Most of the time when we see our various celebrities either on TV or the street, we tend to believe that their lives have been rosy right from childhood. However, some of our celebrities have really experienced the hard knocks of life. Some of them have really suffered to make it to their present status in life.

In all these, sight should not be lost on those who raised them right from childhood to adulthood. Some of them were raised by their fathers and mothers who had to sweat day and night to provide them with food and the necessities of life. Some of their parents also had to go through very difficult situations, hardships and poverty just to ensure they have a bright future.

Some of our celebrities had to be raised by single mothers or fathers. In as much as I have not experienced that unfortunate situation of being raised by a single parent, I know such a situation has its own disadvantages and I believe it’s for this reason, we need to congratulate GH One for coming up with The Supermom Reality TV Show, The Celebrity Edition.

The Supermom Reality TV Show, The Celebrity Edition has been airing on GH One every Sunday at 7pm for some weeks now. For this edition, the emphasis is placed on the mothers on some of our celebrities who went through the hardships of life to cater for their children whom we now refer to as celebrities and role models.

I have been watching the show religiously and I must admit that some of the stories are very emotional and heart-piercing but they go a long way to prove that one’s bad situation today could change to a good one tomorrow. It also drives home the fact that through patience, hardwork, perseverance and God, each one of us can achieve what we set out to.

Listening to the touching stories from the mothers of celebrities such as Ameyaw Debrah, Prophet Seth Frimpong, David Oscar, Elikem The Tailor, Caroline Sampson, Emmanuel Armah, Nathaniel Attoh, Kofi Adjorlolo, Kwaku Manu, Lil Win and a host of others, there were times I had to shed some tears. Some of their mothers really had to suffer day and night just to take care of them.

Indeed the mothers of our celebrities and mothers in general need to be celebrated and it is for this reason, I congratulate GH One for coming up with the concept of The Supermom Reality TV Show, The Celebrity Edition. The show is so emotional, mind blowing and revealing as the mothers of our celebrities ehjxpose the true nature, attitudes and conduct of our celebrities in their childhood days apart from sharing with the general public the difficulties encountered in raising them.

Another interesting feature of the reality show is the way some occurrences in the upbringing of the celebrities are dramatized for better understanding.

Once again, Kudos to GH One for that bold initiative; already The Supermom Reality TV Show, The Celebrity Edition has become the favorite program for most people. In case you have never watched any of those interesting episodes of the reality show, just tune in to GH One every Sunday at 7pm.It is also shown on Metro TV every Sunday at 6pm.




There is never a day that I don’t find time to listen to a wide range of songs on radio, television or on the internet. I am a great lover of good songs, no wonder I respect musicians who churn out good songs.

For me, a good song isn’t any song that is pleasant to the ears but the kind of songs that is sensible. There are however some songs that make me yell out in anger and make me yearn for an opportunity to silence musicians who waste precious time to churn out such ”nonsense” songs.

Critical listening of songs like ”faithful” and ” woara” from Okyeame Kwame makes me excited. These are songs that do not just have lyrics. They are songs that speak about relevant issues in the society. No wonder, Okyeame Kwame keeps winning the Songwriter of the Year award. Songs from O.J also come to mind.”May3 S3 mo p3n” is a classic example of a song that is very useful and sensible unlike the trash that some hiplife artistes churn out. Sorry for my choice of words but I can’t help it.

Artistes of today only find solace in putting words together and do not care whether they make sense or not. All that is important to them is to have their lyrics rhyming with a good instrumental. This then gives them the audacity and morale right to ”spit” out garbage at the recording studio.

It’s an undeniable fact that music is meant to inform, educate and entertain. However, some of our artistes are unable to inform and educate but in their quest to entertain people, rather mess up with stupid lyrics. Take time to listen to some songs and you would clearly understand me.

Do you know of Criss Waddle? Have you heard of the ”ayi” track? If not, what about the song which has the popular ”yi fri mu”phrase in it? Many people enjoy this song. I used to enjoy it but after listening to the lyrics, I got angry. I have no intention of exaggerating but I sincerely believe Criss Waddle undermines the intelligence of the Ghanaian. I say this because, in just one statement, Criss Waddle admitted that even though he had not said anything meaningful in the song, he knew the song would be a hit. Isn’t that supposed to mean that Ghanaians for that matter are not intelligent enough and would therefore embrace any ”trashy’ ‘song?

Our artistes need to sit up and do better songs. Without fear or favour. I speak my mind. Kwaw Kese is another artiste who virtually speaks about nothing important in most of his songs if not all. All that he does is to get rhyming lyrics which do not really make sense. ”I will wash you like omo”. Does this statement really make sense? How can you wash someone like omo? In the first place, is omo washed? Why not say, ”I will wash you with omo”? Probably 4×4 would be the best people to explain.

Of late, I have been watching a new music video from Okuraseni Samuel featuring Kesse, Appietus and another artiste whose I wouldn’t want to recollect. This useless song talks about ”hair. ‘

“Listening critically to the song, you would realize that the song is a piece of garbage. In fact, it’s a disguised profane song. My only disappointment is the fact that a family man like Appietus added his voice to the song. Is it not embarrassing?

Our hiplife artistes are not alone in this mess. What do some of our Gospel artistes have in mind when they proclaim that Jesus Christ is their boyfriend? Have they ever found time to find out who a boyfriend is? Is it a case of ignorance, lack of knowledge and understanding of the Word of God or is it just carnality at work? For those who do not know, a man or boy that somebody has a romantic or sexual relationship with is what we call a boyfriend. Our female Gospel artistes should know better.

Why aren’t most of our artistes educating or informing the populace on very important social issues but are only doing ”entertaining” songs. Unfortunately, most of the so-called ”entertaining” songs are useless. At the right time, I would speak about songs with sexual connotations and trust me, without fear or favour. I would mention names. For now, I won’t say anything more. I rest my case.




This is Confidence.What do you think about her dress? Is it appropriate ? Probably that is the right way for a celebrity to dress up!


This is Mzbel.She is now a born again Christian .She wouldn’t do any secular song again,it’s only going to be Gospel music.I wish her all the best.By the way,what is she hiding? Lol


What do you think about this picture? Remember ,she is a celebrity in Ghana.


no sir may release

It’s May 2013 and Stonebwoy Burniton hasn’t stopped writing, recording and performing since his Pull Up single was released on Christmas Day 2012. Contrary to suggestions during various interviews and articles that “Stonebwoy has issues with some other artists on the Ghana music industry”, Stonebwoy has taken time to write a song from a place that many other artists will be able to relate, both in Ghana, West Africa or across the world and to address the suggestions.

“No Sir” is a response you will usually hear from a Caribbean when they strongly reject the statement or question. Stonebwoy who is the first artist to carry the now popular term for Dancehall from Africa ‘Afrodancehall’ talks about the wrong things that he doesn’t agree with on a local and global scale.

