out good songs for Ghanaians but then, he is fed up and really surprised that anytime he churns out any good song, he is faced with so many challenges especially with people who always want to claim ownership of his songs.

He further revealed that the concept for the ‘’bossu’’ track was brought up by one Frank who was with him and Ball J at the recording studio. He also noted that he spent three days to finish work on the track and that the song was more of freestyle as he did not spend time to write down any lyrics .

When Guru was asked when he recorded the track, he could not mention any particular month but only said the song was recorded last year. He also noted that it was only some few days back that Osagy got in touch with him (Guru) to feature on his(Osagy) track and can’t understand how Osagy could have recorded the ‘’bossu’’ track within those few days when he (Guru) had recorded the song last year .

Guru stressed that he only saw a link to Osagy’s ‘’bossu’’on January 29th, 2014 and was sure that Osagy wants to ride on his success in the music industry to make a name for himself. Guru ,who sounded so angry and frustrated, asked that all Ghanaians should listen to the two songs and decide which one they love, enjoy and would want to listen to.

For all those who want to know the truth, check out Osagy’s ‘’bossu’’ via http://hulkshare.com/y2n5zeahm8lc and then search for Guru’s version on google.com and realize the similarities for yourself and then make your own judgment. Watch out for Osagy as he speaks about this issue on radio. I rest my case.




On June 29th, 2013, the third edition of Ghana Meets Naija came off at the Accra International Conference Centre and it was quite a successful event. It is common knowledge that the brain behind Ghana Meets Naija is Bola Ray who also doubles as the C.E.O of Empire Entertainment.

In my article captioned ‘’Why Guru Didn’t Perform At Ghana Meets Naija’’, I asked how come the name of Guru was absent in all the promotions prior to the show unlike other artistes like Dobble and Dr.Slim all on the Empire Entertainment record label .On the night itself, Guru was not seen on stage .Guru did not perform on the night which raised eyebrows.

As a writer, I decided to find out what the reason could be. When I got in touch with Cedis of Empire Entertainment, he revealed that Guru was expected to be a surprise artiste on the night but later on plans changed. Empire Entertainment thought it wise to ‘’preserve’’ Guru for his upcoming show dubbed ‘’7 faces of Guru Music & Friends Concert’’.

The rationale behind the ‘’7 faces of Guru Music & Friends Concert’’ is to give Guru the opportunity to act out the seven different characters he had played in different music videos. In some of his music videos, he has played the role of a pastor, an old burger, a political activist, a broadcaster, a father among others and should the ‘’7 faces of Guru Music & Friends Concert’’ become a reality, Guru would be on stage playing this characters and much more.

Four clear months after the Ghana Meets Naija concert, there hasn’t been any indication of the fact that the ‘’7 faces of Guru Music & Friends concert ‘will come off as planned. Is Empire Entertainment having issues with the organization of the concert or is it just that the time for the concert is not yet due? If that should be the case, when exactly would the concert come off?

In an exclusive interview with Flex Entertainment, Guru revealed that the concert would come off in December, 2013 but was unable to indicate the particular day on which the concert will be held. December, 2013 is just about a month away for us to find out if ‘’7 faces of Guru Music &Friends concert ‘will be a reality or a hoax. I rest my case.