Poncho Causes Stir with ‘’Wee Party’’


For so many times, there have been calls for marijuana to be legalized in the country but these calls are yet to yield any positive outcome. However, with the hope that marijuana could be legalized sometime to come in the country, a seasoned Reggae Dancehall artiste , Poncho ,has taken the subject of marijuana and its usage to a different level with the release of a new single titled ‘’ Wee Party’’ set in the Reggae vein.

When you hear the phrase ‘’Wee Party’’, what comes to your mind? Definitely, I believe you know it isn’t the name of a new Political party in the country even though we are in an Election Year. ‘’Wee Party’’, the new single from Poncho talks about some of the things the ghetto youth would do with marijuana if it’s legalized. So in the song, Poncho talks about the fact that he would organize a Wee Party and involve his friends so they could have a nice time. He also noted that if wee is legalized, the ghetto youth would not have any issue hiding or running from any Police officer for using marijuana.

The song which was released not too long ago is already gaining grounds in some areas such as Chorkor, Mamprobi, Korle Gonnor and other parts of Accra and very soon, when the song is premiered on radio, it is sure to become an instant hit because of the message behind the song and its humorous nature.
Wee Party is a song you wouldn’t want to miss for anything .All lovers of Reggae Dancehall music who would want to have the song on their phones even before its officially released on radio should simply send a whatsapp message to 0266000456 for the song to be sent to them or access the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETZB_gQMzQQ





It is one Saturday evening and the Conference Centre is packed to full capacity. Everyone is expecting to see Sakordie on stage to perform some of his hit tracks.

The atmosphere is charged and the audience can’t wait any longer. The audience starts calling out for Sakordie. Sakordie is at the backstage and in high spirit ready to do what he knows how to do best. The MC of the show, Bola Ray finally introduces and welcomes him on stage with so many adjectives.

At long last, Sakordie makes a triumphant entry on the stage and the audience goes crazy. Sakordie stands in front of the crowd, bows down his head and ‘coughs” into the microphone and that even increases the temperature at the Conference Centre. Instrumentals of Sarkodie’s ”saa okodie” starts playing and Sakordie starts to rap and all of a sudden………..watery human excreta is seen dripping down his…

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Comedian David Oscar seems to be sending a message to his critics who think he is not a good comedian enough to be given the chance or platform to perform. Even though he did not mention any names, it’s an open secret as to who that message is directed at.

Making his message clear on facebook, this is what David Oscar wrote showing off some pictures:
‘’ With all these, certain twerps still think I need their platform. What a shame.



On Saturday January 18, 2014, Ghanaians heard about the unfortunate death of Komla Dumor due to cardiac arrest. The sad news of his death went viral on social media. In as much as many people were hoping that it could be hoax, the whole of Ghana had to accept the reality of his death. His death is a big blow to Ghana and to Africa as a whole as many people especially those in the media looked up to him for inspiration and as a role model.

Few moments after the confirmation of Komla Dumor’s death on BBC and later on TV3’s Evening News and other networks, celebrities and other important personalities in the country took to social media to express their feelings about his untimely death. Your evergreen Flex Newspaper has compiled some of the comments of the celebrities and important personalities and has published them below;

This is so Hard to Believe … RIP Komla… #HeartBroken

R.I.P #KomlaDumor … May the LORD keep your soul . Till we meet again bro… adieu …. cant stop my tears …. hmmm eiih Ewiase !

Komla Dumor was a good friend and a brother…He interviewed me on both Joy fm and about 5 times on the BBC Radio show (Focus on Africa). This is very sad news but I can’t say much because JAH knows best…… Thanks for all the positive Vibes you gave me. Bro…May your soul Rest in Perfect Peace…May JAH BE WITH U!

I am utterly devastated and lost for words. I trained him, worked with him and he took over from me on the Super Morning Show at Joy Fm .One thing people never knew was that he was a distant relative; a cousin .Oh Komla, we shall meet someday. Rest in perfect peace .I will miss you greatly.


Gone too soon dear brother but God knows best. Heaven just gained Angel #RestwellKomlaDumor

Komla Dumor definitely put Africa on the map, but ultimately Ghana. We will miss you.

Salute! One of the finest! We shall carry on for you! Proud of you! Love you bro! JAH got you!

RIP to Komla Dumor. A man who fully represented Africa to the world…I pray God helps his family cope with this crazy loss

I heard the news from a close family member few minutes after the event. I kept hoping it wasn’t true. I searched everywhere, on twitter, googled and all but there was no news and I hoped against hope. Oh, one who inspired us all with excellence.

Confirmed. Can’t even say goodbye as I hear you’re gone. Rest in peace, bro.



What at all is news reading and how should it be done? I have never travelled outside Ghana but I believe news reading in other countries is not seen or treated as comedy. However, in Ghana news reading is becoming something different rather than a serious activity to inform the listening public.

When was the last day you listened to news on Peace fm or any of its sister radio stations? For me, news reading should be done with all the professionalism it deserves but that of Peace FM and its sister radio stations gets me annoyed, shocked, disappointed and totally insane. I simply don’t understand how they want to treat their news reading.

You listen to Peace fm’s news which is picked up by the other radio stations, and you can’t tell if the news items had been written out for the news readers to read or the news readers use their minds to say whatever they want to say already having in mind the subject matter of the news item. It is so obvious that at most times, these news readers embellish the news with so many unnecessary proverbs or wise sayings not necessarily to explain issues to the listening public, but to create laughter.
Is that the new editorial policy adopted by the Peace fm News Room? In explaining just a simple thing,a news reader could use all the time in the world to explain it by certain illustrations which in some instances becomes offensive and in bad state. News reading should be treated with all the seriousness it deserves. For God’s sake,news reading is not comedy and should not be treated as such.

If some of the news readers of Peace fm and other radio stations are naturally talented comedians, then their management should allocate a slot for them to exhibit their talents rather turn news reading into some sort of a joke.