The first question in this song is “How come reggae and dancehall isn’t getting as much attention?” He goes on to mention some names of moguls who have the power to educate in entertainment arenas and some of the trend setters like DJ Black and Reggie Rockstone.
The personal yet global element of the song comes when he mentions about some of these artists though talented, even their family doubt it because of the struggles.

The song goes on to talk about how you and why some artists do or don’t get the opportunity to perform on large scale events and his disgust as to DJs playing and promoting foreign music for free and asking a lot from the local talents.

On talking about the inspiration behind the song, Stonebwoy bows his head and says “I just want to share the pain that many of my friends (artists) are going through. I speak to some in Jamaica, Kenya and Zambia and the story is the same, it has to stop.”
The track will be released on 11th May to mark the day that Stonebwoy’s idolNesta Robert ‘Bob’ Marley left earth 32 years ago



Come March 5, 2013, Ghana’s Dancehall Supremo, Stonebwoy will be celebrating his birthday with his friends and the general public at the Club Invasion located at East Legon. On the same night, Stonebwoy will once again make his presence felt on the music scene so far as dancehall music is concerned as he premiers the “ONUMADE” Video ft. Tinny.

Remember, its STONEBWOY’S BIRTHDAY / INDEPENDENCE Rave. Artistes Passing through include: Kwaw Kese, R2bees, Buk Bak, Edem, Jupitar, Iwan, Paapa Wastik and more.
Time is 8PM, Rate is a cool 20ghc
Grab advanced tickets online @ and see Stonebwoy as he gives evidence to the fact that he is an artiste that cannot be ignored. Bhimmm!!!!



On the music scene currently, there are so many male artistes who are churning out hits after hits .The likes of female artistes such as Becca, Efya, Mzbel, Sala, Bertha, Diamond Licious, D3 and a host of others are also doing their best to match up to the competition posed by the males in the male –dominated music scene.

However, there is one female artiste who has arrived on the music scene and is set to shake the foundations of music in the country as she presents to Ghanaians what her definition of good music is. She is Mariah Light and she currently has a hit track ‘’koko wura’’ which is enjoying massive airplay on most radio stations in Accra and other parts of the country.

She started singing at the age of eight. As a result of her love and passion for music, her father took her to the late Akwasi Ampofo Adjei to learn more about music. From there she joined a musical group called De Farasies in March 2003. She recorded her first demo titled ‘’famame’’ and later on took part in a competition dubbed Talent Hunt organized by Faisal Helwani of Obinini Music Production and Metro TV. She competed against 18 male rappers and was crowned the best rapper of the competition.

That competition was organized by Metro TV IN 2005.. Evident of how good she is, musically, she was able to stand out as the best rapper. She has been in the music industry for almost 12 years and she is one artiste that cannot be ignored.

She does azonto, highlife, dancehall, afro pop, hip hop even though she started her music career with rap music. When asked if she could stand the challenge to be posed by other artistes, this is what she had to say. ‘’I believe in my flow and I don’t sing like any of them. I try to be myself always and not sound like somebody else. I am in the game to do my thing and that’s my strength.’’

Mariah Light is already in the studio recording more hits .She has recorded ‘’give it to me’’ which is a song in the Afro pop vein as well as ‘’u go see me shame’’.Another strong hit to look out for is ‘’me boy ne me girl’’ which is a hip hop tune that would blow the minds of artistes who even think they are the best when it comes to hip hop music. Mariah featured Hommy on the ‘’koko wura ‘’ track and is set to feature Trigmatic and other top artistes on some of her tracks.

She is currently working with sound engineers like 2Shot,Ubeat, Forgy, Robeatz and Bullet beatz. Just watch out because Mariah Light is the next big thing to happen on the music scene. She is one of a kind and ready to show what she is made of. Don’t forget to dance to her azonto track ‘’koko wura’’ whenever you hear it playing on any radio station. Music lovers can have access to the song via



He is one of Ghana’s young Highlife talents and he is doing so well on the music scene. He is really popular with his ‘’just the two of us’’ hit track. In as much as his presence has been felt on the music scene, Quarme Zaggy has still been working hard in the studio to give his fans the best of music.

Fans and general music lovers can listen to this nice song from Quarme Zaggy featuring Trigmatic. It’s a nice tune and its entitled ‘’True Love’’. How true is your love? Watch out for Quarme Zaggy, he is set to take music scene by storm as he still works on some hit tracks with the help of some of the big recording engineers in town and would always keep you updated on what to expect from Quarme Zaggy.

TRUE LOVE by QUARME ZAGGY ft TRIGMATIC, produced by (Genious selection). Quick download and share via



It was Good Friday; a day to reflect on the death of Jesus Christ. A day meant to cleanse our sins away. I was in a pensive and sober mood. Thoughts through my mind the whole day but I realized I needed a break. After all, all work and no play, makes Eben a ……………………………… For me, thinking was more of work than just a mere mental exercise. I had to relax.

I switched on my television, tuned in to a station meant solely for the promotion of made-in-Ghana music. Big ups for that initiative but for a brief moment, I got sad and at the same time amazed. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing neither did I understand what I was hearing.

It is without doubt that many musical talents abound in the country. However it’s very difficult for most of these talents to get support for their talents to be unearthed and developed. They find it extremely difficult to get people to finance their musical journey.

Some of these talents stay ‘’underground’’ till they give up and find solace in other unnecessary endeavors. Luckily enough some find Jah on their sides. They get helping hands and rise to become stars with ego. But trust me, when they become stars, accepted by the masses and start getting huge amounts of cash, they feel that is all to it.

I remember one Kumasi –based Hiplife artiste who now happens to be an evangelist “confessing” that he got the inspiration and urge to write out the lyrics of a hit song some years back, in the course of having sex with one of his numerous girlfriends at a time he was married with children.

The face of money and fame makes them feel they can make it to higher heights on their own on the music scene. When such musicians decide to take fate in their own hands but do not focus well, they lose their sense of direction, focus, common sense, and moral uprightness and rather channel their great talents into unnecessary ventures.

These talents churn out songs that are disgusting and teach no morals; songs that would make you excitingly confused and surprised. This is what I term as ‘’negative creativity’’.

I believe music is a universal language purposely meant for entertainment and education to those who listen to it. But trust me, any form of music that only spells out sexual prowess and sexual urge can never be said to be educative. Such songs only end up eating up the moral fiber of the public.

You don’t expect people to listen to such useless songs and still be morally upright .The earlier such songs are discouraged, the better. Those media houses that encourage and air such music works, should bow their heads in shame; in fact they are a disgrace to the same industry they profess they have the passion for and want to develop. Abraham Ohene Djan, please monitor whatever is aired on Fiesta TV.

It is disheartening to fathom why great talents rather channel their talents into music works that have no sense in them. This may sound as an insult but I still stand by it; some songs simply don’t make any sense.
About two months back, Wanluv Kubolor of FOKN BOIS fame made a mess of himself when he revealed to the whole nation, and others watching TV3 outside the shores of Ghana, his unkempt and not good –looking private area and most importantly his manhood which seemed lifeless.

