Bishop Obinim Now A “God” For His Church Members?


Sometimes it’s very difficult to point out if Bishop Obinim is a religious figure in the country, God or a celebrity. This is because of the fact that, for a religious figure one would expect him to concentrate on the work of God rather than delve in showbiz stuff. Remember, some months back he claimed that he was the one who made Guru’s ”lapaz Toyota ” a hit?

On Saturday, September 7 2013, I chanced upon Bishop Obinim’s church service on one of the television stations. For those who have been watching him religiously, it’s a common fact that he has been performing various degrees of miracles beyond human understanding. I have no intention of questioning the source of his power but sometimes I get so much amazed about some of the miracles he does. ”Is his power coming from God or any of the fetish priests in town” is the question I always ask myself.

However, in order not to face the wrath of God, its better I keep mute about his source of power but of much importance to me is the way he is virtually worshiped anytime he performs any miracle. The fact that God works through Men of God cannot be ignored but of what importance is a Man of God if God does not work through him?

Every true Man of God should know that his power comes from God and as such God should be given all the praise and worship when God performs any miracle through him. Unfortunately, most Men of God grow pompous when God starts performing miracles through them to the extent that they speak as if they perform miracles through their own powers but not through the power of God.

Evident of this can be seen in some of the statements they make anytime they perform any miracle. They become overconfident and make the constant use of ”I” as if they perform miracles with their human power. Of much disgust to me was the instance when Bishop Obinim’s church members started singing a song to praise and worship him after performing a miracle. Don’t the church members know that it was God who performed the miracle through Bishop Obinim and that without him (God), Bishop Obinim is a nonentity?

Sometimes to make matters worse, he is carried shoulder high. The church members can do anything they deem right but why can’t Bishop Obinim himself stop his church members from singing songs to praise and worship him anytime he performs a miracle even to the extent of carrying him in the air just like a boxer who has annexed a world title?

Every Christian should know that God should be the only one to be praised and worshiped but not a mere man who is being used by God. No man should take credit for any miracle performed by God through him.

I hate to ask this question but is Bishop Obinim now God in his own church for him to be praised and worshiped? Are the church members worshiping Jesus Christ or Bishop Obinim? This is simply my observation and I have made my opinion very clear. You can disagree with me but don’t insult me as others would do. I rest my case.


Why Charging And Payment Of Payola Can Never End

Abeiku Santana

The payment of payola by artistes to radio presenters or DJs is a phenomenon that is very rampant in the music industry. Time and time again, in as much as that payola is illegal and should not be encouraged, it seems like the payment of payola can never be stopped.

The best that can be done is to minimize the rate at which it’s practiced and the amount of money involved. I am of the opinion that the payment of payola cannot be stopped because of my observations and experience in the music industry as one –time radio presenter, producer, close pal to some artistes and currently as an entertainment writer and analyst.

It’s quite a few radio presenters who would openly accede to the fact that they collect payola from artistes before they play their songs on radio. Some presenters would even collect payola yet they wouldn’t ever play the song of the artiste involved. It’s so obvious that the amount of payola an artiste pays would reflect in the way, style and duration the presenter would promote a song.

An artiste who pays 100GHC as payola should not expect his or her song to be played as much as possible as compared to an artiste who may have paid an amount of 500GHC or more. Have you ever considered what would happen if radio presenters no more collect payola? If that should happen, radio presenters through the help of their producers would play songs of artistes of their choice which may be to the detriment of other artistes especially when the radio presenters do not really like these artistes even though their songs may be very good.

The bottom-line is that, in the absence of paying payola, the playing of songs could be a disadvantage to some other artistes. When this happens, for an artiste to ensure that his or her song is played on radio by all means necessary, the artiste would rather offer payola to the radio presenter even when the presenter may not have demanded such.

I sincerely believe many artistes who openly complain about the demand of payola from them by radio presenters, do so only for its sake. In this current dispensation, many artistes believe that the massive airplay of their songs would make the song very popular and hence, ensure that they get more shows to perform at and earn more cash. If through the payment of payola to a radio presenter, an artiste is guaranteed of massive airplay of his songs, which would help him or her get more cash through shows, what then would prevent such an artiste from freely offering payola to the radio presenter?

For most artistes, the payment of payola is a necessary evil and more of an investment that would help them yield more revenue. The radio presenters, also having in mind the amount of cash that artistes charge at shows, charge the artistes huge amounts of money as payola. Even if radio presenters decide not to charge artistes payola, the artistes would rather find it necessary to offer cash to the presenters just to ensure that their songs are consistently played on radio.

It must however be emphasized that payola is one of the major obstacles artistes face in the music industry. It would surprise you to know that many presenters get money that far exceeds their monthly salaries all through the illegal charging and payment of payola.

I have had personal experiences with radio presenters who have charged me payola in order to promote the songs of some artistes that have sought my assistance. In my subsequent articles on the subject of payola, I would expose some radio presenters who seem to be enjoying the illegal trade of charging artistes payola before they play their songs on radio.

Even after collecting the huge sums of money as payola, these same radio presenters demand more cash from the artistes before they are interviewed on radio in a bid to promote their music. Radio presenters who are guilty of collecting payola from artistes should desist from the practice or else I would expose them. I rest my case.



With hits like ‘’karaoke’’,’’lapaz toyota’’ ,’’nkwadaa nkwadaa’’ ,’’akonta’’ ,’’alkayida,’’let me love you and a host of others, which artiste’s name comes to mind? Definitely the young artiste with all these hits is Guru, who got so much recognition in the music scene after collaborating with Obrafour on the ‘’nkasiebo’’ track.

After releasing all these hits and enjoying massive airplay, Guru has gone a step further to make the 23 –song album with all these songs and much more, available to his fans even though he is yet to officially launch the album. The album titled ‘’nkz boys abr3’’will also have the hit track ‘’nkz boys abr3’’ and the exclusive ‘’azonto boys’’ track which features Ghana movie actor, Lil Win.

Apart from Lil Win, other artistes who were featured on the album include Lil Shaker, Dobble, Cash 2 and Frema, Danso Abiam,Yaa Pono, Ball J,Kesse and Beat monster .Of all those Guru featured, the fact that they are all musicians cannot be undermined but what about Lil Win. We all know he is an actor but not a musician .Is Lil Win now trying to become a musician?

In recent times, we have had footballers doing music. A typical example is Asamoah Gyan who has been quite impressive .It‘s not really a big issue if footballers, actors or actresses decide to try their hands on music if only they do it well. In subsequent articles, I would try to find out why notable personalities in the country who are not musicians always want to try to do music.

Your evergreen Flex Newspaper will definitely get in touch with Lil Win to find out if he now intends to be a musician and do acting as well.



On Saturday August 24, 2013 I watched a repeat telecast of Afia Schwarzenegger Talk Show with Celestine Creppy and Nana Yaa Denkyirah Obuobi as guests. I tuned into the show after 10pm and watched only a portion of the show but what I witnessed shocked me to the bones; the show showed traces of irresponsibility, rudeness, loose talk and immaturity at the highest level.

As I didn’t follow the show right from the beginning, it was difficult to find out what exactly was the topic of discussion. However the level of discussion in my opinion was not intellectual at all .The discussion could have been educative enough even in the Akan language they used but then, that wasn’t the case. I am sure the two young ladies on the show were educated however ,together with Afia Schwarznegger,they reduced the show to some kind of ‘’kokonsa’’ between three ladies.

They expressed themselves as if they were in their bedrooms having a private ‘’kokonsa’’ chat.
Surprisingly when one gentleman called into the show to advice Afia Schwarznegger on some of her comments which seem to be targeted at one specific enemy of hers, Afia Schwarznegger showed how rude she could be and virtually ‘’chased’’ the gentleman off the show. Initially, the gentleman made a mistake of responding to Afia’s greeting with ‘’ yaaa egya’’. ‘’Yaaa Egya’’ should be the response to a greeting from a male but because the gentleman responded in that manner, Afia got offended and disrespectfully asked the gentleman if she looked like Delay.

For crying out loud, what does the name of Delay got to do with the Afia Schwarznegger Talk Show? Why should Afia imply that Delay looks like a man? Looking at Delay ,is it not clear that she has boobs and butts which clearly shows that she is a woman but not a man? If Afia Schwarznegger is no more on the Afia Schwarznegger series, no matter what the reasons are, she has no right to always speak ill of Delay anytime she gets the opportunity on any platform.

If Afia Schwarznegger has anything personal against Delay, that’s her own cup of tea but she should be professional enough not to insult Delay on her show. Sorry to say but that kind of behavior is childish and a disgrace to her. The fact that she has an issue against Delay is a fact that cannot be ignored but then she needs to handle the issue maturely.

Afia Schwarznegger has a huge sense of humour but some of her utterances on Happy Fm some weeks back, concerning Delay with respect to the auditioning she would be undertaking to get a new character for the Afia Schwarznegger series was quite unfortunate and uncalled for.

Afia Schwarznegger showed another degree of irresponsibility on ETV when she said that nationals of Zimbabwe were thieves .The fact that just one national of Zimbabwe may have ‘’stolen’’ from her doesn’t give her the audacity to sit on television and make that irresponsible general statement that Zimbabweans are thieves. How many Zimbabweans does she know? She should learn what to say and what not to say. She should also be slow to speak as the Bible advises.

What’s her beef if Anas Aremeyaw decides to investigate John Dumelo rather than investigate what killed the Late John Evans Atta-Mills? Is she the one who employed Anas or pays his salary? Does someone dictate to her how she should do her work on the Afia Schwarznegger Talk Show? I am not really disappointed in Afia Schwarznegger .I am rather disappointed in the sponsors of the show; they should know better. I rest my case.



The name Nana Kweku Bonsam is a household name in Ghana. We have all seen and listened to him on TV and radio. Some of his activities as a fetish priest have also been captured in the print media. The fact is that Nana Kweku Bonsam is the most popular fetish priest in Ghana and he is more or less attaining the status of a celebrity.

He isn’t a mere fetish priest like the others. He is the fetish priest who has a website where he shows off what he is capable of doing. Simply put, he is a 21st Century fetish priest so much in tuned with technology. He was in the US for some time and even got featured in the New York Times. The New York Times dedicated substantial space describing his spiritual prowess as a fetish priest.

Kweku Bonsam’s visit to the US wasn’t for pleasure as some people may want to believe. He had to fly to the US to work on some of his business ventures and most importantly, to undergo plastic surgery .For those who really know Nana Kweku Bonsam, the fact that he has scars on his face cannot be argued. He got t ose scars on his face due to a gas explosion some years back. However, Nana Kweku Bonsam has now undergone plastic surgery and those scars are no more.

Speaking to Flex Newspaper in an exclusive interview, Nana Kweku Bonsam confirmed that he has really undergone plastic surgery and now has a new look. He however declined to reveal the cost of the plastic surgery .He believes that the cost involved is more of a private issue which does not need to be put in the public domain.
When asked if he would still continue with his work as a fetish priest, Nana Kweku Bonsam was quick to indicate that he would for the rest of his life, be a fetish priest and debunked the rumours making rounds in town that he has decided to become a pastor.

Nana Kweku Bonsam took the opportunity to make a revelation about the showbiz industry in Ghana. He revealed that many pastors and musicians have come for help from him. He noted that so many pastors all over the country come for powers that would aid them to perform miracles.