Just last week Friday as I was returning home after a hard day’s work, thinking that if I listen to Peace fm’s 6PM news,I would get to know what exactly may be going on in the country, I was annoyingly taken aback by what I observed. Kwabena Marfo read the news with respect to the issue of some headmasters of some schools who were charging unauthorized fees. He then had to interview a resource person for clarification of the issue via telephone.

All of a sudden, Kwabena Marfo switched language from Twi to English. That is pardonable especially if the resource person cannot communicate in Twi. But the big question to ask is about the effectiveness of Kwabena Marfo’s communication in the Queen’s Language.

Kwabena Marfo’s interview was full of grammatical errors, pronunciation of words was absolutely bad and he spoke like a village boy without any command over the English Language. With all due respect, I understand Kwabena Marfo is an educated chap but trust me, the kind of English he spoke was just shameful, unacceptable and a total disgrace to the entire radio fraternity in Ghana.

Peace fm should take their news reading serious and treat it with all the seriousness it deserves and should not think news reading should be used as comedy. There is time for everything but then news reading should not be toyed with. I can’t really imagine if indeed news fooling adopted by Peace fm has been endorsed by its news editors.

If that is the case, then they need to revise their notes because it’s never professional and it ends up with the supposed listening public treating their news as comedy rather than a source of information. Probably the likes of Fiifi Banson, Kwame Sefa Kayi and Adakabri Frimpong Manso could add their voices to ensure that the news fooling ends abruptly.



Sensational duo R2BEES have registered their displeasure at the leakage of their newest single ‘’my song’’. It’s not so clear how the song got into the public domain even though they had not released the month on any platform.

The phenomenon of having songs leaked before they are officially released by artistes is not anything new in the country but makes R2BEES very mad about the leaked ‘’my song’’ is the fact that the song had not been mixed or mastered well.

In expressing their anger, this is what R2BEES wrote on facebook:

‘’We are so mad that ‘’my song’’ has leaked, not at all happy with the mix and master. We’ll release the final record tomorrow. Thanks’’.

Who is to blame for the leaked song; Irs it the recording engineer, any other person working at the recording studio or R2BEES? Time will definitely tell.



Evangelist Lord Kenya has confirmed the story by Flex Newspaper with the caption ‘Lord Kenya Not Bothered by VGMA’’. Speaking to Sammy Flex on Flex on Pluzz on Pluzz 89.9fm, Lord Kenya among other things, noted that he is not really bothered whether he gets any VGMA nomination or not and also expressed regret at the kind of treatment meted to many secular-turned gospel musicians.

He noted that the moment that a secular artiste becomes ‘’born again’’ and turns to gospel music, most DJ’s who used to ‘’steal’’their songs from the studios, suddenly turn a blind eye to their gospel songs or albums and leave the secular-turned gospel musician to his or her fate.

Lord Kenya also revealed that his ‘’Christlife’’ album has been distributed to many radio presenters and DJ’s all over the country but surprisingly his songs are not receiving any airplay .He however noted that so far as he has been called to become an evangelist and has been winning souls for Christ, he believes he is doing the work of the Lord Almighty who called him into the soul winning ministry.

In a bid to ensure that Lord Kenya’s gospel music career is promoted in order to win more souls for Christ, the host of Flex on Pluzz, Sammy Flex volunteered to help in the promotion of Lord Kenya’s ‘’Christlife’’ album on various radio stations.

He therefore asked that Lord Kenya make available some promo copies of his gospel album. Lord Kenya acceded to the request and promised to make some copies of his gospel album for onward distribution to various radio stations in a bid to find out if radio presenters or DJ’s will promote would promote Lord Kenya’s gospel music or not.



Currently as it stands , there are individual award schemes for the music industry, movie industry, the radio and television landscape and other aspects of arts and entertainment in Ghana. For the music industry, we have award schemes like the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, BASS Awards and other Gospel awards, for the movie industry, the Ghana Movie Awards can also be mentioned as well as the RTP Awards for the Radio and Television aspect of the arts and entertainment industry.

However, to ensure that there is one umbrella award scheme to recognize the hardwork of all practitioners of the various aspects of the arts and entertainment industry, Charterhouse is set to show how creative and innovative it is by the introduction of the very new GH Entertainment Awards.

Speaking to Sammy Flex in an exclusive interview on Flex on Pluzz on Pluzz 89.9fm, the Public Relations Officer of Charterhouse, George Quaye popularly known as Aboagye confirmed that Charterhouse would indeed introduce the GH Entertainment Awards to reward all personalities in the various aspects of the arts and entertainment industry including arts and entertainment writers who have for a long time been neglected.

He also noted that the awards scheme which would be launched before the end of January 2014 would also have an aspect to award important personalities and figures within the sports fraternity.
According to him, immediately after the launching of the GH Entertainment Awards, the date for the awards itself would also be made public.


When asked if indeed the nomination for the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards had been opened, George Quaye confirmed that nomination for the awards are opened till January 31, 2014 and that nomination forms could be downloaded from the VGMA website or could be hand-picked from the offices of Charterhouse.



Most of the time when we see our various celebrities either on TV or the street, we tend to believe that their lives have been rosy right from childhood. However, some of our celebrities have really experienced the hard knocks of life. Some of them have really suffered to make it to their present status in life.

In all these, sight should not be lost on those who raised them right from childhood to adulthood. Some of them were raised by their fathers and mothers who had to sweat day and night to provide them with food and the necessities of life. Some of their parents also had to go through very difficult situations, hardships and poverty just to ensure they have a bright future.

Some of our celebrities had to be raised by single mothers or fathers. In as much as I have not experienced that unfortunate situation of being raised by a single parent, I know such a situation has its own disadvantages and I believe it’s for this reason, we need to congratulate GH One for coming up with The Supermom Reality TV Show, The Celebrity Edition.

The Supermom Reality TV Show, The Celebrity Edition has been airing on GH One every Sunday at 7pm for some weeks now. For this edition, the emphasis is placed on the mothers on some of our celebrities who went through the hardships of life to cater for their children whom we now refer to as celebrities and role models.