I would be very surprised if any artiste worth his or her salt, knowing what is expected of him/her in the development of the nation through music would do exactly what Wanluv did. What he did was just unpardonable…totally unpardonable and unnecessary.

For all you know, Wanluv thinks he is a good role model for the youth. Hmmmm……………………………If an artiste’s talents is geared towards moral decadence ,like what Wanluv makes me believe, at least he should have spared us that nasty sight. He should rather go on spitting out unnecessary songs of sexual imagery than come on national television to paint an ugly picture.

I won’t be surprised if some viewers’ televisions got spoilt as a result .In fact, for his actions many people will have good grounds to believe and think that those who become musicians are those who are useless,lazy,morally bankrupt and wouldn’t want to educate themselves.
Is Wanluv without any manager or management team? What role does Panji play in Wanluv’s music career? Hasn’t he got friends within the music industry who can sit him down and put some some sense into his head?

I am very sorry if this sounds as an insult but I believe it’s about time truths are said no matter how painful they may be. Does his partner, Mensah of FOKN BOIS advise him? A big “NO” will be the right and obvious answer.

One big question that comes to mind is whether Wanluv or FOKN BOIS for that matter are part of MUSIGA? If so, what has the Obour –led MUSIGA Administration done about the situation.

As if Wanluv’s indecent exposure on TV wasn’t enough, Wanluv himself and his partner Mensah were captured in a video footage raining insults at Blakk Rasta apparently for comments made by the former in respect of Wanluv’s unannounced sexual exposure.
They took turns in verbally assaulting Blakk Rasta. This video footage was on the internet worldwide. And one question I ask myself is whether the FOKN BOYS can mount any platform and educate their fans on the need to be morally upright when they themselves do otherwise?

Certainly I don’t expect them to preach what they don’t practice. I am baffled with what they use their talents for; just making songs, performing at shows and making money? If that is the case, I don’t see myself tagging them as stars. I can’t imagine a star or a celebrity walking through town bare-footed, with just a cloth, skirt or a wrap over his lower body and without any “pioto”, all in the name of branding. Yes it may be branding but if you ask me, I would say, the FOKN BOYS have great talents but then they channel their talents into negative creativity and negative branding.

This is my opinion and I will stand by it at anytime. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a response to my comments but I still stand by them.

To buttress my point, I watched a music video by the FOKN BOYS with moral support coming in from Yaa Pono.I got convinced that the FOKN BOYS were really gifted musically but then they had lost focus and were now kings of negative creativity .The music video was just too profane. The title of the song itself as shown on TV did not make any sense.

It was just an arrangement of some alphabets. The lyrics in the songs were morally absurd. This is one song that should be condemned outright. The song was virtually talking about sex and gestures signifying sex were abounding in the video.

In the video you could see Wanluv making a circle with his thumb and first finger of one hand and using his first finger of the other hand, thrusting in and out of the circle.
Their profanity is profound. Songs are meant to educate and entertain but for once, this song was just too bad; morally bankrupt, in bad taste and a bad influence to the youth.

The FOKN BOYS should sit up .They are not doing themselves and their fans any good. They don’t deserve to be tagged as stars or role models. Going out of the country to the white man’s land and getting paid in dollars or pounds sterling for performing on stage doesn’t make one a star.

I even wonder what the meaning of “FOKN BOYS” is. Maybe they are conscious of the kind of songs they want to do, hence their name. I rest my case.



Lady Aya is an ambitious young musician who has emerged on the Ghana music scene with enthusiasm and passion. Aya exhibit qualities indicative of a strong and independent woman, intelligent, focused and polished. Her greatest strength is her voice and faith in God that all things are possible.

Aya was born in Kumasi in the early eighties. She migrated to Norway at the age of eight. Her adult life has been spent in Ghana, Norway and London. Aya is a student and a professional model with an international model agency. Ayas’ experience as a musician began as a backup singer for musicians such as K.K Fosu and Bullet of Ruff N Smooth fame.

Aya is also a professional guitarist, with a love for good music; she names some of her favourite musical influences as Beyonce, Trish, Keisha and Rhiana. Local artistic influences include Kojo Antwi, Ruff n Smooth, Daddy Lumba and Reggie Rocksone. Aya cites that the brand of music she makes is afro pop.

When asked why she started making music commercially at this particular moment, Aya states that the time is right, with school being completed, it is the right time to consider doing music commercially. She was also encouraged by Frederick Appiah of Moneyfarm Entertainment and Bullet and Akan of the musical group Ruff N Smooth.

Ayas’ dynamic voice adds to the richness of Ghanaian music. Her sultry voice and lyrical power depicts positive energy, high performance with a sense of staying power. Music is in Ayas’ blood; she lives and breathes to make exceptional music.

Her new hit Run Away Girl ft D. Cryme will be out soon, the song promises to deliver exceptional afro-pop music. Everyone can relate to heartbreak, the yearning to recover and being in the company of good people. The song is easy on the ears, catchy, and dance able.

In the near future, Aya promises to be a household name, producing good music, and being a positive example to young people as well as pursuing her various NGO support. Aya advices ,never settle for good if great is possible.



Jay Q’s Classic Compilation which would be hitting the airwaves very soon has chalked another milestone as it features a 19 year old up and coming artiste with silky and smooth vocals who is destined to take the world by storm.
She is known as Mz Fatou .She was born in the Gambia and went to live in the UK at an early age. She is a law student at the University, a freelance model and has featured in a couple of music videos. She is both from Gambia and Sierra Leone. Mz Fatou is currently in London recording with Jay Q.

She got introduced to producer and musician Justice K Daniels aka Righteous P who took her under his wing. He has been managing, writing and producing her tracks including her upcoming RNB TRACK SOSOS (angel going down). JQ met Mz Fatou when he visited his friend Righteous P at his studio in London and realizing how good she was, he decided to include her on his upcoming compilation.

Watch out because sooner than later, you would be listening to some new hits coming from the compilation and as usual will keep you updated.



Chase is out with a new single titled ‘’lonely’’ and the song is doing quite well. I would be very surprised if indeed Chase is really lonely. How can a sweet-looking artiste and celebrity be lonely? Is it that there isn’t any lady in his life or may be his lady is out of town?

Judging from his Facebook update which says ‘’I need a date for this party!! K.O.D at 35…who is coming?’’, it could be true that the artiste is really lonely. For any lady who is curious enough to find out if Chase is really lonely or not, just get in touch with Chase as you could be lucky enough to get his attention.

But have you ever tried to find out why he uses the name ‘’CHASE’’? Is it that he likes ‘’chasing’’ girls?



Okyeame Kwame is one of the great artistes Ghana has produced. Right from the time he was part of Akyeame till the time he went on to become a solo artiste, Okyeame Kwame has been doing so well on the music scene. Some years back, he won the Artiste of the Year Award as well as other awards at the Ghana Music Awards. In fact, he is still winning more awards.