Touching on musicians, Kweku Bonsam made it emphatically clear that both gospel and secular musicians seek his help in their music career and noted that he has been able to help so many musicians in the country to produce hit tracks and chart topping albums. He however declined to mention any artiste’s name or song as that has the tendency of affecting his work as a fetish priest.

According to him, it is the gods that spell out the items a musician would have to provide in order to perform certain rites. If the musician is not able to provide the items, he or she could give out cash instead but noted that he does not charge any fee. The musician would only have to show appreciation to the gods for the good work done. However, if a musician fails to show appreciation after the gods has offered their help, that musician would face the wrath of the gods.

Among all other things, Nana Kweku Bonsam’s surety of never becoming a pastor is a bit skeptical. What would happen if God decides to use him to save more souls? Can he run away from the calling of Jesus Christ? Why does he use the Holy Bible in his work? Can he say ‘’no’’ to Christ’s calling? For now, he is Ghana’s number one fetish priest and a powerful one as well. Flex Newspaper would keep you updated on the activities of Nana Kweku Bonsam.



Prior to the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, Shatta Wale wasn’t so popular. His songs did not enjoy any amount of radio airplay but his outburst at the organizers of the VGMA for not crowning him with the Reggae Dancehall Artiste of the Year award shot him into the limelight.His subsequent insults at Charterhouse via the ‘’Letter to Charterhouse’’ song as well as the insults he hurled out at Kaakie further shot him to unimaginable heights on the entertainment.

From one corner of the country to the other, every one started mentioning the name of Shatta Wale. Most newspapers started writing about him week after week.Bloggers and website administrators frequently flooded their readers with articles on Shatta Wale. Radio presenters and hosts of entertainment discussion programs on radio had Shatta Wale as their main topic of discussion.

As a result of his insults at Charterhouse and Kaakie ,Shatta Wale immediately suddenly became a household name overnight silencing R2Bees who had just swept most of the awards at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards and also took the spotlight off Sarkodie. Shatta Wale soon became the most sought after artiste for shows all over the country.
In as much as his public insults at Charterhouse and Kaakie coupled with the release of some of his songs especially the ‘’dancehall king’’ track has helped him positively in his music career ,I must emphasize that artistes must not be encouraged to attract attention to themselves through negative attitudes.

The best way a musician can attract attention should be through branding and the best of songs that he or she releases. Of what use would it be for an musician to attract attention if his song is nothing to write home about? Shatta Wale was just lucky that his negative attitude did not backfire in his own face. ’’Dancehall King’’ ,in my opinion is the main reason he is currently relevant in the music industry.
Unfortunately one artiste in the name of Kwaw Kese believes that the best way to attract attention in the music industry as he releases his new singles is to follow the path Shatta Wale took. His outburst at Shatta Wale at the final show of Mentor as well as his conduct at the finals of the Vodafone Icons readily come to mind.

At the Vodafone Icons final show, he took charge of the stage and incited the audience that his brother Buda should be the rightful winner of the competition. That was quite unfortunate on the part of Kwaw Kese. I just can’t understand why security men at the show could not walk Kwaw Kese off the stage but allowed him to execute his diabolic act. Even after that shameful act, Kwaw Kese is said to have revealed that he received a call from someone purported to be part of the Vodafone Icons organizing team to pay an amount of 10,000 Ghana cedis to ensure that Buda wins the competition.

The allegation by Kwaw Kese is quite serious as it has the tendency of tarnishing the reputation of Vodafone as a telecommunications company in Ghana as well as create integrity and credibility issues for Vodafone Icons. I only pray that this allegation wasn’t just a ploy by Kwaw Kese to attract some amount of attention .However, it seems the negative and unacceptable conduct in just a few weeks has shifted all the attention from Shatta Wale to Kwaw Kese. This attention is likely to help Kwaw Kese promote his new singles but I believe this phenomenon should not be encouraged. For how long can an artiste engage in the negative attitudes or conduct of Shatta Wale and Kwaw Kese just to gain some attention in the music industry?

For now, the attention has almost shifted from Shatta Wale to Kwaw Kese wouldn’t be surprised if anytime soon ,another artiste does something silly just to gain some attention. For a short while, the FOKN BOIS gained all the attention they so much wanted by their naked picture that went viral on the internet. ‘’Which artiste is likely to do something crazy to shift the attention Kwaw Kese is currently enjoying to him or herself’’ is the question we need to keep our ears open to get an answer to. I don’t feel like saying anything again. I rest my case.



Ghana’s finest highlife musician, Kaakyire Kwame Fosu known in showbiz circle as KK Fosu over the weekend pick up an Award of excellence in arts and entertainment in Toronto Canada at the just ended 3rd Annual Abedorc Production’s Arts, Entertainment and Community Awards of Excellence 2013.

According to the Stars FC C.E.O ,he said ”It’s feels great picking up an award outside your country, that shows my songs have been accepted internationally but it’s also very sad when your own people do not recognize your good works and award you when expected.

‘’For instance ,I received Best Highlife Artist of the year and Best Male Vocalist Performance of the year awards in 2005 and thus all. But all the same this Award of excellence in arts and entertainment I have just received in Toronto Canada over the weekend has boasted my moral and would push me to do more in music till Ghanaians see what is in me, he said”.

The event which was held at Luna Ballroom 30 Gordon McKay Road, Toronto experienced massive attendance by fans of various musicians. However the ”six o’clock” hitmaker was on a business tour in Ghana so his gift and an undisclosed sum of money was received on his behalf by his representative at the show.

He however advised his colleague highlifers to push harder in their music career and know that music is dynamic so they should cope with the condition and keep on releasing more songs so as to be in the system forever. He also urged the youth to be prayerful and keep on keeping on till the storm is over.



On the music scene currently, there are so many male artistes who are churning out hits after hits .The likes of female artistes such as Becca, Efya, Mzbel, Sala, Bertha, Diamond Licious, D3 and a host of others are also doing their best to match up to the competition posed by the males in the male –dominated music scene.

However, there is one female artiste who has arrived on the music scene and is set to shake the foundations of music in the country as she presents to Ghanaians what her definition of good music is. She is Mariah Light and she currently has a hit track ‘’koko wura’’ which is enjoying massive airplay on most radio stations in Accra and other parts of the country.

She started singing at the age of eight. As a result of her love and passion for music, her father took her to the late Akwasi Ampofo Adjei to learn more about music. From there she joined a musical group called De Farasies in March 2003. She recorded her first demo titled ‘’famame’’ and later on took part in a competition dubbed Talent Hunt organized by Faisal Helwani of Obinini Music Production and Metro TV. She competed against 18 male rappers and was crowned the best rapper of the competition.

She does azonto, highlife, dancehall, afro pop, hip hop even though she started her music career with rap music. When asked if she could stand the challenge to be posed by other artistes, this is what she had to say. ‘’I believe in my flow and I don’t sing like any of them. I try to be myself always and not sound like somebody else. I am in the game to do my thing and that’s my strength.’’

Just watch out because Mariah Light is the next big thing to happen on the music scene. She is one of a kind and ready to show what she is made of. Don’t forget to dance to her azonto track ‘’koko wura’’ whenever you hear it playing on any radio station.

Music lovers can have access to the song via . She has currently released a new single titled ‘’wo s3’’(you resemble)which features GH Prince and produced by Robby Beatz.Just a feel of the track via http://www.hulkshare/fifujw4ctog0

EXCLUSIVE: Fetish Priest Confirms Working With Ghanaian Musicians!!!


Some few months back, I wrote an article with the headline ”Juju in the Showbiz industry, Is it a Myth or Reality” which was published in the Flex Newspaper. I received so many responses as a result of that story. Some of the responses turned out to be insults just because some people felt juju is entirely absent from the entertainment industry.

Many were those who felt juju or the use of spiritual powers other than that of God could not play any meaningful role in making a song a hit or ensuring that an artiste becomes popular and very successful. Some other people were convinced that juju or spiritual powers are used by some artistes and other showbiz personalities to ensure they become successful even though they could not give absolute evidence.

In the Western world, many showbiz personalities who are becoming very successful are believed to be part of freemason, illuminatti or some special occultic groups. It is even believed that some notable world figures and presidents are part of these occultic societies.

When some artistes in Ghana were linked to freemason, illuminati or juju in our case, many were those who were quick to brush the issue aside with the excuse that no artiste would go to the extent of using juju or any spiritual power in order to get a hit song or become very popular and successful in the entertainment industry.

However, all those who watched ”Allo Tigo” hosted by Jon Germain on Saturday, June 15, 2013,would no more brush the issue aside and think that almost all artistes in Ghana who churn out hits after hits and have become successful, do so through hard work and commitment.

On the show, Jon Germain spoke to a young spiritualist named Nana Ko Ntem Na Bra Ntem who made it categorically clear that most musicians in Ghana who have been successful in the past and in these current times, are successful all because they come to him quite regularly to seek for spiritual help in their music careers.

When Jon Germain tried to convince him to mention at least a single name, he declined but made it quite clear that many musicians who come to him would be able to recognize him easily only if they are watching the show. Just to ensure that many people get to understand exactly what he was saying, the young spiritualist abruptly switched from the English Language to the Akan Language.

I know you would be shocked by this revelation but that is the situation on the ground. Many of the hit songs we dance to are songs that have been inspired by certain spiritual powers other than that of God. Perhaps, we can tag most of our secular songs and some so-called gospel songs as satanic songs for the obvious reason that they do not glorify God in any way and for the fact, they are inspired by powers of darkness.

Is it not quite surprising and confusing that these same secular artistes of ours who sing about unnecessary things like sex, smoking wee, drinking alcohol, partying, fun having etc all profess to be Christians? If they are indeed Christians, do they have any idea about the Great Commission; about going to every part of the world to spread the Word of God? Is it possible at the same time, to serve two different masters; God and Satan? Can we say they are true Christians even by their deeds?

In an exclusive interview with your authoritative entertainment newspaper, Flex, the spiritualist revealed that he has been operating for the past five years at Tamale and has helped people with different predicaments. He is able to help people become rich overnight, reverse curses, help people to get married and have children, heal people of their sickness and any other thing that you can think of. He was emphatic on the fact that almost everyone who comes to me gets his or her issue resolved.

On the issue of musicians visiting him at his shrine for spiritual assistance, Nana confirmed that musicians doing different genres of music come to him. He noted that Reggae, Dancehall, Hip Hop, highlife, hiplife, ragga and surprisingly, gospel artistes all come to him for assistance.

He noted that when these artistes come to him, the process they go through is very simple. The artiste would have to narrate exactly what his or her needs are. After consulting the gods, Nana instructs the artiste to hold the gods in the form of a stone and mention his or her own name three times. Nana also holds the gods in his hands and mentions the name of the gods three times as well. When this is done, the gods would instruct the artiste to offer a chicken, goat, sheep or any other thing as sacrifice. After this is done, the artiste is assured that his wishes would definitely come to pass.

When Nana was coaxed a bit to mention at least a name of an artiste who has come to him, he declined to do so but reiterated the fact that secular and gospel artistes come to him for help to ensure that they churn out hit songs regularly, win awards and become popular.