I have been watching the show religiously and I must admit that some of the stories are very emotional and heart-piercing but they go a long way to prove that one’s bad situation today could change to a good one tomorrow. It also drives home the fact that through patience, hardwork, perseverance and God, each one of us can achieve what we set out to.

Listening to the touching stories from the mothers of celebrities such as Ameyaw Debrah, Prophet Seth Frimpong, David Oscar, Elikem The Tailor, Caroline Sampson, Emmanuel Armah, Nathaniel Attoh, Kofi Adjorlolo, Kwaku Manu, Lil Win and a host of others, there were times I had to shed some tears. Some of their mothers really had to suffer day and night just to take care of them.

Indeed the mothers of our celebrities and mothers in general need to be celebrated and it is for this reason, I congratulate GH One for coming up with the concept of The Supermom Reality TV Show, The Celebrity Edition. The show is so emotional, mind blowing and revealing as the mothers of our celebrities ehjxpose the true nature, attitudes and conduct of our celebrities in their childhood days apart from sharing with the general public the difficulties encountered in raising them.

Another interesting feature of the reality show is the way some occurrences in the upbringing of the celebrities are dramatized for better understanding.

Once again, Kudos to GH One for that bold initiative; already The Supermom Reality TV Show, The Celebrity Edition has become the favorite program for most people. In case you have never watched any of those interesting episodes of the reality show, just tune in to GH One every Sunday at 7pm.It is also shown on Metro TV every Sunday at 6pm.



A 21-year old Ghanaian artiste versatile in hiplife, hip hop and afro pop music has pointed accusing fingers at the ‘’boys abr3’’ Hitmaker, Guru, for stealing his song titled ‘’bossu’’.The young artiste who used to be known as Osagyefo changed his name to Osagy when he realized another artiste on the Twi Pop Music label used the name Breda Osagyefo.

According to Osagy, about six months before changing his name, he uploaded ‘’bossu’’ and some of his other songs on hulkshare.com. Osagy claims that the ‘’bossu’’ song had even been played on Radio XYZ before and on Top Afrik Radio in Germany and Gentleman online radio. The song is always played by DJ Koi and had been receiving massive airplay on Thank You fm in the Western Region.

In an exclusive interview with your authoritative and evergreen Flex Newspaper, Osagy, also mentioned that the ‘’bossu’’ track was uploaded on a blog called ghanafame.com. The ‘’bossu’’ hit track which happens to be the track allegedly stolen by Empire Entertainment’s Guru was recorded at Ho at the Milky Mico Studio and the beats to the song were programmed by 1beat between June and July last year.

On January 26, 2014, Osagy received a whatsapp message from Nigeria with the information that his ‘’bossu’’ track had become an instant hit in Nigeria. The song was then after uploaded on save9nja.com. Osagy who at this time thought he would be experiencing breakthrough in his music career ,had the rudest shock of his life when he realized a song recorded by Guru was a complete copy of his ‘’bossu’’ track he had recorded earlier. He got wind of Guru’s version of his ‘’bossu’’ track after he was prompted by a friend to do so on google.com.

According to Osagy, Guru’s version of the ‘’bossu’’ track has the same hook he (Osagy) used on the original track. When asked how Guru may have come by his track to the extent of ‘’stealing ‘’ it, Osagy noted that after recording the track, in the course of finding help to promote the track, he sent the songs to some musicians like Jon Germain and Guru himself and so Osagy felt very disappointed that the same artiste who he felt could help, was the same person who had ended up stealing his song.

Osagy even spoke to one Fred of Money farm Records, who doubles as the Manager of Ruff n Smooth, who asked him to come down to Accra so they could do some business as he loved the ‘’bossu’’ track. However, Osagy could not make it to Accra as planned due to his education but promised to meet the Money farm Records rep in February, 2014.

Osagy angered by Guru’s action got in touch with him via whatsapp but Guru did not respond to him. Again, he called him on phone. Guru told him he had never heard his ‘’bossu’’ track before. In a bid to find out if indeed Osagy owns and recorded the ‘’bossu’’ track, Flex Newspaper got in touch with 1beat who is said to have programmed the beat for the ‘’bossu’’ track. According to 1beat, the song really belongs to Osagy. He noted that he recorded the song specifically on June 12, 2013.

In a separate interview with Yasir who works with Radio XYZ 93.1 FM, he also revealed that he first played the ‘’bossu’’ track last year and knows the song belongs to Osagy. The CEO of Empire Entertainment, Nat Kwabena Adisi a.k.a Bola Ray when contacted, expressed shock at the issue and all that he could say was’’ oh how? Call the manager on 0244******’’.

An initial whatsapp message was sent to him but he responded by saying that he could not speak on the issue via whatsapp. Later on, when Flex Newspaper got in touch with Guru, he said what he knows how to do best is to churn out good songs for Ghanaians but then, he is fed up and really surprised that anytime he churns out any good song, he is faced with so many challenges especially with people who always want to claim ownership of his songs.

He further revealed that the concept for the ‘’bossu’’ track was brought up by one Frank who was with him and Ball J at the recording studio. He also noted that he spent three days to finish work on the track and that the song was more of freestyle as he did not spend time to write down any lyrics .

When Guru was asked when he recorded the track, he could not mention any particular month but only said the song was recorded last year. He also noted that it was only some few days back that Osagy got in touch with him (Guru) to feature on his(Osagy) track and can’t understand how Osagy could have recorded the ‘’bossu’’ track within those few days when he (Guru) had recorded the song last year .

Guru stressed that he only saw a link to Osagy’s ‘’bossu’’on January 29th, 2014 and was sure that Osagy wants to ride on his success in the music industry to make a name for himself. Guru ,who sounded so angry and frustrated, asked that all Ghanaians should listen to the two songs and decide which one they love, enjoy and would want to listen to.

For all those who want to know the truth, check out Osagy’s ‘’bossu’’ via http://hulkshare.com/y2n5zeahm8lc and then search for Guru’s version on google.com and realize the similarities for yourself and then make your own judgment. Watch out for Osagy as he speaks about this issue on radio. I rest my case.