He is one artiste who sees music as a serious business and as such took time to study at KNUST .This step of improving himself is really evident in the kind of songs he does nowadays. ‘’Faithful’’ and ‘’sika’’ are typical examples. So far as music is what earns him cash to be able to take care of his family, Okyeame Kwame does his best to ensure he is always up to the task.

Evident of how improved he has become, he staged the Versatile Show to show how talented he is in diverse ways. The show was one of a difference and I am sure many other artistes would take a cue from him and be a bit serious about what they do.

It is without doubt that Okyeame Kwame is talented but I am a bit worried about some things. Most artistes always talk about ‘’going international’’ and surprisingly all they do is to feature some other big artistes from other countries even though they do not take concrete steps to ensure that their works are distributed by top distributors in Europe and other parts of the world who can make the dream of ‘’going international’’a reality.

In as much as Okyeame Kwame also talks about ’’going international’’ how many big artistes from other countries has he been able to feature on any of his albums? Does he have any agreement with an international distributing company that ensures that his works are available in most parts of the world? Is it a case that he is comfortable with his status as a star in Ghana and so he is not bothered he is unknown in other countries?

Okyeame Kwame was a known star long before Sakordie came onto the music scene but just within a few years, sees the impact that Sakordie has made. As to whether Okyeame Kwame can match up to Sakordie or not, I would talk about it on a different platform.

Sakordie has been able to feature more international artistes on his songs and has also been featured on these international artistes’ songs much more than Okyeame Kwame.Strangley enough, I am finding it very difficult to figure out any international artiste Okyeame Kwame has featured on any of his songs. It is based on these that I ask if Okyeame Kwame is really serious.

To make matters worse, I saw an update by Okyeame Kwame on his Facebook Wall asking his fans which artistes to feature on his next single. It is true that artistes sing for their fans but I also believe that an artiste who is really serious about what he does, should be able to figure out the next line of action to be taken in order to get desired results.

Its a well known fact that Okyeame Kwame talks about having his music move beyond the shores of Ghana and Africa but what would his reaction be if most of his fans settle on other artistes who are not even recognized in Ghana and do not have the acumen to help him to fulfill his dream?

I sincerely believe Okyeame Kwame has a competent team in place. He should consult with his team on the next step he should take in his music career rather than putting up updates on Facebook for people who do not have any competence in music to take decisions for him. Maybe, he can consult the teams handling Sakordie and D Black.

Okyeame Kwame should be known internationally and the time to act is now; enough of the talking. It’s just a few days to the New Year. Closely, I would be watching Okyeame Kwame and based on my observations, I would decide to put my ‘’diabolic’’ pen to work again. I rest my case.



Just as Okyeame Kwame’s brothers ‘’Bradez’’ have been able to find a place on the music scene, two blood brothers of Kwaw Kese also want to make it big time on the music scene. Listening carefully to the vocal delivery of his brothers, named Buddha and 2 GIG in music circles, it becomes evidently clear that music runs through their veins and it’s a family thing.

Kwaw Kese introduced them to music lovers quite recently in a show organized in Accra and asked the music lovers to watch out for them in 2013.Showing music lovers a little bit of what they had to offer sent the crowd into a state of shock as they (Buddha and 2 GIG) sounded so matured and eager to prematurely retire some other artistes on the music scene.

Okyeame Kwame’s ‘’Bradez’’ have been able to find their feet in the music scene and they are doing so well. Can the same be said of Buddha and 2 GIG who are yet to make an entry on the music scene in 2013? 2013 is just a few days away, let’s keep our fingers crossed and see what transpires.

Are they going to be managed by Kwaw Kese’s Mad time Entertainment or another record label? How instrumental would Kwaw Kese be in their success? AFUMEBEN.WORDPRESS.COM ( will keep you updated on Buddha and 2 GIG in their quest to become music stars in Ghana and beyond.


y fm

Come December 22, 2012 at the Dome of the Accra International Conference Centre, Y 107.9 FM will celebrate, recognize and reward deserving music artistes for their contribution in the music industry in the Loud In GH Awards. The categories include Comeback Artistes of the Year, New Artiste of the Year, Female Act of the Year, Best Group, Male Act and Best GH Act Abroad. Two Honorary Awards would also be presented to two of Ghana’s biggest music icons on the same evening.

Here is the final nomination list;
Best Comeback Artiste: Tic-tac, Buk Bak, T Blaze, Ded Buddy, Mzbel
Best New Artiste: Kaaki, Lousika, Jupiter, Kwesi Oteng, AJ Nelson, Kesse, Stonebouy, D3, Natural Face, D2, Yaw Siki
Best Female Artiste: Raquel, Bertha, Efya, Becca, Sherifa, Tiffany, Eazzy, Irene
Best Group : R2Bees,5five,4×4,Keche,FOKN,Bradez,VIP,Asaase Aban,Ruff & Smooth
Best Male Artiste: Sarkodie, Trigmatic, D Black, Stay Jay, Asem, Tinny, EL, Kwaw Kese, Okyeame Kwame, Edem, Richie, D Cryme, Chemphe, Chase
Best GH Act Abroad: Fuse, Sonni Balli, Sway, Jay Ghartey, Doneo, Lighter, Blitz, M.anifest, K’nan

The awards will be based on 60% public with the remaining 40% left in the able hands of the Award’s committee
‘’YFM wants to recognize Ghanaian artistes for their remarkable music prowess and contribution to enriching the music and entertainment scene in Ghana and abroad. These awards will further shine the light on superb musical talents of Ghanaian’’, Nana Kwame Osei Sarpong, station Manager of YFM said.

Nana Kwame added that this year’s ‘Loud in Gh’ concert is going to be bigger, as Y fm, together with its partners, have repackaged the Loud in GH concert from a one night event to a three day fun-packed event. Dubbed “All Stars Weekend’, activities lined up include a carnival and barbeque on 21st December, the LOUD in GH awards and musical concert on 22nd December, and a beach party on 23rd December to climax the three-day event.



Irrespective of the bad public image Becca has received in the media in current times, she has mustered enough courage and is set to stage the second edition of her Girl Talk concert. This year’s edition will take place at the National Theatre on Friday, December 21, 2012.

The Afro Pop artiste responsible for hits like ‘’African woman,’’daa ke daa’’,’’you lied to me’’,’’no away ‘’ and others is using the Girl Talk Concert to target an all-female audience, provide great performances for them and offer pep talk on a variety of important issues by accomplished female personalities in Ghana.

In the first edition, Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings, Joselyn Dumas and others featured on the show and there were surprise appearances from male celebrities like John Dumelo, Majid Michel, KOD and Funny Face.

For this year’s edition, expect some surprises specifically in respect of performances, the personalities to grace the show as well as the male celebrities who would creep into the National Theatre.



Born December 15 in Ashanti, Ghana, Eboo (meaning Jehovah is my refuge) is an artiste who can best be described as living his life for music. He started doing music from an early age of twelve (12) and has since, never looked back.