He further revealed that, as many as, close to, and probably over hundred artistes have so far come to him for help adding that, he doesn’t charge any fee. He however noted that the artistes give him so much money and gifts only after they realize that the help they sought for has really manifested. In some instances, some artistes who have experienced the goodness of his power introduce other artistes to him.

What do you have to say about this situation? I am overwhelmed about the fact that secular and gospel artistes seek for spiritual powers in their music careers. Of momentous shock to me is that of the gospel artistes. Some of our gospel artistes who find themselves in this mess should be ashamed of themselves. Another thing to consider is the kind of influence these artistes’ songs have on those who listen and dance to them.

It’s quite unfortunate that he did not mention the name of any artiste but Flex Newspaper would do all that it can to at least get a name of one artiste who is guilty of such a practice. Henceforth, let’s be careful of the songs we listen to and the artistes we adore so much. Some of them are not what we think they are. In all these, God is King and those who follow him in truth would be saved. I rest my case.




There is never a day that I don’t find time to listen to a wide range of songs on radio, television or on the internet. I am a great lover of good songs, no wonder I respect musicians who churn out good songs.

For me, a good song isn’t any song that is pleasant to the ears but the kind of songs that is sensible. There are however some songs that make me yell out in anger and make me yearn for an opportunity to silence musicians who waste precious time to churn out such ”nonsense” songs.

Critical listening of songs like ”faithful” and ” woara” from Okyeame Kwame makes me excited. These are songs that do not just have lyrics. They are songs that speak about relevant issues in the society. No wonder, Okyeame Kwame keeps winning the Songwriter of the Year award. Songs from O.J also come to mind.”May3 S3 mo p3n” is a classic example of a song that is very useful and sensible unlike the trash that some hiplife artistes churn out. Sorry for my choice of words but I can’t help it.

Artistes of today only find solace in putting words together and do not care whether they make sense or not. All that is important to them is to have their lyrics rhyming with a good instrumental. This then gives them the audacity and morale right to ”spit” out garbage at the recording studio.

It’s an undeniable fact that music is meant to inform, educate and entertain. However, some of our artistes are unable to inform and educate but in their quest to entertain people, rather mess up with stupid lyrics. Take time to listen to some songs and you would clearly understand me.

Do you know of Criss Waddle? Have you heard of the ”ayi” track? If not, what about the song which has the popular ”yi fri mu”phrase in it? Many people enjoy this song. I used to enjoy it but after listening to the lyrics, I got angry. I have no intention of exaggerating but I sincerely believe Criss Waddle undermines the intelligence of the Ghanaian. I say this because, in just one statement, Criss Waddle admitted that even though he had not said anything meaningful in the song, he knew the song would be a hit. Isn’t that supposed to mean that Ghanaians for that matter are not intelligent enough and would therefore embrace any ”trashy’ ‘song?

Our artistes need to sit up and do better songs. Without fear or favour. I speak my mind. Kwaw Kese is another artiste who virtually speaks about nothing important in most of his songs if not all. All that he does is to get rhyming lyrics which do not really make sense. ”I will wash you like omo”. Does this statement really make sense? How can you wash someone like omo? In the first place, is omo washed? Why not say, ”I will wash you with omo”? Probably 4×4 would be the best people to explain.

Of late, I have been watching a new music video from Okuraseni Samuel featuring Kesse, Appietus and another artiste whose I wouldn’t want to recollect. This useless song talks about ”hair. ‘

“Listening critically to the song, you would realize that the song is a piece of garbage. In fact, it’s a disguised profane song. My only disappointment is the fact that a family man like Appietus added his voice to the song. Is it not embarrassing?

Our hiplife artistes are not alone in this mess. What do some of our Gospel artistes have in mind when they proclaim that Jesus Christ is their boyfriend? Have they ever found time to find out who a boyfriend is? Is it a case of ignorance, lack of knowledge and understanding of the Word of God or is it just carnality at work? For those who do not know, a man or boy that somebody has a romantic or sexual relationship with is what we call a boyfriend. Our female Gospel artistes should know better.

Why aren’t most of our artistes educating or informing the populace on very important social issues but are only doing ”entertaining” songs. Unfortunately, most of the so-called ”entertaining” songs are useless. At the right time, I would speak about songs with sexual connotations and trust me, without fear or favour. I would mention names. For now, I won’t say anything more. I rest my case.




Sometimes I wonder the kind of person Wanluv is. Is he really a serious person? How can he expect his d**k to be declared President? Is this not a silly talk? Check below what he wrote on facebook:
”’everybody talkin bout piss in gh so my dik shld b declared president…eat peas…dey good 4 u”



As depicted in the picture,it looks like Elikem and Pokello are so much in love. But the big question to ask is if a relationship between the two of them would be successful.Is it real love that they have for each other? Now that its obvvious that Elikem wasn’t able to win the ultimate prize money at Big Brother ,would Pokello still love Elikem?

Time will definitely tell.

CONGRATS..Dilish wins Big Brother Africa #The Chase


In what came off as a huge surprise to many fans across the continent especially to the Nigerians as Melvin and Beverly were evicted in the finale of the show as well as Cleo representing Zambia , & Elikem representing Ghana. Yes we’re talking, Big Brother Africa The Chase finale.

Dilish Matthews walks away with 300,000 USD as the cash prize and will undoubtedly become a household name for years to come as she is the winner of this year’s Big Brother Africa.

It will come as shock to many viewers in West Africa who felt Melvin, Beverly & Elikem had a great shot of claiming the grand prize. Beverly had made a huge name for herself for the viewers as her steamy relationship with South Africa’s Angelo gathered a lot of attention across the continent as well as hate.

In the final minutes, Beverly was the first to get evicted, followed by Melvin, then Elikem and to the surprise of many, Cleo & Dilish were shocked to be in the final 2. The two Nigerians received the lowest votes after an intense round of voting.

In the final moment, Cleo was announced as evicted and automatically, Dilish became the winner of the 8th edition Big Brother Africa.
Congrats to Dilish Matthews & congrats to Namibia.



Weeks back at the Accra Sports Stadium during the Bass Awards Nominees Jams when Shatta Wale openly apologized to Kaakie for dissing her in the aftermath of the VGMAs, I got the impression that he has repented of his old ways and has become born again.

On that same stage ,he also went on to confess that he would go down on his knees to beg Samini for the opportunity for the two of them to record a song to unite their fans. ’’I would kneel down in front of Samini and beg him so that we can do a track together just to unite our fans’’ were Shatta Wale words.

For quite some time now, I have been wondering why the sudden change in Shatta Wale’s conduct. I never thought Shatta Wale would humble himself so much to the extent that he would apologize to Kaakie and also beg to record a song with Samini but he did so. Remember, it’s only a fool that does not change his mind.

I wouldn’t be surprised if many people have formed the opinion that Shatta Wale is only trying to win favour in the eyes of the general public. Winning favour could be a possibility but for how long can Shatta Wale pretend if he is not really born again? In as much as time would tell, the Korle Gonno Godfather and Ghana’s Dancehall King ,Shatta Wale has gone a step further to really prove that he is not inhuman as many people think he is ,by expressing his regret for dissing Kaakie in a song ,titled ‘’Letter to Kaakie that he has just released.

However in these few days, there has been an uproar in the dancehall fraternity as a result of the release of Samini’s ‘’pink sheets’’. News making rounds in the media suggests that the song is a dissing song targeted at Sakordie and Shatta Wale. When the song was released, it left so many people disappointed because they never expected such a song from Samini especially after Shatta Wale had openly expressed his desire to record a song with him for the sake of peace.

To test Shatta Wale’s born again status, many people are patiently waiting to see Shatta Wale would release a song in response to Samini’s ‘’pink sheets’’or not. I would be very surprised and disappointed if Shatta Wale responds to Samini but I guess that would never happen.

In an exclusive with Flex Newspaper, Shatta Wale revealed that he has listened to ‘’pink sheets’’ but does not hear Samini mention his name in the song and as such does not think the song is directed at him. Based on this observation, Shatta Wale is unlikely to respond to Samini.

For now, I am convinced that Shatta Wale is really born again. However, the big question to ask is if Shatta Wale would not backslide in the few days to come. Surprisingly, Shatta Wale is yet to officially ask Samini to join him in recording a ‘’unity ‘song .Would Samini agree to Shatta Wale’s request?

How would the ‘’unity’’ song sound like if both Samini and Shatta Wale forget about the past and put the enemy to shame? What would happen if Samini does not accept Shatta Wale’s request? Would that be an influencing factor for Shatta Wale to backslide? Ghana is keenly watching Shatta Wale and time would really tell if he is really born again. I rest my case.

Source: Flex Newspaper



I have no problem with King Ayisoba for describing the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards as corrupt; that’s his opinion. King Ayisoba has made it categorically clear that he is unhappy with Charterhouse, the organizers of the Ghana Music Awards. He has also registered his disgust at MUSIGA President Obour and says he (Obour) is also corrupt.

I have no intention of speaking on behalf of Charterhouse or Obour but I think its fair that one makes a statement backed by evidence. What kind of evidence does King Ayisoba have that no one has for which reason he has the audacity to tag Obour and Charterhouse as corrupt. I dare King Ayisoba to come out with his evidence or else he should just shut up.

In as much we have the freedom to express our opinions, we should do that responsibly .You just can’t wake up from bed and say anything even though you don’t any evidence to that effect or have not put out any evidence to support your claims.
Read below what King Ayisoba said;

“Ghana Music Awards is a corrupt thing and it will not help Ghana music industry to move forward. If you can recollect, I started touring in Europe and many African countries since 2006. And from my experience, Ghana music is not making any improvement on the world market. Malian, Cote d’Ivoire, Senegalese, South African, Jamaican, American Hip-hop music are making a lot of impact on the world market but Ghana is missing out of action. Ghana music is not famous at all in the world.

, “If you look at it critically, Ghana music awards winners don’t perform on bigger stages in Europe. So, I think that the Ghana Music Awards has now turned to business. Music cannot be business. Business in music can bring the industry down. We claim we want peace in Ghana but we’ve turn the music industry into business platform for a few people. That’s why am not happy. How can you give an award to someone who is not a musician and cannot perform live on stage? How can they give award to someone who cannot represent Ghana anywhere and cannot promote Ghana music on the international level? Obour and Charter House are corrupt and that kills artistes’ spirit”.

I am a bit amazed and confused about King Ayisoba’s statements. Is it Charterhouse’s responsibility to make Ghana music famous all over the world? Is it Charterhouse’s duty to promote the works of Ghanaian artistes on the world stage? What at all is King Ayisoba talking about?

Does King Ayisoba expect Charterhouse to go in search of shows for Ghanaian artistes in Europe? I am really surprised about the show of ignorance on the part of King Ayisoba .If he expects Charterhouse to be doing all the things he has mentioned, what would be the role of an artiste’s record label and management?

Just because Ghana Music Award winners don’t get the chance to perform on bigger stages in Europe, King Ayisoba says the Ghana Music Awards has now turned into business. I simply don’t get the correlation. He goes further and reveals his lack of knowledge by saying that music cannot be business. If King Ayisoba feels music cannot be business, then I would advise him to give out copies of his music free of charge and should never charge any fee if any event organizer seeks for his services.