For some time now, there have rumours within the entertainment industry to the effect that female Gospel songstress, Cecilia Marfo may no more be working with her executive producer, Cebex as Cecilia Marfo no more mentions Cebex as her producer whenever she grants any radio station, television station or newspaper an interview.

Right from the onset, when Cecilia Marfo burst out onto the Gospel music scene she always showered praises on Cebex for helping her with her Gospel music ministry but for quite some time now, that has changed and it is this observation that is sparking off the rumours that Cecilia Marfo and Cebex may no longer be having any working relationship.

However, for the very first time, Cecilia Marfo has spoken on the issue. Speaking to Sammy Flex on the maiden edition of Flex on Pluzz, the newest entertainment discussion show on Pluzz 89.9fm in an exclusive interview, Cecilia Marfo revealed that for the past two years, she has indeed severed any business relationship with Cebex. She is currently having her own record label by the name I am Records, which manages her music career with support from Flex Newspaper.

Cecilia Marfo took the opportunity to make that revelation when she appeared on the maiden edition of Flex on Pluzz, a collaborative effort between Flex Newspaper and Pluzz fm after she had gotten the show to a good start with a powerful Worship session. She got so much into the spirit to an extent that she couldn’t control her emotions but to shed tears as she led all listeners of the maiden edition of Flex on Pluzz in a time of Worship.

When asked what may have accounted for her break up from Cebex, Cecilia Marfo mentioned that her decision to break away from Cebex was due to the fact that she felt the time was due for her manage her own affairs after working with Cebex for some time.

However ,reliable information available to Flex Newspaper indicate that so many actions and inactions may be responsible for the Cecilia Marfo-Cebex break up but Cecilia Marfo is just not ready to reveal into details what really caused the break up as it has the tendency of causing so much uproar and controversies within the entertainment industry.

The working relationship between Cecilia Marfo and Cebex began in 2008 and within 2008 and 2011, Cebex helped Cecilia to release two albums. Her first album was titled ‘’Faithful’’ and had hits like ‘’afunumuba’’ and ‘’mammere mangu’’.Her second album which she released, was a Worship album titled ‘’ Time of Worship’’.

These two albums did marvelously well on the airwaves and also recorded high sales. Cecilia’s current album titled ‘’Osore3 nnwom’’ was recently launched at the Liberty Assemblies of God Church.
Flex Newspaper will do its best to dig deep into the Cecilia Marfo-Cebex break up and publish all the details in subsequent editions.



Reliable information gathered by your authoritative and evergreen Flex Newspaper has it that hiplife duo ,2TOFF have gone their separate ways and so henceforth the duo 2TOFF will no more exist.2TOFF made up of Red Eye and Ogunskele had so many hits of which some are ‘ateaa’’,’’tsofi’’,’’oblayoo’’,’’mea weizolo’’ and ‘’abrabo munsem’’.

In a bid to find out what really could have caused the breakup, the new Manager of Red Eye, Abee speaking to Flex Newspaper in an exclusive interview noted that the breakup of 2TOFF did not come about due to any disagreement between the two artistes but was due to the fact that 2Toff as a duo found it very difficult to attract any record label or management to oversee its activities in the music industry.

Considering the difficulties faced by 2Toff, both Red Eye and Oguns mutually decided to break up so that each person could channel his resources towards his own solo project as an artiste. In as much as the break up has now come up in the media, deep-throated infoEven though as part of 2Toff Red Eye did hiplife, as a solo artiste Red Eye can now be counted as one of the Reggae Dancehall artistes in the country. With his current solo project, Red Eye has hits like ‘’Chameleon Love,’’Up and Down’’, One step’’ and ‘’Enter’’ .He is currently working with a new management team called Sounds of Nature.

Richard Oguns is also working on his solo project and when that is completed, Flex Newspaper will give you more details.
rmation has it that 2toff has not existed for about six months now and within these six months, Red Eye who now wants to identified as Nature has almost completed work on his solo project.

Even though as part of 2Toff Red Eye did hiplife, as a solo artiste Red Eye can now be counted as one of the Reggae Dancehall artistes in the country. With his current solo project, Red Eye has hits like ‘’Chameleon Love,’’Up and Down’’, One step’’ and ‘’Enter’’ .He is currently working with a new management team called Sounds of Nature.
Richard Oguns is also working on his solo project and when that is completed, Flex Newspaper will give you more details.


Raquels Dansoman Christmas jumpoff 24_1WBL

D.C/ DANSOMAN STAND UP!!! Come Experience and Celebrate the Biggest and Ultimate Christmas Weekend in Style @ The plush Vanilla Bar & Restaurant Dansoman- Akukor photo, with live performances from the Award Winning Sensational Songbird “RAQUEL” on Friday the 27-12-2013 with support from the “Undisputed” Trigmatic, Jupiter “Da General” and many more.

Come experience an energetic and powerful performance from the songstress Raquel, sources close to the musical queen’s camp have hinted the songstress is very fired up about this particular show in Dansoman as it gives her a firsthand opportunity to touch base and end the year celebrating with the beautiful and lovely people of the once Biggest Estate in Africa, Dansoman!!! .

The party starts at 6.00 PM SHARP, till day break; with performances starting from 9.30.The Damage at the door is @ ¢10.00 Ghana Cedis with “Free Cocktails!!!” proudly sponsored by Prestige Swedish Vodka and Moose Elk-Schnapps .Come and enjoy Red Carpet Photo Shots with the modern professionals in photography in Ghana Xstertic U.K!!!



Some weeks back I expressed my disgust at the way our radio presenters are consistently promoting Mafikizolo’s ‘’khona’’ as if there isn’t any better Ghanaian song .I have on countless occasions listened to the ‘’khona’’ song and I can testify to the fact that the song is a very nice song even though I do not understand the Zulu language.