His first hit single, ONCE, TWICE was released onto the Ghanaian music market in November 2005 and after commanding maximum radio and T.V. play all over the country, it transcended the boundaries of Ghana to other African countries and the rest of the world, notably Europe. This earned him recognition on Africa’s A rated T.V. station CHANNEL O. His video has also received attention from MTV and Afro-European networks like OBETV as well as many others around the globe. Rave reviews have been written about this extraordinary artiste too.

Eboo commands attention wherever he performs with his captivating voice and conscious reggae feel. In most quarters in the showbiz industry he has been likened (justifiably) to the likes of Jamaica’s Damien Marley, Reggae band Steel Pulse, Senegalese Akon, South Africa’s Lucky Dube and Anthony B.

As a professional musical artiste, Eboo has opened up for internationally acclaimed artistes like JAY Z, SHAGGY, MARLON ASHER, WAYNE MARSHALL and a host of others. His genre of music is Reggae (Contemporary) and Afro pop.As he always says “I do music for the world…for everyone.
Eboo inspires people…musically .NAGGA!!!”

AFUMEBEN.WORDPRESS.COM would want to wish Ebo’o the best in all his endeavors as he celebrates his birthday today. He is bound to make a massive comeback onto the music scene soon.



Kwaku Obeng Amoaka a.k.a Linguakat who hails from Kukuruntumi in the Eastern Region was born in 1980 to Mr. and Mrs. Amoako. He grew up in Dansoman and has been in the Music Industry for the past fifteen (15) years as a Reggae/Dancehall Artist.

He is a songwriter, composer and an artist. He has worked with Samini Music, Ashanti International, Asasease Records, and Extra Large Music and currently with Drumbeat Entertainment. He has performed alongside artistes like Sizzla Kalongi, Anthony B, Sean Paul, Shaggy, Busta Rhymes, The Marleys, Samini, Ex-Doe, Muma Gee and etc.He has featured artistes like Ex-Doe, Kaakie, 2Coins, Kay Dizzle, Toucher, and Muma Gee of Naija, AB, Kiss Me, Zionite and many more. He has performed outside Ghana like Nigeria and Benin.

Linguakat currently has two hit songs (Party tym & Dancehall groove) that are enjoying massive airplay. He is also working on a project called “Feel the Pain Foundation” breaching the gap between Disable and Able bodies in the society. For booking and any other involvement with the artist contact: Drumbeat Entertainment on Telephone number: +233-244483931/Email:



Quite frankly, I am one person who enjoys watching television but then watching TV Africa is something I don’t do often. But as fate may have planned it to be, sometime back, I watched the ‘’Agya Pa’’ (Good Father) show on TV Africa. That was the first time I had watched the show.

The ‘’Agya Pa’’ show, hosted by Dzifa Gomashie is a show that’s geared towards honoring key Ghanaian personalities who have excelled immensely in their chosen field of endeavor.

The show had one Mr. Derek Gwira gracing the studios of TV Africa.Mr.Gwira had over the years distinguished himself as a successful legal practitioner, good husband and above all, responsible head of the family. The attributes of Mr.Gwira that struck tremendously was his sense of honesty and his passion to help the needy in society.

He recounted that, some years back, he had an appointment to be a judge at the Appeals Court but after finding out how much an Appeals Court judge would be paid, he rejected the offer.

Amazingly, he rejected the offer because he didn’t want to indulge in taking bribe, which looked the best option to make money, having in mind the low salary an Appeals Court judge at that time, was taking.
Listening to Mr.Gwira story, I got overwhelmed. I had goose pimples all over my body. Judging from Mr.Gwira facial expression, you could tell that he could have shed some tears so easily. He had lived a good social and work life.

He had lived a fulfilled life; a life well-lived and without regrets. His son and wife all said very good things about him and what baffled him was that he wasn’t aware that they (his son and wife) would be called on phone to contribute to the show.

Initially when he was told his son was on the telephone line, in as much as he could hear his son’s voice, he couldn’t believe it was his son who was really talking. He had spoken to his son earlier that day but his son never mentioned to him that he would be speaking about him on the show.

To end the show, Mr.Gwira was honored with a citation, a kente cloth and other ornaments.I must commend TV Africa for such a programme. Personalities who have contributed their quota in developing Ghana indeed need to be appreciated and honored. Remember, there’s no need to die or sacrifice for a country that does not honor its heroes.

Other TV stations can take a cue from TV Africa’s example, rather than concentrating on unnecessary endeavors.Congrats TV Africa. I rest case



So many female artistes have launched their musical careers but none of them have been able to break through like their male counterparts. However for the less than 1 year since Kaakie announced her presence on to the music scene, she keeps making headline stories here and there. Touching on her musical talents and the fact that she does Dancehall music, I sincerely believe Kaakie is the best female artiste in Ghana so far.

Becca, Eazzy, Mzbel, Diamond, Bertha, Tiffany,Eno,Lousika,Febry, Sala,Racquel,Efya etc are some names of female Ghanaian artistes we have been listening to for some time now but I am of the conviction that Kaakie is the best so far. She hasn’t been around for a long time but looking at the events unfolding prior to the release of her maiden album, I am of the conviction that none of the other female artistes can match up to her. Day in day out, stories are published about her with some meant to tarnish her reputation but all these stories have failed.

Kaakie keeps getting stronger and better .Before her maiden album release, she has already released 5 hit singles which are all enjoying massive airplay and has made her share stages with some big names on the showbiz so far as shows are concerned. I got in touch with Kaakie and this is what she has to tell all her fans and all those interested in showbiz.

XCLUSIV SHOWBIZ: Tell us about yourself – educational background, life as a young girl and family background.

KAAKIE: My real name is GRACE KAKI AWO OCANSEY – 21 years. I was born and raised in Accra; both parents are Ghanaian. My early years began from Sakumono before moving to my current place now – Dansoman. I went to St. Martin De Porres basic school in Dansoman, then proceeded to Achimota Senior High School. I’m currently reading Nursing at the University of Ghana, Legon – Level 300. I look forward to becoming a Midwife.

XCLUSIV SHOWBIZ: How did you get into music?

KAAKIE: I got into music talent about 6 years ago when I was in High School. I got more involved in it after High School and singing at church in the choir too. I went through the popular Reality TV Show (Stars of the Future) and from there I got signed to Xtra Large Music record label.

XCLUSIV SHOWBIZ: What are some of the challenges have you faced so far in your music career?

KAAKIE: Well, some of the challenges I face crop up from me postponing some interviews or calling off some shows because they come in the ‘wrong time’ (that is, clashing with another event of activity). Also, blending studio appointment with lectures or work at the hospital. It hasn’t been easy – I sometimes find myself on the ‘wrong-turns’ but all of that get me stronger, more experienced and focused on my career.

XCLUSIV SHOWBIZ: Which singles have you released so far? And what has been the response(s) so far after releasing them?