How could he have said that music cannot be business? His ignorance at the highest point is made clear when he says business in music can bring the industry down. What at all does he refer to as ‘’business in music’’. I think King Ayisoba needs to come out and explain his statements to Ghanaians.

Probably he is not able to communicate effectively and as such he is not able to paint the real picture for maximum understanding .Did King Ayisoba also say that Kaakie is not a musician? If Kaakie is not a musician, then what is she? Is she a chop bar operator, kayayoo or a waakye seller?

I am really disappointed in King Ayisoba for his comments. He goes ahead to say Shatta Wale deserved to have won the Dancehall Artiste of the year award at the VGMAs all because he thinks Shatta Wale is more serious and can perform live.
King Ayisoba should find time to educate himself. He should find out what the criteria for the Dancehall Artiste of the year award is. It is quite unfortunate that King Ayisoba has revealed his ignorance, pettiness and lack of knowledge of the music industry.

Is King Ayisoba saying all these things because he is still smoking wee? If he still smokes wee, he should put a stop to it and I believe he would be able to make meaningful contribution to the music industry. I rest my case.



I have said it before and I would say it once more; some of our event organizers are a bunch of dancing jokers. After organizing the last edition of the Ghana Movie Awards, it took Fred Nuamah five months to present the plaques to the award winners. That was quite disappointing but all the same the award winners have received their plaques; that notwithstanding, Merqury Quaye has broken Fred Nuamah’s record.

In issue 240 of your evergreen Flex Newspaper with the article captioned ‘’ Would Merqury Quaye Follow Fred’s Nuamah Example?’’ published in May 2013,I was skeptical about Merqury Quaye’s Ghana DJ’s Awards and most importantly as to whether he would sit down carelessly with his hands in between his thighs for five months or more before presenting the plaques to the award winners of the Ghana DJ Awards.

Unfortunately, it seems like my fears have been confirmed. The first edition of the Ghana DJ Awards was held in February, 2013 but till date, the award winners are yet to receive their plaques. I am a bit surprised because I am yet to hear any of the award winners complain about the delay of the plaques .Perhaps, most of the award winners see the delay as normal. When I tried finding out from one female DJ/Presenter (name withheld) what she thinks about the delay, the response I had from her was quite insulting.

Probably, I am putting so much unnecessary pressure on Merqury Quaye to make the plaques available to the award winners. But for crying out loud, when exactly does Merqury Quaye want to do the needful? We should have seen this situation coming up. Didn’t we experience change of date and subsequently a huge disappointment when many people trooped to the National Theatre for the awards only to be told that it had been postponed due to so many unfounded reasons?

It took Fred Nuamah five months to do the needful, however I am so ‘’happy’’ to declare that Merqury Quaye has been able to break Fred Nuamah’s record. This is because after six months of organizing the Ghana DJ Awards, Merqury Quaye has totally closed his ears to my pleas, request and ranting for him to make available the plaques.
I am only waiting for that day when the plaques would be ready and Merqury Quaye would call on the media to make the presentation of the plaques public knowledge. I wonder if he would have the guts or audacity to organize the presentation of the plaques with pride and fulfillment when indeed he has been a huge failure, disgrace and disappointment.

To add more salt to injury, apart from delaying with the plaques, Merqury Quaye had the guts to ‘’deceive’’ Ghanaians that he would be organizing the National DJ Challenge in June 2013.Its possible Merqury could be using a different calendar but the fact is clear; we are in the month of August and the National DJ Challenge has still not been held and Merqury does not see how courteous it would be for him to make clear the reasons for the ‘’no show’’.
To teach Merqury Quaye a good lesson, it would be a step in the right direction if all DJ’s and media houses in the country boycott any programme he comes up with. He has shown gross disrespect to DJs, the Ghanaian media and Ghanaians as a whole.

Most importantly, if Merqury Quaye still has unfinished business to do with respect to the first edition of the Ghana DJ’s Awards, would the second edition of the awards be held?
I only have a simple message for Merqury Quaye wherever he finds himself.’’Congrats, for breaking Fred Nuamah’s record. It took Fred five months to present plaques to the Ghana Movie Awards winners but for you, even after six months, you have still not done the needful. More grease to your elbows’’.

Maybe I need to ‘’corner’’him at Karldorf one of these days for a brief discussion as he has successfully managed never to answer any of my phone calls. I rest my case.

Source:Flex Newspaper



It is one Saturday evening and the Conference Centre is packed to full capacity. Everyone is expecting to see Sakordie on stage to perform some of his hit tracks.

The atmosphere is charged and the audience can’t wait any longer. The audience starts calling out for Sakordie. Sakordie is at the backstage and in high spirit ready to do what he knows how to do best. The MC of the show, Bola Ray finally introduces and welcomes him on stage with so many adjectives.

At long last, Sakordie makes a triumphant entry on the stage and the audience goes crazy. Sakordie stands in front of the crowd, bows down his head and ‘coughs” into the microphone and that even increases the temperature at the Conference Centre. Instrumentals of Sarkodie’s ”saa okodie” starts playing and Sakordie starts to rap and all of a sudden………..watery human excreta is seen dripping down his Sark jeans trousers onto the stage. Omg! Wouldn’t it be embarrassing?

We treasure our celebrities so much and never wish something bad comes their way. Unfortunately, many of our celebrities encounter many embarrassing moments in their careers. It is sad to say but most times, it’s very difficult to forecast such moments and prevent them. In this article, some celebrities share with us some of their embarrassing moments. Laugh out loud if you want to but remember that, the journey to stardom for them wasn’t on a silver platter. They worked hard for it.

STONEBWOY: Hmmmm my embarrassing moment was one day after ”killing” a show. Many of my fans were hailing me all over the place and here I was standing by the roadside searching for a taxi. What made it very embarrassing was that many of these fans, mostly young guys, all had their own cars.

QUARME ZAGGY: My embarrassing moment was at Y fm’s Area Code at Tema Chemu Park. The crowd at that show was very huge .After the MC introduced me on stage, I looked into the crowd and made it a point within my heart to entertain the crowd, but to my surprise, my CD wouldn’t play.

IWAN: My most embarrassing moment is when I fell off stage after performing at the ”Ghana Support Haiti Concert” at the National Theatre some few years ago. The stage was crowded with microphone stands, monitors, wires and stuff as it was a live show. After I finished my performance and said ”Thank You” to the crowd, I was going backwards but all of a sudden I tripped on one of the monitors and the next moment, I realized I was flat on the floor.

AMEYAW DEBRAH: I had my embarrassing moment some few days back. I published tour dates from 2006 that said Jay-Z will be performing in Ghana on my website. When I noticed the error I deleted it and wrote another story to apologize.

DKB (Comedian): One day before a show, I went to the washroom to ”shit”. I can’t tell how it really happened but when I got on stage, everybody at the show noticed that I had gone to the washroom to ”shit”.I got really embarrassed.

PRAYE HO NE HO: My embarrassing moment was the day I fell off the stage during a show at Keta in the Volta Region. It was a real heavy fall.

I remember Ephraim at the Ghana DJ Awards. He found himself on stage to receive an award on behalf of the winner even when the winner of the award had not been mentioned. He became confused and looked so embarrassed on stage.

FBS also found themselves in an embarrassing situation whilst they were being interviewed on ETV some few weeks back. As the interview went on, a phone kept ringing. One of the FBS guys, brought out the phone from his pocket only to realize that he had mistakenly ”stolen” the phone which belonged to a make-up artist at the television station.
Some years back, a giant in the radio industry danced with a lady on stage during Akuafo Hall Artiste’s Night but surprisingly afterwards, everyone at the show realized this radio presenter had gotten an erection. This radio presenter has been with a radio station in Accra for about ten years now and cannot be ignored at all so far as entertainment and showbiz in Ghana is concerned. Your guess may be right. By the way, can you guess Raquel’s most embarrassing moment? What about Shatta Wale’s embarrassing moment? Need I say more? I drop my ”diabolic”pen.I rest my case.

“Levels Don Change” For Flex Entertainment Artiste Nana Asamoah


Flex Entertainment Ghana Ltd, management team for budding gospel musician Nana Asamoah are set in making him a house hold brand in Ghana, soonest.

After scouting around for the best of talents to invest in, Flex Entertainment Ghana Ltd (Mother Company), publishers of Flex newspaper chanced on Nana Asamoah; a promising contemporary gospel musician. As a media outfit that believes in challenging the status quo, we have taken this young gospel musician into intensive drills in the making of a gospel music star. Nana Asamoah is now ripe for Ghana’s gospel music industry.

Flex Entertainment is bent on making a super star out of Nana who believes the only way he can contribute to humanity, is to preach the unadulterated word of God through music. Nana mustered the art of stage performance at age 10 and has been performing with the choir till date. Live musical performance therefore comes as a cinch to Nana Asamoah. Any time he mounts the stage to perform; he charges the atmosphere and enraptures his audience to bellow for the presence of the Lord. Nana is not only a musician, but also an Evangelist who delights in outreaching the youth who are most vulnerable to sinful proclivities.

Already, plans and arrangements are far advanced with local and international musical concert promoters to create platforms for Nana Asamoah to unearth his music prowess. Currently, if there is any contemporary gospel musician to advance high hopes for, it’s Nana Asamoah. Nana has a 10 track album which is actually his first album. On 9th June, 2013, was the launch of the album titled “Something Good”at the International Central Gospel Church ICGC in Achimota – Abofu.

“Something Good” has tracks such as; ‘Levels don Change,”Ose Ye,”Medan Wo,”Ko Wanim,”Meda Wase,”Miracle,’amongst others. Out of the lots, ‘Levels Don Change’ is the bait that will hook any lover of gospel music to root for Nana Asamoah. ‘Levels Don Change’ is now enjoying airplay but Flex Entertainment Ghana Ltd is poised to making it a household name before the end of the year. For further enquiries regards booking Nana Asamoah for any gospel related project, please call the numbers below – +233243514732/ +233208920996, or email – or Until then…MOTWUM!!

Source:Flex Newspaper



In recent times, many people have sought to create the impression that highlife is dying off. Comparatively, artistes patronizing other genres of music would exceed that of highlife but I would be quick to add that highlife is never dying and would never die. The fact that many highlife artistes are not churning many highlife singles or albums does not mean highlife is dying.

If indeed highlife music in Ghana is dying, there is however one artiste who would never stop doing highlife but would always do his best to make and promote highlife music in Ghana and that single artiste is the smooth and the silky-voiced Quarme Zaggy.

As part of efforts to ensure that Quarme Zaggy’s kind of highlife is kept alive in every part of the country and the world at large, Flex Entertainment, the artiste and event management wing of Flex Newspaper has officially signed Quarme Zaggy on and would manage his music career for the next two or more years.

The decision to sign on Quarme Zaggy was an easy one as he is a real music talent and a force to reckon with so far as highlife music in Ghana is concerned. Within the very short time Quarme Zaggy has been in the music industry, the fact that he is very creative, versatile and exciting to watch on any music platform cannot be undermined.
Quarme Zaggy has an album to his credit. The album titled ‘’nyankonton’’ has hits songs like ‘’just the two of us’’ featuring Okyeame Kwame,’’dwantoa’’ and ‘’wodi odo’’ which featured Reggy Zippy.