That notwithstanding, I am of the opinion that our radio presenters should not promote the songs of other artistes from African countries to the detriment of our Ghanaian artistes. It’s so sad that just because a Ghanaian artiste may not have money to pay payola, a radio presenter will try his or her best never to promote the good song of the Ghanaian artiste but would go to any extent just to get a copy of a song of other African artiste and promote it to the fullest even without any payola or recognition from those artistes.

Why is it so difficult to show love to our own artistes? Why would a radio presenter request for some cash before he or she promotes the song of a Ghanaian artiste and also charge the same artiste more cash if the artiste asks for an interview on radio? However, when an African artiste comes into the country, more of these radio presenters put in so much effort to have this artiste on their shows for an interview free of charge.

If for nothing at all, I know one radio presenter who has on two different occasions requested for payola from me before playing the song of my artiste on his radio show. This same radio presenter asked that I pay some amount of cash if only I want him to interview my artiste on his show.

Before anyone misunderstands me, I need to re-emphasize that I have no intention of pushing for the zero-play of songs from other African countries. Songs from other African countries can be played on our radio stations but our radio presenters should have in mind that so far as they do not collect any payola from the artistes from other African countries, they should also not charge our Ghanaian artistes any payola but promote their songs so far as those songs are very good.

At this point in time, I would love to urge all radio presenters in the country to pause Mafikizolo’s ‘’khona’’ and rather start promoting any good song from any good Ghanaian artiste. For the purpose of this article, I would want to refer to any other song from any other African artiste as ‘’khona’’.

Over some weeks now, listening to radio, I came to the realization that there is a Ga song that is enjoying some amount of airplay on some radio stations. The song is titled ‘’aku shika’’ and I am told it was sang by one Nii Addotei.’’Aku shika’’ is also a good song and think it wouldn’t be a bad idea if all our radio presenters who are over-promoting ‘’khona’’ pause the song as I already mentioned and move to play ‘’aku shika’’. At various nightclubs, joints, pubs and other interesting places to hung out,I realize that many people enjoy the ‘’aku shika’’ song.

Just as I generalized any song from other African artistes as ‘’khona’’, I would want to refer to any good song from a Ghanaian artiste as ‘’aku shika’’.My piece of advice to our radio presenters is that they should pause ’’khona’’ and play ‘’aku shika’’. We need to promote our own songs to the fullest before we do same for other artistes from the African subregion.This is just my opinion ;you can chose to disagree with me but I stand by it .I rest my case.



Y FM’s Dancehall Explosion would see the best Dancehall Artistes in Ghana mounting the same stage at the Kumasi Stadium and Accra Sports Stadium on 24th December and 25th December respectively but one artiste who would be missing is Iwan.He has made it clear that he wouldn’t be part of the big concert due to some misunderstanding he has with Y FM; organizers of the concert.

Read below what he wrote on Facebook:

I want My Fans to know that am Not performing on 25th Loud in Gh at Accra Sports Stadium. So those Sharing and tweeting Promo. With my Name attach should stop Decieving my fans. These same thing happened some years back and it brought a lot of disturbances in the Reggae Dancehall Industry. Yfm, or whoever the Organisers are, check this A.S.A.P .. Don’t play funny games with IWAN again. .. .. Don’t love the fruit and Hate the Tree..

Now, I want my fans to know the Reason why am not on the Show. Organisers wants me to perform for Free, whiles they have paid everyone on Bill. I spend time with my family on 25th. I want my fans to know, better Days would come again.. If Today, Yfm do not value, IWAN, then give thanx.. But they still play my soundtrack i did for them 5years ago for their drive Time. I want Yfm to sieze playing that Jingle/Soundtrack .. If they know what is intellectual Property.

Quophi Okyeame`s Rtp Award Is Controversial


First of all, I need to congratulate Quophi Okyeame for winning the Radio Late Afternoon Host of the Year award at the just ended RTP Awards 2013. Going through the nomination list of the RTP Awards 2013 especially for the Radio Late Afternoon Host of the Year, I see names like Ike Unpredictable of Angel FM, Fiifi Banson of Peace fm, Abeiku Aggrey Santana of Okay fm and Bola Ray of Joy fm.

Without any doubt, Fiifi Banson, Abeiku Aggrey Santana and Bola Ray can easily find their names in the list of 10 Top Radio Presenters in Ghana but so far as Quophi Okyeame has been able to annex the award from all the other nominees, it goes a long way to prove that at least, under the year in review, he was far better than the other presenters and presumably had more listeners. At least if he wasn’t able to win the Songwriter Award of the Year award when he was part of Akyeame, this award would go a long way to prove that he is also good at radio presentation.

Enough of Quophi Okyeame, now let me turn my attention to Prince McKay. I have a series of questions to pose to ask him. Prince Mckay, do you think Quophi Okyeame really deserves the award ahead of Fiifi Banson, Abeiku Aggrey Santana and Bola Ray? On what basis was Quophi Okyeame given the Radio Late Afternoon Host of the Year? Was it based on the votes alone or based on his output or performance within the year? Are you saying people voted for Okyeame much more than they did for the other nominees? Please what is the evidence?

I have no intentions of belittling Quophi Okyeame but some things need to be said without fear or favour. When we talk about radio broadcasting in Ghana and names like Fiifi Banson, Abeiku Aggrey Santana and Bola Ray are mentioned, where does Okyeame Quophi fit in? Does Prince even listen to radio? Bola Ray, Abeiku Aggrey Santana and Fiifi Banson have dominated Late Afternoon Radio for a long time and it’s an obvious error, misconduct, unpardonable mishap for Okyeame to have been handed the award to take home.

If Quophi Okyeame believes in fairness and pays attention to his conscience, then he needs to do the honorable thing by returning the award to Prince Mckay.

However if Okyeame got so many votes to overcome the other nominees, then Prince Mckay should come out with evidence and silence me. Okyeame Quophi does not deserve that award ahead of Bola Ray, Fiifi Banson and Abeiku Aggrey Santana but thanks to RTP Awards 2013, we can say that at least for 2013,Okyeame Quophi was much better than Bola Ray, Fiifi Banson and Abeiku Aggrey Santana.