KAAKIE: I have officially released many songs (“Ewoo”, “Too Much”, “Toffee Pon Tongue”, “DC Tun Up”, “Top Gyal Time” and others). I have done some ‘collabos’ as well with Samini, Stonebwoy and Lingua Kat. The public response for my style of music has been fantastic – both locally and international. I can proudly say apart from Ghana, I have my music playing all over in the UK, USA, Spain, Norway, Germany, Australia, Italy, Netherlands, Canada, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda and some other parts of the world. All these prove how far my music has gone down well with the world.

XCLUSIV SHOWBIZ: Do you see any other female artiste as a threat?

KAAKIE: I don’t live my life on threats. I believe the other female artistes are unique in their own ways and so am I. We all have our respective fans so I would not ‘underplay’ any of my female counterparts. I have my mind on my turf and doing my own thing. My style is my style; their style is their style.

XCLUSIV SHOWBIZ: Apart from the singles released so far what should fans expect from you?

KAAKIE: I am currently busy with studio sessions recording new joints so my fans should watch out for more hit songs from me. Just recently, I began working with Edem and Samini in studio. Very soon, the joints would be released so fans should watch out.

XCLUSIV SHOWBIZ: What are some of the major shows you have featured on?

KAAKIE: I have featured on ‘’Mavado Live In Ghana Concert’’ in October 2011 (my first international stage performance), “GH Rocks 2011”, “A Night Of 1013 Laughs”, ‘‘Resolution 2012 Concert – featuring Busy Signal & Kiprich”, “Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA 2012)”, “Stand Up GH Concert – featuring Keri Hilson & Bow Wow”, “Ghana Meets Naija 2012 Concert”, “Pro-Credit Bank 10th Anniversary Bash”, AND “Demarco Live In Ghana Concert”.

XCLUSIV SHOWBIZ: When should fans expect your album?

KAAKIE: My debut album launch is due for release before the end of this year. I am working on my music videos too and very soon they will hit the screens – all of these and more songs coming as a full package for my album release in by December.

XCLUSIV SHOWBIZ: Any awards you are eyeing?

KAAKIE: Yes indeed. I have my eyes on as many awards you can think of. I look forward to winning awards both in Ghana and on the international stage. Ghana Music Awards, KORA Music Awards, BET, Grammy, IRAWMA, MOBO, EME, MTV Music Awards, Channel O Music Awards….I want all of them you know..

XCLUSIV SHOWBIZ: What about her stage performances? Looks like you are not ‘too active’ on stage.

KAAKIE: With the issue about my stage performances I have heard some concerns raised by the public. Because I am doing Dancehall music, almost everybody expects me to always come in “crazy” on stage. But I believe when you put LADY SAW and ALAINE on the same stage, you would not expect the “same style of performance” from both artistes even though they are all female Dancehall artistes. LADY SAW has a ‘brand’ to keep for herself and ALAINE also has her own ‘brand’ to keep. I know my stage performances are not high energy but doing Dancehall does not always mean one should appear “crazy” on stage with “crazy costume” or “crazy act”. It varies from one artiste to the other.

For example, the way Lady Saw, Pamputae, Patra, Spice, Lisa Hyper and Tifa would perform on stage is totally different from performances from Alaine, Etana, Denyque, Toi, Cherine Anderson or Shelly Thunder. All the same, I do music and perform not for myself but for my fans, so always take on board their inputs and try to better my arts daily.

XCLUSIV SHOWBIZ: Your words to your fans.

KAAKIE: I thank each and every person out there who supports my music and loves what I do and the way I do it. Their love, support, criticisms, suggestions and prayers have brought me this far within just 12 months. It is no brag for me; I deem it a great blessing for God to have brought me this far. The journey still continues and I would need the support of my fans more than ever before. Without them I don’t exist so they should keep the cheers up for me and I will go farther than this. ‘Queen D.i.v.a’ says Kaakit up!!!



For all those who really want to celebrate this year’s Christmas in a grand style with good music, Jay Q is the solution. He is set to take his rightful place on the music scene as a very excellent sound engineer with so many hits under his belt. Ghana’s best sound engineer, Jay Q is almost done with work on his latest compilation and it’s set to be released this December.

Jay Q, who is noted to churn out hit after hit, has been able to assemble some of the best artistes in the country for the JAY Q CLASSIC COMPILATION. The compilation which will be the official compilation of songs for this year’s Christmas ,will feature the likes of Screwface,Shatta Zola,Buk Bak, Kokovelli,Kontihene,Gasmila, Shy(Nkasei), Dr.Poh,Shiloh,Yaa Pono,Pope Skinny,Castro,Anaanu Shaka,D-Cryme,Dr.Slim ,Mzbel, Funny Face and a host of others.

Very new yet talented artistes who would also feature on the compilation include Koo Wiase, Maajoa, 9tangle, U-9nice, De Gree, O-Town, Owudini Faroh (USA) and Kay Rocks (USA).I have personally listened to some of the tracks and I can confidently say the songs are hits that you can’t afford to miss.

AFUMEBEN.WORDPRESS.COM will give you more exclusive updates about the JAY Q CLASSIC COMPILATION in a few days to come.The record company behind JAY Q CLASSIC COMPILATION is Q-Lex Entertainment (Ghana) and Jay Q Entertainment (USA) .For more information, log onto



Karin Okyere is a Ghanaian Singer/Songwriter. She was born and raised in Haarlem, The Netherlands. Her interest in music began at an early age. She sang in church choirs, school talent shows and performed at local events. At the age of 16 Karin moved to the Roanoke VA. Her music was on hold because she had to focus on school. After attending 4 different colleges she decided to move to Atlanta GA.

She obtained a degree in Respiratory Therapy. In summer of ’09 her cousin introduced her to rapper/producer Kwame Dollar. They clicked immediately and started working together. He became her music mentor. In 2011 Karin met music genius Jay Q at AK Studios. She fell in love with his music. While Jay and Kwame where working on new projects. Kwame encouraged Karin to sing in twi.

She sang some hooks on some of their tracks and Jay Q co-wrote the hit song “Take Me There” Karin appeared on numerous hooks for upcoming artists. Apart from her work in music Karin has modeled for E.N.A.Styles, at the Bronner Brothers Hair show and is the face on the “back 2 life” conditioner pack. She also held a small role in “The Zombie” movie.

She has currently released her debut single track “Take Me There” and she is managed by QLEX ENTERTAINMENT



I have listened to so many different accounts of the Joy Fm Night with the Stars with special emphasis on the confrontation between Kwaw Kese and VIP.As a matter of reality, I am really disappointed. One may ask why? I would throw back the question at you. Why shouldn’t I be disappointed?

First of all, I don’t see any problem with Joy Fm tagging the concert as Accra versus Tema.I believe their intention was to bring out the creativity in the various artistes who had been billed to perform and not to bring them together to find out who could insult the other so much or show how uncivilized one could be. When Joy Fm tagged the show Accra vrs Tema, did they ask the artistes to carry guns, clubs, cutlasses and other weapons to stage? Did they also make a public pronouncement that fans of all the artistes should carry weapons to the venue?