Now with Flex Entertainment, Quarme Zaggy is set to release his second album ‘’Ma Sem’’ and take his rightful place among other highlife superstars in the country. Off the ‘’Ma Sem’’ album, he has already released three singles namely alb’’kwaadonto’’ featuring Screwface,’’true love’’ featuring Trigmatic and ‘’I want you’’ which are all do receiving massive airplay and reviews.

Currently he has released his newest single track from the ‘’Ma Sem’’ album and it is enjoying massive airplay all over the country. The fourth single titled ‘’temi mole’’ which featured Mac Tee, is already making immense waves in the music industry and posing a huge competition to other songs. ‘’Temi mole ‘’ comes from the Yoruba language and it means ‘’you are giving me pressure’’.

When Flex Newspaper asked Quarme Zaggy why he does highlife music, this is what he had to say:
‘’I grew up in an environment where highlife was the only genre of music I listened to and my dad is a big fanatic of highlife music so I also fell in love with it .When I was a youngster, I used to mimic songs from highlife musicians like Papa Yankson, Pat Thomas, Felix Owusu and others.It became part and parcel of me.That’s why I am doing highlife music.’’

For further enquiries regards booking Quarme Zaggy for any event or a related project, please call the numbers below – +233243-514732/ +2332089-20996, or email – or



This is Confidence.What do you think about her dress? Is it appropriate ? Probably that is the right way for a celebrity to dress up!


This is Mzbel.She is now a born again Christian .She wouldn’t do any secular song again,it’s only going to be Gospel music.I wish her all the best.By the way,what is she hiding? Lol


What do you think about this picture? Remember ,she is a celebrity in Ghana.



Friday, July 5 2013 would go down in history as the day Reggae Dancehall was officially resurrected in Ghana even though for so many years we have had artistes doing this genre of music. All those who were at the Accra Sports Stadium to witness the Bass Awards Nominees Jam can confirm that Reggae Dancehall has come to stay and would grow from strength to strength.

As is always the case, most concerts do not adhere to time at all. The concert which should have started as early at 7pm commenced after 10pm which was quite unfortunate. As a result of this, the curtains on the concert drew down at about 5am.The attendance on the night was huge and the sound quality was beyond what I imagined.

Many up and coming artistes graced the stage to show their music prowess which showed the potential Ghana has so far as Reggae Dancehall was concerned.However,all in all, many of those present patiently waited for the likes of household Reggae Dancehall artistes like Iwan, Blakk Rasta, Kaakie, Shatta Wale, Knii Lamptey,Jupiter and Stonebwoy.
Blakk Rasta was quite impressive but what demoralized him was the call by the audience to get off stage even though he had not finished with his performance. At a point in time, Blakk Rasta who seemed angry walked off stage when he got an indication from the organizers that he was taking too much time on stage. Knii Lamptey wasn’t bad at all on stage as he dished out some nice tunes to the audience with his smooth silky voice.

Iwan’s presence on stage got the crowd charged up to a higher level.Remember, in all these, the whole atmosphere at the Accra Sports Stadium had been’’perfumed’’ with the smoke from the weed that both young and old men and women inhaled and exhaled happily. Iwan’s performance was off the hook and the crowd really enjoyed the time he spent on stage. Jupiter also gave a good account of himself and through his performance he gave good reasons why he is called ‘’THE GENERAL’’. Later on Trigmatic and Tinny came on stage to offer support to the Dancehall General. General Pype from Nigeria wasn’t bad at all but I felt he could have done much better.

Shatta Wale’s ‘’sister’’, Ghana’s Dancehall Queen, Kaakie did her best to impress the crowd. Even though she was impressive, the audience was quite ungrateful as they asked for her exit off the stage. My own ‘’twin brother’’ Stonebwoy for the period he was on stage, made the stage his home. He felt so comfortable and did exactly what he had to do on stage. At a point in time, the crowd had to ask for more hits from the young yet matured artiste.MzGold from Nigeria was also impressive on the night.
However, Natural Face was quite of a mess on stage.

Without any exaggeration, I can say almost all those who came to the Accra Sports Stadium, did so just because of Shatta Wale. Even before Shatta Wale’s performance, anytime the MC asked the audience if they were ready for Shatta Wale, the crowd went agog. The whole stadium always got electrified when his ‘’dancehall king’’ track was played.
In the very early hours of Saturday ,July 6 2013, Shatta Wale was ushered on stage fixed on a wooden cross just like that of Jesus Christ as he sang a song which talked about the way he is been crucified all over the place.

Trust me, the sight of Shatta Wale turned the stadium upside down. The number of people at the stadium multiplied suddenly and without mincing words, if the organizers had had Shatta Wale alone on the bill to perform, the stadium would still have been packed to capacity.

Shatta Wale, without doubt, was the best performer on the night and the kind of energy he exhibited on stage was quite amazing. He performed more than 10 hits on the night and throughout his performance, constantly had the crowd on their feet singing along with him. After being on stage on stage for more than an hour, the crowd did not want him to leave the stage without performing the song of the moment ‘’ dancehall King’’.

Anytime, he finished a song, the crowd went wild chanting his name Shatta Wale!! Shatta Wale!!!!!! Finally he gave the crowd what they so much yearned for before leaving the stadium.Indeed,’’dancehall king’’ is a hit; no wonder when the song started playing, the charged atmosphere at the stadium intensified and as I looked into the crowd, all I could say was ‘’ Indeed Shatta Wale is Ghana’s Dancehall king and ‘’Dancehall King’’ is the song of the moment.’’

The absence of performances from Elephant Man, Samini, Eazzy, General Marcus and other artistes at the concert did not take anything away from the show. If Samini had found himself on the stage, he would have been lowered and shown his rightful place. Samini is a good performer but this is the right time for Shatta Wale.
A very good highlight of the concert was the declaration by Shatta Wale that he would do anything possible to record a song with Samini.

’’ I would kneel down in front of Samini and beg him so that we can do a track together just to unite our fans’’ Shatta Wale declared. This declaration alone showed how humble and matured Shatta Wale could be. 2013 is indeed Shatta Wale’s year. Shatta Wale’s performance had an emotional bit as he shed tears of joy as a result of the immense love he was shown by the audience.

Apart from God, Shatta Wale has his own destiny in his hands and how it would turn out depends on him. I rest my case.



Are these guys doing this for the sake of showbiz or what? Do they know exactly what they do? Its so strange that men who have wives and kids would allow”madness” to let them pose naked for the camera.According to them ,the picture was leaked.They only sent the picture to some ladies.Why should you pose for such a nasty picture? We have had enough of this total madness.Grow up if you are still a toddler



In the past few weeks, I have had the opportunity to witness what really transpires in some night clubs in the Accra metropolis. In order to ensure certain issues pertaining to nite clubs are addressed, I think I need to voice out my sentiments.

It’s an undeniable fact that many people visit night clubs for various reasons but the paramount reason is to have fun; have some drinks, listen to music, dance, smoke, and in extreme cases, get into contact with the opposite sex, not forgetting about the possibility of having services rendered by prostitutes at one’s disposal.

However, the question that dawns on me is how safe these night clubs are and if these night clubs are not used for the wrong purposes. It would be quite unfortunate if an individual’s quest for fun at the night clubs results into something else because of certain negative conditions at these nightclubs.

There was this night club I visited around East Legon for an event. For obvious reasons, I wouldn’t mention the name of the night club but it was quite spacious and could accommodate a high number of people but one thing struck my attention. For every person to enter the nite club, that person would have to do that via the elevator. I stand to be corrected but it seems like there isn’t any staircase leading to the nightclub.

My concern is that, should there be a fire outbreak or gun shots fired as a result of a misunderstanding, how would people exit the club? Are we going to have people form a queue to await their turn to use the elevator? A stampede leading to the loss of lives will be quite obvious. Are we waiting for such a calamity to befall us?

One fascinating thing I also realized, which raises so much alarm, is the fact that only six people can access the elevator at a time. So you can imagine the enormous confusion that would erupt should an unexpected situation occur.

I also realized that no body check was conducted to ascertain whether I had any weapon. This is quite unfortunate because in the night club, and under the influence of alcohol, anything at all can happen.

Quite unfortunately, it seems in some night clubs, any kind of conduct is allowed. This is due to the fact, in one night club I visited, I could see patrons smoking indiscriminately into the faces of others, people provocatively dressed and in some instances showing or exposing their pants, the invasion of prostitutes in these night clubs raising questions about the health hazards it poses to patrons who seek their services and most importantly and unfortunately, I realized the ‘’fingering’’ of female patrons was rife which sometimes could evolve into lovemaking.

My experiences at these night clubs gives me the indication that in as much as one may just want to have fun, these night clubs are fast becoming brothels and places where societal, sexual and morally unacceptable behaviors are portrayed and seen as very normal. It’s also quite normal to see people smoke Chris Brown’s weed in these night clubs.

I would call upon the Ghana Tourism Authority or any other institution whose duty it is to ensure that night clubs are operated in the right way, to visit these night clubs to provide advice and ensure compliance with set standards and regulations.

What stringent measures can be put in place to ensure that these night clubs only serve their rightful purposes? For now, some of our night clubs promote social vices, sexual promiscuity and any negative thing you can think of. The institutions in charge of these night clubs should step up their game and ensure that things are done as expected. My visits to some of our night clubs have just started.

I rest my case.



In Issue 232 of your authoritative and Ghana’s Number one Flex Newspaper, I wrote an article captioned ‘’DJ Award Winners Yet to Receive Their Plaques’’. When Merqury Quaye, the man behind Merqury Republic, organizers of the Ghana DJ Awards, saw the article in the newspaper, on and on other websites, he really got angry with me and used many adjectives to describe me as a person and a writer. He even went ahead to tag me as a hater.

He could not understand why I should be concerned about the delay in giving the award winners their plaques when the award winners themselves had not complained in any way. To buttress his displeasure, this is exactly what Merqury said; ‘Plaques go to DJs, not the media. Have you heard anyone complain? You have decided to give them a reason to worry and complain. You know what? You can go ahead as a hater and do your work”.

Judging from the tone of words, I wouldn’t be far from right if I conclude that should Merqury meet me face –to –face, he could give me hefty slaps or some knockout punches in the face just to shut my mouth up. I careless about how he feels or what he is capable of doing to me but at this point in time, I have a question to ask. Have the DJs now received their plaques?

I read an article on and a promise was made to the effect that the award winners would start receiving their plaques from April 8,2013.How many award winners have received their plaques so far? Some weeks back, I listened to Merqury on Happy Fm’s Showbiz Xtra and he gave many reasons why the plaques have delayed. I wouldn’t want to go into details of all that Merqury said in the interview at this point in time. Infact, I have spoken to some of the award winners who have told me point blank that they have still not received their plaques and have also not been told anything.

It is for these reasons that I ask if Merqury Quaye is indeed an event organizer or a joker. Sincerely I see him as a person who is not proactive enough to be an event organizer. Does he really have a team he works with? Where is Esinam Klutse? I am reliably informed that Esinam was/is the Event Co-ordinator for Ghana DJ Awards.

Isn’t it strange that about three months after the maiden edition of the Ghana DJ Awards, winners are yet to receive their plaques? The case of Ghana Movie Awards should not let us see this situation as a normal thing. Why hasn’t Merqury Quaye been able to give the award winners their plaques from April 8, 2013 as promised? Does the excuse that the plaques are so heavy to be included in the luggage of any individual coming into the country, still hold?