Congrats to Prince Mckay, at least this year’s RTP Awards has been better than the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards,4Syte Music Video Awards and would definitely be better than Ghana Movie Awards. Prince Mckay should be allowed to organize all the major awards scheme in Ghana because he is very good and very soon I wouldn’t be surprised if he receives an award as the best Event Organizer in Ghana.

If possible, Prince Mckay should institute the Ghana Showbiz Writers Awards because all writers as well as radio and television personalities support him for the good work he is doing.

Disrespect Among Gospel Artistes In Ghana Exposed


On November 30, 2013 which was my birthday, the Accra Sports Stadium got lighted up with Africa Worships with Sonnie Badu. Notwithstanding the late start of the show and some rains, the show went on as planned. For those who were present at the show, they can really say the presence of God was felt at the Stadium.

All in all, the show was quite successful and the headline artiste, Sonnie Badu didn’t disappoint on the night. As advertised, Ron Kenoly was alive at the Stadium alongside other local Gospel artistes. However, of great concern to me is the absence of Ohemaa Mercy and Cwesi Oteng at the show. Surprisingly, two weeks after the show, nothing has been said by both Sonnie Badu and the artistes. Why didn’t Ohemaa Mercy and Cwesi Oteng perform at Africa Worships with Sonnie Badu?

Deep-throat information gathered by your reliable Flex Newspaper indicates that the absence of these artistes at the show goes a long way to prove that all is not well between the artistes and Sonnie Badu. The artistes on one side feel Sonnie Badu does not respect them in any way which is a bit unfortunate.

Information Flex newspaper have indicates that when publicity on Africa Worships with Sonnie Badu commenced, even though Ohemaa Mercy was advertised to perform at the show, her management had never been consulted about her availability. When the attention of the organizers were drawn to that situation, an official email addressed by VM Consult was sent to the management of Ohemaa Mercy, Atlantic Productions Ltd seeking for the services of Ohemaa Mercy for the concert.

Later on, the management of Ohemaa Mercy, Atlantic Productions Ltd wrote back to V.M Consult and made a demand in exchange for the services of Ohemaa Mercy. Of much importance was the initial amount of money to be paid to Ohemaa Mercy before VM Consult continues with the use of Ohemaa Mercy’s name in the publicity and the amount to be paid to Ohemaa Mercy right before the concert.

Quite unfortunately, VM Consult never bothered to respond to Ohemaa Mercy’s demand to the extent that two days to the show itself, the management of Ohemaa Mercy had to get in touch with VM Consult again but to no avail. Unfortunately, when the management of Ohemaa Mercy got in touch with Sonnie Badu personally, the response they had from Sonnie Badu was worse off.

Our reliable information has it that Sonnie Badu got annoyed and couldn’t understand why Ohemaa Mercy would want to charge an amount of money (undisclosed) when she would only perform for a short while. I am reliably informed that the demand of Ohemaa Mercy’s management was between 4,000 and 8,000 Ghana cedis for the concert.

Sonnie Badu’s conduct was quite unchristian. If Sonnie Badu really respects our local Gospel artistes or Ohemaa Mercy to be specific, the best thing Sonnie Badu or VM Consult could have done was to negotiate for a reduction in the appearance fee but that was not done. Sonnie Badu felt it wise to totally ignore, snub and disregard Ohemaa Mercy. Without any doubt, I can confirm that the amount Ohemaa Mercy was requesting for isn’t close to the amount Sonnie Badu charges for even a church appearance.

Due to the disrespect shown Ohemaa Mercy, she decided not to perform. For courtesy sake, VM Consult did not even get back to Ohemaa Mercy to find out why she didn’t show up for the show. Doesn’t this show that probably Ohemaa Mercy wasn’t needed at the concert? Reliable information this writer chanced on also indicates that Cwesi Oteng also suffered a similar fate at the hands of Sonnie Badu and VM Consult.

Sonnie Badu is a well respected Gospel artiste. Of late, there have been so many negative reports about him. Flex newspaper would want to send a word of advice to him to be careful with his utterances and the way he treats our local Gospel artistes. He should treat them with respect.



what do you make of this FACEBOOK UPDATE by Wanlov Da Kubolor? Is he on the right path?

god can do whatever god wants right? so if god was a man and wanted to have sex with another man in heaven that is up to god. it’s god’s choice if god wants to be gay. or? god made the rules. right?
god can do whatever god wants right? so if god was a man and wanted to have sex with another man in heaven that is up to god. it’s god’s choice if god wants to be gay. or? god made the rules. right?



Confession. Pple wonder where I was during the 1st half of dis year. February to july this year. I was in d hospital. 24hours of nonstop pain. Surgery. Reason. I hav always been complaining here dat I hav no appetite for food. Everyday a woman must force me to eat. For d past 8years av never taken breakfast. I placed work in front of everything. Even now, i just dont feel like eating. Always eating after 2pm or 7pm or never. So it was time to pay for it. I developed a multiple stomach infection. No food. No water. Just pains. I just wanna tell u dis now cos I dont want u to go thru d same. Pple hardly survive dis. So EAT PROPERLY. If d appetite is not there, force urself to swallow. I say to the glory of God that I am alive. May God keep d souls of those we lost this year n protect d ones alive. Afehyiapa!




•Mi hear d rifle a beat •can’t see who Do it • the police or the soldier •nor the robber or the thief •what a drum beat •it step Pon a nerve •and make a brave heart skip a beat (Hear me now) -its not a play day -this is a pay day -unu better make hey -yen b3 y3 dey dey -focus like a lens no listen to no hear say -work up Unu muscle fi the ranks HOOK Live like a warrior (2x) And die like a soldier This is the battle of the fittest Live like a warrior And die like a soldier The race is not for the swift


•Big Up •Kwame Nkrumah •Nelson Azumah •Yaa Asanteewa •madiba Mandela •Patrice Lumumba •Muama gadafi •Okomfour anokye •Robert Mugabe •Marcus Garvey •Julius Nyerere •Rawlings JJ •sekou Toure •Yes bob Marley •Shaka Zulu •haile Selasi bless the King


•As a real warrior Me nuh chat like girl Nor diss another Souljah •Pon di bukkle field me dey deh Till the war is over •stand for what is mine so me nah go stumble over •inna me lane me play my role and me praise JAHover – after all is said and done -one thing is very sure -the legacies u’ve won -and did you get dem very pure -I respect all a di herbalist and burn man wey “cure”-( one who takes drugs) -ah d Burniton mi dash it and dat one yah very raw.