For the artistes and other people who are blaming Joy Fm, I must suggest that they put a stop to it. If they felt the arrangement by Joy Fm had the tendency of rather creating confusion, they should have notified Joy fm long before the show. Playing the blame game now is double standards at the highest order.
Now lets take a look at Kwaw Kese. He calls himself ‘’Abodam’’ and the ‘’man insane’. Recently he mentioned that his Moslem name is KamaI .I have no grudge with him using these names. In as much as these names (Abodam and Man Insane) aren’t positive in any way, casting insults at him would be most unfair. I believe Kwaw Kese in his own sound mind decided to use these names and I believe he had very good reasons for that.

However, on the night when he performed, the stepping on a banner with the inscription VIP was most unfair. I heard a host of a TV show asking if that is not creativity. How can such a gesture be termed as creativity. What Kwaw Kese did was most unfair, uncalled for, silly and most importantly an insult to the VIP group. What would have happened if that particular gesture wasn’t part of Kwaw Kese’s performance? Would we have said that Kwaw Kese’s performance wasn’t good?

I hear Kwaw Kese’s performance was very good except for that unfortunate incident. Kwaw Kese has come a long way and I can proudly say I have a hand in making him who he is now. Way back in the early 2000s’ when Kwaw Kese was coming up, I gave him numerous chances to be on my shows at Radio Univers to showcase his talents. Unfortunately for now, I am really disenchanted.

When the whole scuffle began, I had the urge to scribble down something for Flex Newspaper but I was a bit adamant to do that.However, what has provoked me is the single track that is currently making rounds on some social media networks.Sincerely; I can’t tell if the track is an old track or a very new one. I stand to be corrected but when you listen to the song you don’t hear VIP mentioned but definitely I know the song was directed by VIP. The song is full of insults and the title of the song itself is an insult.

For a long time I had considered Kwaw Kese as an icon, but listening to the insults and other foul-tasting words used in the song, I have lost the respect I had for him. I wouldn’t want to talk much about the track as it has the tendency of making the song popular. He has shown beyond all reasonable doubts and natural thresholds that he doesn’t deserve to be celebrity and for that matter a role model. He is a disgrace to the entertainment industry. Take this as an advice, caution or a threat; any radio presenter who would play Kwaw Kese’s song on radio would see the other side of my ‘’diabolic’’ pen.

For once, we need to be conscientious .For all the years that I have writing on entertainment in Ghana, I don’t recollect writing about VIP.However what saddens my heart is to write about VIP at this point in time.VIP has been very good all these years and much has not been heard of them in a negative respect but VIP’s response to Kwaw Kese’s shameful act should be outrightly condemned.

Listening to ETV’s TALK SHOWBIZ on Tuesday November 27th, I got the confirmation from BullDog that VIP responded to Kwaw Kese’s shameful act and in fact did that with the use of insalubrious words, when they had their chance to perform. When a fool picks up your clothes from the bathhouse whilst you are bathing, would you come out of the bathhouse and chase him when you know you are naked?

VIP would have won my praise if they had not responded to Kwaw Kese. That would have catapulted them into a different stage of celebrity status but then, they messed up. One thing our artistes should know is that it’s enough to speak well of themselves. Their actions should let us know that they practise exactly what they preach even though we should not lose sight of the fact that they are also humans like us.

I must however extol the management of VIP for the press statement they released in connection with the issue .As for Kwaw Kese’s, management, the little said about them, the better. If all those who find themselves as part of Kwaw Kese’s management team think they are really serious about their jobs, then they better wake up from their siesta. Where were they when Kwaw Kese went to the recording studio to record the track and released it? And which recording engineer stooped so low for this song?

Kwaw Kese’s apology to VIP is a step in the right direction. The acts of Kwaw Kese and VIP should be condemned. They have however showed us their other sides that they have been hiding. I would say ‘’thank you’’ to them. By the way, on the night, who won? Was it Accra or Tema? I rest my case.


The Africanbaby (The Voice of the Airwaves) is a Radio/ TV personality /Copywriter/ Actor/ Voice-Over artiste known in private life as Kpekpo Maxwell Justice (KMJ). His interest in radio began in Senior High School when he was introduced to Noah King then the Host of a Lovers Program on Chris fm in the Brong Ahofo Region. There he had the opportunity to be a panelist on his Lovers program where we discussed love issues.

“It was then after school that I decided to give up football which was my first love and pursued my interest in the media even though I was very good on the pitch. Back in High School I was still Mceeing Entertainment Shows on campus and performing in Training Colleges. It was quite an experience because I thought I was so talented and could do almost anything I set my eyes on”
After school he decided to move to Accra and face the bigger market even though he hadn’t really hosted a serious Radio Show of my own. In Accra he wanted to still see himself on top so he started making a few contacts with the media. He later met DJ Willie of Top radio and I was given the chance to produce his Drive time on Top Radio. He also wrote for several entertainment magazines and websites notably,,

Africanbaby later decided to acquire a professional background in Radio and TV so he enrolled at Jayee University College where he read Journalism. He has had stint with other TV productions like, Soundcity Ghana, Roll Tape, Fuze, Clapperboard, Mindstudios, Ahomka fm. I do Voice-overs for TV commercials and Movies. He has also done additional soundtrack for movies like Turn Me On, additional story and screenplay for the Movie Death after Birth, both movies from Roger Quartey, additional soundtrack for the Movie, the C.E.O by Sallassie Ibrahim, Shadow In the Dark. I have also played a cameo role in the Movie Be My Guest written by celebrated writer, Edward Seddoh Jnr of the Things We Do For Love fame which featured my mentor Chris Attoh, Nadia Buari, Timothy Bentum and others. He has also featured in Theatre performances with a theatre group called Fihankra Play House at the Arts Centre, Accra.

In Ghana Africanbaby has interviewed renowned Celebrities such as John Dumelo, Nadia Buari, Chris Attoh, Shirley Frimpong Manso, Majid Michel, Jackie Appiah, Okyeame Kwame, Castro, Azumah Nelson, Yvonne Nelson, Praye, Beverly Afaglo, Obour, Gyedu Blay Ambulley, Pascaline Edwards, Jon Germain, Lydia Forson, Yvone Okoro, Eazzy, Sammy Forson, Becca, Richie, OJ Black, Ekow Smith Asante, Vincent Macauley, and a host of others. In Nigeria, I have interviewed Jim Ike, Mike Ezurounye, Tontoh Dikeh, Ramsey Noah, Ejike Osuagwu, and host of others for Radio, Print and TV.
“Currently I am the host of the “Vision Drive” on Vision 90.9fm; the only English Language station in the Eastern Region, Koforidua. To me it is one of the biggest challenges in my life. Hosting the Drive Time Show in a somewhat a locally dominated Twi Language Radio Stations and still make them wana listen to you is quite daring”.

“Getting on Vision fm was quiet an experience because I have always thought I was going to start from maybe a silent Dj, or a talk Show Host before I finally get to be on a bigger platform like a Drive time Show Host but as always, God’s ways are not our ways you know. I got a call and the next thing I am hosting the Drive time Show on Radio. It came out of the blue and in an interesting way though but I think it is by dint of hard work and for that I want to say thank you to my boss, Mr. Oliver Desbordes Acquah for believing in me and giving me the chance to get to this pedestal. Meeting him was divine and I thank God for his life”.