‘’Have the award winners started receiving their plaques? If not, what is currently causing the delay?’’ were the two simple questions I posed to Merqury but he did not respond.

Meanwhile, has the Judges Committee of the Ghana DJ Awards been set up? Would the National DJ Challenge still come off in June 2013? If Merqury Quaye really wants to be seen and recognized as an event organizer then he needs to do the right things at the right time and involve the right people in his activities.

I need to drop my ‘’diabolic’’ pen or else Merqury Quaye would snatch away my pen. I rest my case.



In what can be described as an unfortunate behavior coming from an arrogant adult, Shatta Wale a.k.a Bandana has taken a swipe at Ghana’s Dancehall Queen, Kaakie and Charterhouse for reasons best known to himself. After deservedly losing the Reggae Dancehall Song of the Year Award to Kaakie, the best thing that Shatta Wale could do was to use the twitter platform to inflict unnecessary insults on the female diva as well as Charterhouse.

In registering his displeasure, these are some of the insults and nasty comments that Shatta Wale, who claims to have a huge following, found time to mete out on Kaakie and Charterhouse.

‘’Fuck Ghana music industry .Fuck Charterhouse and I mean this from my heart. I don’t need them in any way. Big up to all Shatta Wale fans.Fucking hypocrites, liars, sons and daughters of Satan. I hope they sleep and don’t wake up’’.
‘’Charterhouse should be used for a public toilet …I don’t need any award in GH or any nomination…fuck Ghana music industry’’.
‘’Fuck Kaakie who can’t even write her own music and fuck her smelling pussy…I know how they did this.But trust me, we know how to handle this’’.
‘’This time I will direct people to the nearest public toilet…Charterhouse’’.
‘’I don’t need awards cuz I got my own money,3 cars and a house…Fuck you all haters..Foolish villagers on twitter….awards my foot’’.

First of all, who the hell does Shatta Wale think he is? He should spare us all these nonsense. There was no way ‘’Shatta City’’ could have won the Reggae Dancehall Song of the Year award. How much airplay has the song received? How many radio presenters and DJs know of the song? Is the song not only known at places like Karldolf, Tawala Beach, Vienna City, De temple and some small pubs and nightclubs?

Comparing the so-called popularity of ‘’Shatta City’’ to that of Kaakie’s ‘’Toffee pon tongue’’, I am happy Kaakie won that award. Shatta Wale’s ‘’Shatta City’’ does not come near ’Toffee pon tongue’’.Speaking of nationwide popularity, ‘’Shatta City ‘does not even come near Eazzy’s ‘’Go Go Wind’’ and Samini’s ‘’Time Bomb’’.

Congrats to Kaakie. This is the right time for Shatta Wale to keep mute and correct all the negative aspects of his music career .His career promises to be very successful only if he changes his attitude. His nomination for the Reggae Dancehall Song of the Year award was even uncalled for.

If Shatta Wale really does not need any award or nomination in Ghana as he claims, then organizers of the BASS AWARDS should not make the mistake of considering him for any award. Shatta Wale should shut up or else I would do so for him. I rest my case.


no sir may release

It’s May 2013 and Stonebwoy Burniton hasn’t stopped writing, recording and performing since his Pull Up single was released on Christmas Day 2012. Contrary to suggestions during various interviews and articles that “Stonebwoy has issues with some other artists on the Ghana music industry”, Stonebwoy has taken time to write a song from a place that many other artists will be able to relate, both in Ghana, West Africa or across the world and to address the suggestions.

“No Sir” is a response you will usually hear from a Caribbean when they strongly reject the statement or question. Stonebwoy who is the first artist to carry the now popular term for Dancehall from Africa ‘Afrodancehall’ talks about the wrong things that he doesn’t agree with on a local and global scale.

The first question in this song is “How come reggae and dancehall isn’t getting as much attention?” He goes on to mention some names of moguls who have the power to educate in entertainment arenas and some of the trend setters like DJ Black and Reggie Rockstone.
The personal yet global element of the song comes when he mentions about some of these artists though talented, even their family doubt it because of the struggles.

The song goes on to talk about how you and why some artists do or don’t get the opportunity to perform on large scale events and his disgust as to DJs playing and promoting foreign music for free and asking a lot from the local talents.

On talking about the inspiration behind the song, Stonebwoy bows his head and says “I just want to share the pain that many of my friends (artists) are going through. I speak to some in Jamaica, Kenya and Zambia and the story is the same, it has to stop.”
The track will be released on 11th May to mark the day that Stonebwoy’s idolNesta Robert ‘Bob’ Marley left earth 32 years ago



Gallaxy, the newest duo on the music scene are leaving no stone unturned as they make their presence felt on the music scene with the shooting of the music video for their hit track ‘’wodo nti’’ .Gallaxy is shooting the new music video under the directorship of Steve Gyamfi’s REAL HOUSE PHILMS and there isn’t any doubt that the video will come out very good and pleasing to the eyes.

Having shared platforms with artistes like Guru, Dobble, Dr.Slim and others, Gallaxy is set to cause a stir on the music scene as the music video gets ready to be aired on almost all television stations in the country for all to see the lyrical dexterity, talent, uniqueness and most importantly, the need for Gallaxy on the music scene. The music scene cannot simply do without the duo, Gallaxy.

As and when the ‘’wodo nti’’ is about to premiered, would keep you informed and give you further exclusive information about Gallaxy. can confirm that the ‘’wodo nti’’ music video would be premiered on

muisc video 2

Gallaxy is currently under the management of Gideon Narh’s Harbour City Records based in Tema.
For those who want to link up to the ‘’wodo nti’’ song, log onto



Gallaxy is the latest thing to happen to Ghana’s music industry with their artistic and creative way of doing music. The duo Ransford Ohene known in the music industry as Bra Chiky and David Kwesi Adjawoda also known in the industry as Kwesi Dav are Tema based indigenous Ghanaian musicians who have proved their versatility in creation of good music for everybody’s listening pleasure.

Gallaxy has doubled up the profession as sound engineers respectively. The group has also equipped themselves musically to make a mark on the entertainment scene and looks forward to the years ahead that will see them representing Ghana and Africa worldwide with their music.

The group is working industriously to breakthrough and improved the quality of Ghanaian music on the market.Currently their new singles “Chop money ft Guru”, “B) Asie ma me”, “Wodo nti” are enjoying airplay on both radio and TV across the country.

Since their breakthrough unto Ghana’s music scene, they have shared bigger platforms with Guru, Dobble, Dr Slim and still counting.With regards to lyrical dexterity, arrangement, instrumentation and sound quality, Gallaxy’ is undisputed.

Gallaxy is currently under the management of Gideon Narh’s Harbour City Records also based in Tema. As against the backdrop of many music groups breaking up after becoming a mainstream players,they promise to work as team to serve their fans the best they ever had.



It is quite unfortunate Stonebwoy wasn’t nominated in the Reggae/Dancehall Song of the Year category of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards. Looking at that category and some of the musicians who have been nominated, I feel Stonebwoy has been given a blow below the belt. He needed to have been nominated because he deserves it.

But all the same, he got nominated in the Afro Pop Song of the Year category coming against the likes of Fuse ODG’s ‘’antennae’’, Becca’s ‘’no away’’, Natural Face’s ‘’so high’’, Efya’s ‘’Best in me ‘and Jay Ghartey’s ‘’papa’’. The nominees all stand the chance of winning but I sincerely believe Stonebwoy’s ‘’Ghetto Love’’ which he featured Irene Logan, stands tall. The song has been enjoying massive airplay for quite a long time now.

Anytime I listen to ‘’Ghetto Love’’, I feel creativity and originality in the song. The song always gives me goose pimples and I can’t imagine ‘’Ghetto Love’’ not winning the Afro Pop Song of the Year award at the VGMA. ‘’Ghetto Love’’ must certainly and would certainly win that award.

To help Stonebwoy win the Afro Pop Song of the Year award at the VGMA with his ‘’Ghetto Love’’ song, kindly text M6 to the short code 1767.He is a rising star who needs all the support. Let’s do it now or never. Remember, its Stonebwoy’s ‘’Ghetto Love’’ for Afro Pop Song of the Year,bhim!GALLAXY FINALLY MAKES AN ENTRY INTO GHANA’S MUSIC INDUSTRY



Come March 5, 2013, Ghana’s Dancehall Supremo, Stonebwoy will be celebrating his birthday with his friends and the general public at the Club Invasion located at East Legon. On the same night, Stonebwoy will once again make his presence felt on the music scene so far as dancehall music is concerned as he premiers the “ONUMADE” Video ft. Tinny.

Remember, its STONEBWOY’S BIRTHDAY / INDEPENDENCE Rave. Artistes Passing through include: Kwaw Kese, R2bees, Buk Bak, Edem, Jupitar, Iwan, Paapa Wastik and more.
Time is 8PM, Rate is a cool 20ghc
Grab advanced tickets online @ and see Stonebwoy as he gives evidence to the fact that he is an artiste that cannot be ignored. Bhimmm!!!!



On the music scene currently, there are so many male artistes who are churning out hits after hits .The likes of female artistes such as Becca, Efya, Mzbel, Sala, Bertha, Diamond Licious, D3 and a host of others are also doing their best to match up to the competition posed by the males in the male –dominated music scene.

However, there is one female artiste who has arrived on the music scene and is set to shake the foundations of music in the country as she presents to Ghanaians what her definition of good music is. She is Mariah Light and she currently has a hit track ‘’koko wura’’ which is enjoying massive airplay on most radio stations in Accra and other parts of the country.

She started singing at the age of eight. As a result of her love and passion for music, her father took her to the late Akwasi Ampofo Adjei to learn more about music. From there she joined a musical group called De Farasies in March 2003. She recorded her first demo titled ‘’famame’’ and later on took part in a competition dubbed Talent Hunt organized by Faisal Helwani of Obinini Music Production and Metro TV. She competed against 18 male rappers and was crowned the best rapper of the competition.

That competition was organized by Metro TV IN 2005.. Evident of how good she is, musically, she was able to stand out as the best rapper. She has been in the music industry for almost 12 years and she is one artiste that cannot be ignored.

She does azonto, highlife, dancehall, afro pop, hip hop even though she started her music career with rap music. When asked if she could stand the challenge to be posed by other artistes, this is what she had to say. ‘’I believe in my flow and I don’t sing like any of them. I try to be myself always and not sound like somebody else. I am in the game to do my thing and that’s my strength.’’

Mariah Light is already in the studio recording more hits .She has recorded ‘’give it to me’’ which is a song in the Afro pop vein as well as ‘’u go see me shame’’.Another strong hit to look out for is ‘’me boy ne me girl’’ which is a hip hop tune that would blow the minds of artistes who even think they are the best when it comes to hip hop music. Mariah featured Hommy on the ‘’koko wura ‘’ track and is set to feature Trigmatic and other top artistes on some of her tracks.