At the end of the day !! Good name is better than Riches !! And 1 life of TRUTH is worth more than 9 lives of LIES!! You better know which is!! Big up the ancestors #Bhim




On Novemeber 21,2013,Nana Poku a.k.a Hammer of the Last Two revealed that a three day peace process had been initiated by the Office of National Hiplife and Reggie Rockstone Director beginning from November 25,2013 to address the feud between the two most influential figures within the Dancehall fraternity Of Ghana music and most importantly ensure that at the end of the process,peace would prevail and Shatta Wale and Samini would put an end to their fight .

It is good news that the likes of Daddy Bosco ,Black Prophet ,Panji Anoff,Kwame Sefa Kayi and Reggie Rockstone would be on the committee set up to address the feud between Shatta Wale and Samini.These individuals have conducted themselves well within the music industry and I believe they would serve as good influence in ensuring that peace prevails between the African Dancehall King and the Dancehall King inna da whole Ghana.

In as much as I am very happy that hopefully after the three day peace process,we would have some good news to talk about, I am a bit disappointed by the turn of events. Its an open secret that within the Dancehall fraternity ,its not only Shatta Wale and Samini who are at loggerheads.

When Shatta Wale released a song dissing Samini as his response to ‘’scatta badmind’’,didn’t Iwan also release a song dissing Samini? Doesn’t this give us the indication that there is bad blood between Iwan and Samini? For most music lovers, isn’t the ‘’scatta badmind’’ track perceived as a dissing song targeted at Shatta Wale and Iwan?

Didn’t Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale nearly exchange blows at the studios of ETV on The Late Night Celebrity Show? Aren’t the initiators of the three day peace process aware of all the negative things Iwan spoke of Samini when he got interviewed on Amanda Jissih’s show?


How sure are the initiators that there isn’t any bad blood between Stonebwoy and Samini? Is it not so clear that most of our Dancehall artistes have something against Samini?

In as much as the feud between Samini and Shatta Wale has assumed unimaginable heights which does not augur well for Ghana’s music industry ,I sincerely believe the peace process initiated should have been wholistic ; wholistic in the sense that all cases of feud between all dancehall artistes in Ghana should be addressed rather than concentrating on the Samini-Shatta Wale case.

Are we waiting for the feuds between the other Dancehall artistes to re-ignite before we address them?
I pray that as you read this piece,we would have received the good news that Samini and Shatta Wale have agreed to stop the dissing game and live peacefully.I would wish that as mentioned by Shatta Wale at the Bass Awards Nominees Jams, we would have the opportunity of listening to a nice Dancehall tune recorded by both Samini and Shatta Wale.

I also pray the feud between the other Dancehall artistes and also involving Samini and Shatta Wale will not come up again.We want peace in the music industry and I am expecting to listen to a song from Stonebwoy featuring Shatta Wale or Samini ,a song from Shatta Wale featuring Samini and vice versa and possibly a song by Iwan featuring Samini. I rest my case.



Obviously many people would easily answer the question ‘’Is Kwabena Kwabena a Gospel or Highlife Artiste? ‘’ Rightly Kwabena Kwabena is not a Gospel Artiste but a highlife artiste. In current times, many artistes do different genres of music just to show how talented and versatile they are but for me, I would say most of them are hypocrites.

Over the years, Kwabena Kwabena has been singing about love and he has been noted and recognized for that. Impressively he has never been tagged as an artiste who sings songs with lyrics suggesting sex but at this moment I beg to differ. First of all, why did Kwabena Kwabena name his current song enjoying massive airplay ‘’adults music’’? Is the song only meant for adults? If that‘s the case, is it because of the lyrics of the song?

I must admit that I am not so happy about the song. Kwabena Kwabena, over the years has been able to carve a niche for himself .Both the young and the old enjoy his songs but ‘’adult music’’ is quite unlike him and I wonder what could have motivated him to compose that song. He may have his own good reasons but I don’t really care.

However, I am a bit confused as to why a highlife artiste would decide to compose and sing a gospel song. It’s not a bad idea for a highlife artiste to sing gospel but what would be the motivation to do that. Would it be to just sing praises to God or win some souls for Christ? Definitely when any highlife artiste is asked what motivates him or her to come up with songs; none would point out winning of souls for Christ as a motivating factor. Obviously Gospel artistes would say they sing gospel songs to praise and worship God and most importantly win souls for Christ.

Under no circumstances would Kwabena Kwabena say the motivating factor for releasing ‘’adults music’’ was to win souls for Christ. Releasing ‘’adults’ music’’ was purely for business purposes; to record more sales, get more shows to play and most importantly get so much cash.

But the question to ask now is why he decided to do a gospel song? I stand to be corrected but Kwabena Kwabena would never say the release of a gospel song is for business purposes. Deep within him, the need to capture a bigger chunk of the music market could be a motivating factor. If ‘’adults music’’ is a secular song and based on its lyrics alone, people could be led to ‘’taste’’ sex, how can we reconcile this with the fact that the same person responsible for ‘adults music’’ would also compose a gospel song in praise of God or to win souls for Christ.

One fact is clear. Adult’s music has the tendency to cause some people to experience or try sex. I therefore don’t seem to understand why an artiste like Kwabena Kwabena would glaringly display his hypocrisy by trying to serve two masters; God and the evil one. This is my opinion and I would stand by it. I wouldn’t necessarily say that highlife music is a genre of music that promotes promiscuity in the society. It depends on individual artistes and the kind of songs they churn out.