Africanbaby describes himself as the voice that adds to the ultimate radio experience. Very fun- loving; smooth, sweet, adventurous and humorous but when it comes down to business; I’m as focused as a seeker seeing Darken Raul, lol. He has always considered Radio and TV as a passion and who knows he might be the shot in the next movie you might be watching in your home soon.

He had his one year anniversary on Radio this year and is looking forward to greater things ahead in his Radio Career. “I should be much bigger and better by the time I finally chalk 2years on Radio because as you can see, this is just the beginning of my career and I aint stopping at nothing. I want to be seen as one person who used Radio and TV to impact positively into the lives of people”.

He loves that moment when he is talking to someone and they realize that he is quiet deeper than what they thought about him before meeting him in person. “I love to get straight to the point; I’m all about Entertainment and Identity, and for me it’s just about raising high the flag of Ghana”. Personalities like Chris Attoh and Ryan Seacrest are my mentors but growing up I have always admired personalities like Kwame Sefa Kayi, Tommy Annan Forson, KKD.

Speaking about Radio, Africanbaby thinks his listeners are his best Awards because they preach him to people and appreciate what he does. “Radio and Television Presenters owe listeners a lot you know, they give you job and above all they make you who you wana be and that’s why we as Radio and TV personalities owe them a lot” he said.

I wana thank God for the gift of life and knowledge, to my family who have supported me in my career from the beginning till now especially to my mum who is also my first love, Connie (as I always call her), my brothers; Bello and Douglas and to my sweet little sis Mabel and Rosina. God bless you for your relentless support. To my godfather and mum, Prince Amuni Gbenga and Faustina Painstil, you guys Rock. I also want to appreciate the Management team and staff of Vision 90.9fm and to those who listen to me and love me for what I do even though I hardly meet them, all I wana say is you are my AWARDS because without you I have no voice on Radio.


A visit to parties, nightclubs, churches, political party rallies, weddings, students’ hall celebrations, drinking bars and other social gatherings makes it evident how important music is, in the life of people. Have you ever thought about how boring life would be if there was nothing like music? Music is food to the soul and cannot be done without.

In these modern days, music is used in different forms so far as informing, entertaining and educating the general public is concerned. Some companies use music as a marketing tool to sell their goods and services, schools also use music to attract more students to their schools and you also have various political parties using music as a campaign tool for their presidential candidates.

Without doubt, music is so important. In recognizing the fact that music is so important, let’s not forget about the musician. It’s the musician who is able to interpret his emotions and feelings as well as translate day to day happenings into music. It’s the musician’s creative instincts, mind and actions through which we get to listen to nice music which we use at various social gatherings.

For some time now, I have been so happy; not just happy but very positive that of late, the arts and entertainment fraternity and its players are being recognized. Not too long ago we had the Legends &Legacy Ball 2012.This platform put up by Imajin Advertising ,which seeks to honor our music heroes is a laudable idea which needs constant encouragement and support to sustain it.

The first edition saw Daddy Lumba being honoured and very prominent political figures like Former President Rawlings, Mrs.Rawlings and J.A.Kufour throwing caution to the wind and taking to the dancing floor to show off their dancing skills.

Over the years, Amakye Dede has been able to release so many albums and I wouldn’t be surprised if he started doing music even before I was born. Amakye Dede has really contributed his quota in the development of culture of Ghana so far music is concerned. It came as no surprise to me when Imajin Advertising through theLegends&Legacy Ball decided to honour Amakye Dede this year.

Amakye Dede is one musician who is still relevant in these modern days. For so many years, people have still been enjoying Amakye Dede’s kind of highlife and he’s able to move people off their seats onto the dancing floor through his performances. He is a real gem and honoring him when he is still alive is a step in the right direction.

However, what I have realized is that, most of the time, we only honor people with songs when they die. A classic example is that of our Late President John Evans Atta Mills. When he was in power, so many spoke evil of him but when he died, the story changed. Even after the Late President had recognized the importance and contribution of the arts and entertainment fraternity by making millions of Ghana cedis to its disposal, MUSIGA especially could not honor him with at least a song before he died but only had to do that after his demise.

I am so glad Amakye Dede has been honored by Imajin Advertising at a time he is still alive. In this vein, I would want to call on the leadership of MUSIGA as a matter of urgency, to at least compose and release a song to honor Amakye Dede, who is also a member of MUSIGA.

He’s done so much for the music industry and I sincerely believe that just one song in his honour wouldn’t be a herculean task for MUSIGA.MUSIGA is made up of talented musicians and I believe composing a song to honor their own member will be a step in the right direction. A citation in honor of Amakye Dede is not enough.MUSIGA can do much better.

Will other highlife and Hiplife musicians take it upon themselves to honor Amakye Dede with at least a song? What about the gospel musicians? I rest my case.


Nkasei’s Naa Kay has revealed that that he is not the Naa Kay we used to know; he now happens to be a born again celebrity. As to what prompted his sudden change, this is what he said;

‘’ I have been serving in the British Army for nearly 5yrs now. I stayed in UK for about 4yrs, but I live in Germany at moment. I’m actually preparing to move back to Ghana soon. Well I had a really horrifying experience last year October. I was arrested for a crime I didn’t commit. I was nearly put in prison for 8yrs but through God’s everlasting mercies I was rescued. So that’s how come my life turned around.’’

Naa Kay also noted that before becoming born again he used to live anyhow and had no sense of direction. He was married but that didn’t stop him from sleeping with other women. He was a horrible head of my family and a bad role model to his kids. God was at the bottom of his priorities.

Very soon Naa Kay would release his maiden Gospel album, evangelise like every Christian is supposed to and also share his testimony with the world through a documentary.


Ever since the indomitable duo, Nkasei released their ‘’yefri tuobodom’’ hit track, Ghanaian music lovers have not heard from the duo again. Many were those who thought Nkasei’s time of glory, fame and rewards was just about beginning but that was short-lived as the duo could not stand.
Naa Kay and Shyy who make up Nkasei decided to end the relationship so far as Nkasei was concerned to take up their individual endeavours.In trying to find out why Nkasei had to split, I spoke to Naa Kay and this is what he had to say;
‘’We (Nkasei) have all been through different experiences and that has affected our perspectives to life. I can’t say much for my brother Shyy regarding this, but what I can say for myself is: My values and ambitions have dramatically changed. I live for a totally different course and that reflects in my music. At the moment, music for me is only a mode of communication through which I spread my mission, which is sharing the LOVE OF CHRIST WITH THE REST OF THE WORLD. We’re still good friends, in fact he designed the logo for my record company (SPIRITFILLED INC. RECORDS).

The simple fact is that Nkasei had to split because, at least Naa Kay had repented and found God and so saw need to do the work of God.