She is currently working with sound engineers like 2Shot,Ubeat, Forgy, Robeatz and Bullet beatz. Just watch out because Mariah Light is the next big thing to happen on the music scene. She is one of a kind and ready to show what she is made of. Don’t forget to dance to her azonto track ‘’koko wura’’ whenever you hear it playing on any radio station. Music lovers can have access to the song via



This is not the first time I am writing about Wanlov the Kubolor .I have written about him several times and I would never stop till he shuts up his mouth. In as much as Wanlov the Kubolor has made it emphatically clear that he is not a celebrity, that doesn’t give him the audacity to misconduct himself as a musician.

When he goes out of the country for shows, doesn’t he identify himself as a Ghanaian? Just for the fact that he sees himself as a Ghanaian, I would always voice out sentiments about his conduct which has the tendency of showing disrespect to the maker of this world, God and putting the name of Ghana in a bad light to the world.

Wanlov can say all that he wants to say but then he should be careful enough not to play around with God, after all God is not his play mate. Some few months back, Wanlov was at his awful best when he posted on Facebook an update which sort to create the impression that church is like a bank or a Savings and Loans Company where he can go and negotiate for a loan.

To make matters worse, he went on to liken church to any of the ashawo joints where he could get a prostitute and contemptuously ,he prays in the name of Jesus that he should be able to get a lady (gbemi is the word he used).

’’I dey go church go chase some moni move bi…maybe I go get som gbemi in the vim of Jesus’’ was his update of Facebook. What do you think about such a comment? Is it in good taste? Would you expect this comment from even a mad person?

As if he is never satisfied with any of his disgusting behaviors, Wanlov the Kubolor has once again ignited my ‘’diabolic’ pen to scribble down some words to him as advice. God is the creator of the world and no one can compare him or herself to him and so what baffles my mind is what runs through the mind of Wanlov the Kubolor.

Is Wanlov the Kubolor suggesting that God has gay tendencies? Is he trying to say that God is a gay? Why on earth should someone think of something like this to the extent of voicing it out? This is simply blasphemous and an insult of God.

One important thing Wanlov should have in mind is that he can say anything about any person and probably get unpunished but speaking words that are blasphemous and virtually insulting to God would never go unpunished. I have no intention of speaking evil in the life of Wanlov the Kubolor but I sincerely believe the wrath of God would be on him.’’

If God made man in his own image, then God seff get gay ways’’ is the blasphemous comment that came from Wanlov.I am pretty sure this comment came up in view of the vetting of Nana Oye Lithur and her views on gayism. One thing that Wanlov needs to know and understand is that, in as much as God created man in his own image, God is without sin.It was Man who allowed the evil to lure him into sin.

Why should Wanlov liken God to man who brought sin into the world and say God has gay tendencies? Wanlov needs a renewal of mind or else he would have himself to blame for certain things that would befall him.

Once again, I am not cursing him and I would never do that. I wasn’t so surprised when his friends on facebook had no other choice than to rain insults at him for his comment.At this point in time, I would drop my diabolic pen or else I would be attempted to ‘’kill’’ Wanlov with my words. I rest my case.



Mahatma Gandhi University Ghana hereby invites this February for entry in 2012/2013 to the programmes and departments listed below. You may kindly call the contact provided for further details on admission processes.

The university currently offer the following programmes:
BBA, BSC.IT (BSC in Information Technology), MBA and MSC.IT(BSC in Information Technology).
Each student gets a personal Laptop once you are admitted and been able to settle first year financial obligations.Mahatma Gandhi University Ghana is accredited by National Accreditation Board,Ghana.




Some actors and actress are now identified by names of the characters they may have played in one production or the other as a result of the popularity, how well they played their roles and on the whole, the success of the production. Names like Kyewaa, Waakye, Adwoa Smart and Maame Dokono readily come to mind.

Even though they feature in other productions using other names, it becomes very difficult for the general public to identify them with different names. However, my bone of contention lies in the instance where an actor or actress plays a role in a production and becomes identified with the name used in that production, can the same actor or actress continue to use that character name even if he or she does not play a part in that production any more? For the purposes of this phenomenon, lets use ‘’Afia Schwarzenegger’’ as a case study.

When ’Afia Schwarzenegger ‘started airing on TV, the lead role was played by Valentina Nana Agyeiwaa and she used the name Afia Schwarzenegger. The series became very successful as a result of how well she was able to portray the character . Prior to playing ’Afia Schwarzenegger ‘in the series, Valentina Nana Agyeiwaa was quite unknown in the showbiz industry and it was the series ’Afia Schwarzenegger ‘that catapulted her into the limelight.

She played that role for sometime and even helped the series to win an award at the maiden edition of the RTP Awards till she started having problems with Delay, the main brain behind the ’Afia Schwarzenegger ‘series. Unfortunately, for now it looks like the two ladies do not even talk to each other, let alone consider the possibility of the two working together.

After Valentina Nana Agyeiwaa left the series or was axed from the show(whatever the case may be),Delay has managed to keep the series still running on TV with Nana Hemaa Acheampong now playing the lead role of ’Afia Schwarzenegger ‘.However, Valentina Nana Agyeiwaa still uses the name ‘’Afia Schwarzenegger’’ and what makes the matter worse for Delay is the fact that she(Valentina) is still popular and obviously much popular than the current lady playing the role of ‘’Afia Schwarzenegger’’ in the series. I can’t even tell if Nana Hemaa Acheampong is even identified with the name ’Afia Schwarzenegger’’ in showbiz circles.

I stand to be corrected, but on her show at Happy Fm 98.9, Valentina Nana Agyeiwaa uses the name Afia Schwarzenegger’ and it doesn’t look like she has any intention of dropping that name anytime soon. She even uses the name for her Face book account.

Why is Valentina Nana Agyeiwaa not letting go of the name ’’Afia Schwarzenegger’’? Is it for fear of loosing popularity if she uses her real name? Could it be the case that she brought up the name ’Afia Schwarzenegger’’ to be used for the series? What if it was Delay who coined the name, why hasn’t she made any attempt to restrain Valentina Nana Agyeiwaa from using the name?

In an exclusive interview with Flex Newspaper, Valentina Nana Agyeiwaa noted that she uses the name Afia because she is a Friday born .As for the name Schwarzenegger, she revealed that the origin of the name stems from America and hence, no person in Ghana can lay claim to that name and stop her from using the name.

Jokingly, she said the Schwarzenegger in America is her ‘’father’’. Valentina Nana Agyeiwaa who couldn’t help bursting into laughter, attributed ‘’Afia Schwarzenegger’’ series’ inability to win an award at the just –ended Globa RTP Awards to the fact that Delay had ‘’destroyed’’ the series.
Speaking to Socrate Safo about this issue, this is the explanation he offered;
‘’We have what we call moral rights and economic rights. The person (In this case, Delay) who owns the exclusive rights of the show has the economic rights of the show and can always use the name’’Afia Schwarzenegger’’ .

Moreover, the character who played the lead role ‘’Afia Schwarzenegger’’(Valentina Nana Agyeiwaa) also has the moral rights to use the name ‘’Afia Schwarzenegger’’ because she cant stop people from identifying her by that name, its her personal talent, face and contribution to the series that has made the show what it is. She has worked to make the name popular and accepted.

What’s your opinion about this situation? Think through the situation again and make your own judgment. Hopefully by the end of this month, Valentina Nana Agyeiwaa would premiere her ‘’AFIA SHWARZNEGGER TALK SHOW’’ on ETV.What are the implications? At this moment, I lay down my ‘’diabolic ‘’ pen. I rest my case.



When we talk about hiplife in Ghana, Tic Tac can be considered as one of the pioneers of the music genre. For over the ten years now , Tic Tac has been very consistent in releasing hits after hits unlike some of his colleagues who have laid down their tools and are no where to be found.

He has contributed immensely in promoting hiplife all over Africa and the world at large and he has never stopped. He has collaborated with many artistes both home and abroad and has always churned out hits after hits. He has worked with Tony Tetuila, Gyedu Blay Ambulley, Obrafour, Slim Busterr, Freddy Meiway, Rhian Benson, D Banj and a host of other great international artistes.

He has performed along other great artistes like 50 cents, Buju Banton, Kanda Bongoman, Lloyd Banks and etc.

He has hits like ‘’philomina’’, ‘’menka bio (shordy)’’, ‘’wope’’,’’ fefe ne fe’’, ‘’kangaroo’’,’’kwanikwani’’ and much more. For this New Year, Tic Tac wouldn’t want to relent on his efforts and so to give his fans the best in music, Tic Tac has released yet another hit track which is already enjoying some massive airplay.

The hit song which features Edem is entitled ‘’pum pum’’ and is set to cause a stir on the music scene.
You definitely would have to listen to this great song via http://afumeben.wordpress will constantly update you on Tic Tac so just watch out. This is Tic Tac’s year.



He is one of Ghana’s young Highlife talents and he is doing so well on the music scene. He is really popular with his ‘’just the two of us’’ hit track. In as much as his presence has been felt on the music scene, Quarme Zaggy has still been working hard in the studio to give his fans the best of music.

Fans and general music lovers can listen to this nice song from Quarme Zaggy featuring Trigmatic. It’s a nice tune and its entitled ‘’True Love’’. How true is your love? Watch out for Quarme Zaggy, he is set to take music scene by storm as he still works on some hit tracks with the help of some of the big recording engineers in town and would always keep you updated on what to expect from Quarme Zaggy.

TRUE LOVE by QUARME ZAGGY ft TRIGMATIC, produced by (Genious selection). Quick download and share via



It was Good Friday; a day to reflect on the death of Jesus Christ. A day meant to cleanse our sins away. I was in a pensive and sober mood. Thoughts through my mind the whole day but I realized I needed a break. After all, all work and no play, makes Eben a ……………………………… For me, thinking was more of work than just a mere mental exercise. I had to relax.

I switched on my television, tuned in to a station meant solely for the promotion of made-in-Ghana music. Big ups for that initiative but for a brief moment, I got sad and at the same time amazed. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing neither did I understand what I was hearing.

It is without doubt that many musical talents abound in the country. However it’s very difficult for most of these talents to get support for their talents to be unearthed and developed. They find it extremely difficult to get people to finance their musical journey.

Some of these talents stay ‘’underground’’ till they give up and find solace in other unnecessary endeavors. Luckily enough some find Jah on their sides. They get helping hands and rise to become stars with ego. But trust me, when they become stars, accepted by the masses and start getting huge amounts of cash, they feel that is all to it.

I remember one Kumasi –based Hiplife artiste who now happens to be an evangelist “confessing” that he got the inspiration and urge to write out the lyrics of a hit song some years back, in the course of having sex with one of his numerous girlfriends at a time he was married with children.

The face of money and fame makes them feel they can make it to higher heights on their own on the music scene. When such musicians decide to take fate in their own hands but do not focus well, they lose their sense of direction, focus, common sense, and moral uprightness and rather channel their great talents into unnecessary ventures.

These talents churn out songs that are disgusting and teach no morals; songs that would make you excitingly confused and surprised. This is what I term as ‘’negative creativity’’.

I believe music is a universal language purposely meant for entertainment and education to those who listen to it. But trust me, any form of music that only spells out sexual prowess and sexual urge can never be said to be educative. Such songs only end up eating up the moral fiber of the public.

You don’t expect people to listen to such useless songs and still be morally upright .The earlier such songs are discouraged, the better. Those media houses that encourage and air such music works, should bow their heads in shame; in fact they are a disgrace to the same industry they profess they have the passion for and want to develop. Abraham Ohene Djan, please monitor whatever is aired on Fiesta TV.

It is disheartening to fathom why great talents rather channel their talents into music works that have no sense in them. This may sound as an insult but I still stand by it; some songs simply don’t make any sense.
About two months back, Wanluv Kubolor of FOKN BOIS fame made a mess of himself when he revealed to the whole nation, and others watching TV3 outside the shores of Ghana, his unkempt and not good –looking private area and most importantly his manhood which seemed lifeless.

I would be very surprised if any artiste worth his or her salt, knowing what is expected of him/her in the development of the nation through music would do exactly what Wanluv did. What he did was just unpardonable…totally unpardonable and unnecessary.

For all you know, Wanluv thinks he is a good role model for the youth. Hmmmm……………………………If an artiste’s talents is geared towards moral decadence ,like what Wanluv makes me believe, at least he should have spared us that nasty sight. He should rather go on spitting out unnecessary songs of sexual imagery than come on national television to paint an ugly picture.

I won’t be surprised if some viewers’ televisions got spoilt as a result .In fact, for his actions many people will have good grounds to believe and think that those who become musicians are those who are useless,lazy,morally bankrupt and wouldn’t want to educate themselves.
Is Wanluv without any manager or management team? What role does Panji play in Wanluv’s music career? Hasn’t he got friends within the music industry who can sit him down and put some some sense into his head?

I am very sorry if this sounds as an insult but I believe it’s about time truths are said no matter how painful they may be. Does his partner, Mensah of FOKN BOIS advise him? A big “NO” will be the right and obvious answer.

One big question that comes to mind is whether Wanluv or FOKN BOIS for that matter are part of MUSIGA? If so, what has the Obour –led MUSIGA Administration done about the situation.

As if Wanluv’s indecent exposure on TV wasn’t enough, Wanluv himself and his partner Mensah were captured in a video footage raining insults at Blakk Rasta apparently for comments made by the former in respect of Wanluv’s unannounced sexual exposure.
They took turns in verbally assaulting Blakk Rasta. This video footage was on the internet worldwide. And one question I ask myself is whether the FOKN BOYS can mount any platform and educate their fans on the need to be morally upright when they themselves do otherwise?

Certainly I don’t expect them to preach what they don’t practice. I am baffled with what they use their talents for; just making songs, performing at shows and making money? If that is the case, I don’t see myself tagging them as stars. I can’t imagine a star or a celebrity walking through town bare-footed, with just a cloth, skirt or a wrap over his lower body and without any “pioto”, all in the name of branding. Yes it may be branding but if you ask me, I would say, the FOKN BOYS have great talents but then they channel their talents into negative creativity and negative branding.

This is my opinion and I will stand by it at anytime. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a response to my comments but I still stand by them.

To buttress my point, I watched a music video by the FOKN BOYS with moral support coming in from Yaa Pono.I got convinced that the FOKN BOYS were really gifted musically but then they had lost focus and were now kings of negative creativity .The music video was just too profane. The title of the song itself as shown on TV did not make any sense.

It was just an arrangement of some alphabets. The lyrics in the songs were morally absurd. This is one song that should be condemned outright. The song was virtually talking about sex and gestures signifying sex were abounding in the video.

In the video you could see Wanluv making a circle with his thumb and first finger of one hand and using his first finger of the other hand, thrusting in and out of the circle.
Their profanity is profound. Songs are meant to educate and entertain but for once, this song was just too bad; morally bankrupt, in bad taste and a bad influence to the youth.

The FOKN BOYS should sit up .They are not doing themselves and their fans any good. They don’t deserve to be tagged as stars or role models. Going out of the country to the white man’s land and getting paid in dollars or pounds sterling for performing on stage doesn’t make one a star.

I even wonder what the meaning of “FOKN BOYS” is. Maybe they are conscious of the kind of songs they want to do, hence their name. I rest my case.



Osagyefo is one of the artistes that Ghana needs to watch closely.You can call him Ghana’s Next Big Star and you wouldn’t be far from right.Check out some of his hit tracks via,,

Your dependable will give you more information on this great artiste.



Lady Aya is an ambitious young musician who has emerged on the Ghana music scene with enthusiasm and passion. Aya exhibit qualities indicative of a strong and independent woman, intelligent, focused and polished. Her greatest strength is her voice and faith in God that all things are possible.

Aya was born in Kumasi in the early eighties. She migrated to Norway at the age of eight. Her adult life has been spent in Ghana, Norway and London. Aya is a student and a professional model with an international model agency. Ayas’ experience as a musician began as a backup singer for musicians such as K.K Fosu and Bullet of Ruff N Smooth fame.

Aya is also a professional guitarist, with a love for good music; she names some of her favourite musical influences as Beyonce, Trish, Keisha and Rhiana. Local artistic influences include Kojo Antwi, Ruff n Smooth, Daddy Lumba and Reggie Rocksone. Aya cites that the brand of music she makes is afro pop.

When asked why she started making music commercially at this particular moment, Aya states that the time is right, with school being completed, it is the right time to consider doing music commercially. She was also encouraged by Frederick Appiah of Moneyfarm Entertainment and Bullet and Akan of the musical group Ruff N Smooth.

Ayas’ dynamic voice adds to the richness of Ghanaian music. Her sultry voice and lyrical power depicts positive energy, high performance with a sense of staying power. Music is in Ayas’ blood; she lives and breathes to make exceptional music.

Her new hit Run Away Girl ft D. Cryme will be out soon, the song promises to deliver exceptional afro-pop music. Everyone can relate to heartbreak, the yearning to recover and being in the company of good people. The song is easy on the ears, catchy, and dance able.

In the near future, Aya promises to be a household name, producing good music, and being a positive example to young people as well as pursuing her various NGO support. Aya advices ,never settle for good if great is possible.



Shyy, a member of the duo known as Nkasei, who were behind the hit track ‘’yefri tuobodom” has finished his work on a hit track which is to be featured on Jay Q’s Classic Compilation and is set to shoot the video for the track titled ‘’helem’’ .

When got in touch with Shyy at his London base, he noted that the track ‘’helem’’ is one track he loves so much and so ,he put in so much effort to ensure Ghanaians enjoy it as he has been off the music scene for sometime now.

The song will definitely be a hit when it’s eventually released and its music video would certainly blow the minds of Ghanaians. Without doubt Shyy is one artiste who is quite talented and versatile and brings his vast experience in hiplife and other genres of music when he gets hold of a microphone.

The ‘’helem’’ music video will be shot in a few days time by Solar Multimedia. When the video is shot, will bring it to your doorstep. Just watch out!



Jay Q’s Classic Compilation which would be hitting the airwaves very soon has chalked another milestone as it features a 19 year old up and coming artiste with silky and smooth vocals who is destined to take the world by storm.
She is known as Mz Fatou .She was born in the Gambia and went to live in the UK at an early age. She is a law student at the University, a freelance model and has featured in a couple of music videos. She is both from Gambia and Sierra Leone. Mz Fatou is currently in London recording with Jay Q.

She got introduced to producer and musician Justice K Daniels aka Righteous P who took her under his wing. He has been managing, writing and producing her tracks including her upcoming RNB TRACK SOSOS (angel going down). JQ met Mz Fatou when he visited his friend Righteous P at his studio in London and realizing how good she was, he decided to include her on his upcoming compilation.

Watch out because sooner than later, you would be listening to some new hits coming from the compilation and as usual will keep you updated.



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azonto ghost

Of late, whenever I tune in to any radio musical show, I get confused whenever a particular song is played .I get confused not because the songs being played is not nice or profane. The song is nice and it’s enjoyed by a lot of people. The song in question is the soundtrack for the “Azonto Ghost “movie. This song is very popular among music lovers. Even though I have not had time to watch the movie, I am very sure that the popularity of the sound track cannot be traced to the quality of the movie.

The knowledge I have tells me that, for promotion of a movie, an existing song could be used as the officially soundtrack for the movie or a new song could be composed and recorded just for the sake of the movie. Sometime back, it was very common to see movie producers use existing songs as soundtrack for their movies but of late, very new songs are recorded and used for the promotion of new movies.

For the movie ‘’Azonto Ghost’’, its accompanying soundtrack was intentionally done for purposes of promoting the movie .Surprisingly enough, I am not able to figure out who sang the song. Some people claim the song was sang by Kesse. Others also say it was the winner of the last edition of TV3’s Mentor, Stone, who sang the song.

However, the ‘’Azonto Ghost’’ movie soundtrack unlike others has turned out to be a song that is enjoying massive airplay. The airplay it is getting is not for promotional purposes. Radio presenters and DJ’s are playing the song due to reasons that are quite obvious. The mid –tempo song has turned out to be very popular such that my desire to unravel the mystery behind ‘’Azonto Ghost’’ movie soundtrack has been aroused. Other movies also have soundtracks that are very good but surprisingly enough, none of these songs are considered for airplay by radio presenters and DJ’s.

I know that the ‘’Azonto Ghost’’ movie soundtrack is a very good song but why is that it is enjoying massive airplay whereas other good soundtracks for other movies are not getting any airplay at all in the hands of Radio presenters and DJ’s? With time, we would unravel the mystery behind the popularity of ’Azonto Ghost’’ soundtrack.



One of Ghana’s Representatives at last year’s edition of Big Brother Africa, DKB, who is also a TV and Radio Personality and a comedian, has expressed his anger at his fans who keep mute and allow other people who may not have enjoyed any of his performances to question his credibility and talent as a comedian.

In some quarters, people question the credibility of DKB as a comedian as much has not been seen of him as a comedian. Some people even claim that he is not funny at all and as such, comedy may not be his talent. Some other people even suggest that he should stay off comedy.

In an attempt to express his feelings about some of the opinions people have of him as a comedian, DKB expressed his disappointment and anger at his fans who are always silent and would not voice out for all to know how talented he (DKB) is but would rather allow others to rain insults at him.

‘’I don’t blame those who rant saying “I’m not FUNNY”, it’s those who have enjoyed my performances & are silent that I blame for all these insults!’’
Sincerely, what do you think of DKB as a comedian? Does he have talents of a comedian? Is he funny enough? Continue patronizing for an update on this development.



On a Sunday morning when people were getting ready to go church, it looked like D’Black had some thing very different on his mind. Sincerely I wouldn’t be far from right if I say D’Black was thinking about prostitutes.

‘’Cypridophobia is the fear of prostitute’’ was the update from D’ Black.

However, it’s difficult to say if D’Black’s update is as a result of a recent encounter he had had with a prostitute or not. It’s also not too clear if D Black wants to starts patronizing prostitutes but he is not bold enough to do that.

Your authoritative would get in touch with D’Black to find out if he wants to start patronizing prostitutes but he is afraid to do so or his facebook update is as a result of a recent encounter he has had with a prostitute.



In this world, everyone has someone who loves him or her. Without doubt, Kwaku Bonsam is one person many people would fear to get close to, much more, relax in his arms and have a good time together.

This is not because he is scary but just because of some of the strange things he is able to do as a fetish priest .In the picture above, we see Kwaku Bonsam with a fair-coloured lady having a nice time together.

For now, I can’t tell if the lady is his wife or not but one thing is clear, they are having fun. Does anyone know who the lady is? What about her name?