My word of advice is that all musicians who do other genres of music should concentrate on what they do rather than try their hands on gospel music. Gospel music should not be an experimental tool for artistes. Gospel music should not be seen an aspect of music to be experimented on with the intent of appealing to a wide range of music lovers and making more cash.

You simply can’t sing about worldly stuff and then in the next breath try to put dust in the eyes of people by singing gospel. Once again, you can’t serve two masters. Perhaps with his new ‘’bue Kwan’’ gospel song, God would make a way where there seems to be no way and ‘’daakye’’ (in the future) Kwabena Kwabena would decide whether to churn out more adults music or not. ‘’Kwabena Kwabena, the ball is in your court.’’ I rest my case



Ever since the individual members making up Okyeame went their separate ways, there have been so many stories trying to explain the split. I wouldn’t delve into that aspect as it has been so many years now. Okyeame Kwame and Okyeame Quophi have both moved on with life and I think all that happened before and after their split is unnecessary to discuss.

I therefore found it very disgusting when Okyeame Quophi who confusedly now wants to be referred to as Quophi Okyeame mentioned that he wrote almost all of the songs released by Akyeame and even the rap verses of Okyeame Kwame. If that was the case, of what relevance is it now? ‘’Quophi Okyeame, you wrote all the songs, and so what?

As to whether indeed Quophi Okyeame wrote all the songs or not I can’t tell. Finding out from Okyeame Kwame is something I wouldn’t also do but as we speak, what do we see on the ground? If years back Okyeame Kwame did not know how to write songs, can we still say same in this current dispensation? Quophi Okyeame should stop disturbing with his unnecessary trash.

So many years after their split, Okyeame Kwame has worked extremely hard to stay relevant in the music industry. He has been able to release hit after hit and has won so many awards in the country. If so many years back, Quophi Okyeame was the songwriter of all of Akyeame’s songs, what has become of his songwriting prowess? Without mincing words, there is no way one can compare Okyeame Kwame and Quophi Okyeame. Okyeame Kwame is far ahead of Quophi Okyeame. Even on radio, is Quophi Okyeame referred to as a superstar?

After the Akyeame-split, what have been the achievements of Quophi Okyeame so far as music is concerned? As a solo artiste, how many hit tracks has he been able to release and how many awards has he won? Even with his music production and music video production, what kind of extraordinary feat has he chalked?

For God’s sake, apart from all the awards won by Okyeame Kwame, he has also won the Songwriter of the Year award on two different occasions. Of all the artistes in Ghana who have been able to win the Artiste of the Year or Song of the Year awards, how many of them have been able to win the Songwriter award of the Year?

This should give a clear indication that not every artiste can be a good songwriter .For this reason, the best thing for Quophi Okyeame to have done was to have rained praises on his brother Okyeame Kwame rather than make those unnecessary comments.

I remember vividly the day Quophi Okyeame brought me his promo cd at the University of Ghana some years back when I was vibrant on Radio Univers.If indeed he is a good songwriter, what happened to the songs on that promo cd? Which of the songs even enjoyed massive airplay to the extent of becoming a hit? In my opinion, after the Akyeame -split, Quophi Okyeame has been awful as a solo artiste and needs to keep his beak shut and rather push Okyeame Kwame up the ladder of success.

If indeed Quophi Okyeame believes he is a good songwriter, I dare him to release one hit song and see if he can win the Songwriter of the Year award and any award at the next Vodafone Ghana Music Awards. For once Quophi Okyeame has bitten more than he can chew. He should just concentrate on his own stuff and stop meddling in the affairs of the versatile Okyeame Kwame.

There is no way he can be better than Okyeame Kwame. Okyeame Kwame is so many miles ahead of him. Once again , Quophi Okyeame should keep his mouth shut and watch Okyeame Kwame as he progresses on the music scene. Congrats to Okyeame Kwame for his exploits so far on the music scene. More grease to his elbow. I rest my case.



When was the last time a ‘’diss’’ song in Ghana became a hit and won an award? I know music is meant to educate, inform and also to entertain. What then can we say of a diss song? Does a diss song educate, inform or entertain? Before I go ahead,I would have to say a big shame to Shatta Wale and his management as well as that of Samini and any other artiste who may have at one time or the other dissed another artiste through music.

Songs by Ghanaian artistes to diss each other isn’t anything new in the music industry but of late, it’s has become very rampant especially within the Reggae Dancehall fraternity. We all know what Shatta did to Kaakie and Charterhouse right after the last Vodafone Ghana Music Awards. In recent past, there have been several instances of quarrels and misunderstandings amongst Reggae Dancehall artistes in the country. Names like Stonebwoy, Shatta Wale, Iwan and Samini readily come to mind but in all these, it seems like most Reggae Dancehall artistes in Ghana have a bone to pick with Samini.

I just can’t understand what is really happening within the Reggae Dancehall fraternity. Is it a case that Samini is really a bad and wicked person to the extent that he doesn’t want any other Reggae Dancehall artiste to make it on the music scene or perhaps other artistes are envious of his achievements and want to pull him down the ladder of progress?

Flipping through the channels of my old Sanyo black and white television, I got stuck to Amanda Jissih’s interview with Iwan about recent developments within the Reggae Dancehall fraternity on GhOne. Iwan made it categorically clear that Samini used his (Iwan) name to promote the Movado Show some years back but was never allowed to perform at the show .Till date ,he has not been compensated ,neither has he been given any tangible reason for not being allowed to perform at the show.

When Amanda Jissih mentioned to Iwan that Samini said he has no problem with him (Iwan), Iwan without any apology, called Samini a big liar. In as much as Samini may have wronged Iwan with respect to the Movado Show, Iwan isn’t expecting Samini to pay him any compensation or apologies to him but only wants Samini to acknowledge that he (Samini) did not treat him(Iwan) fairly.

Iwan has gone ahead to release a new single’’kei waa nene’’ (who are you) in response to Samini. He called Samini the self-acclaimed African Dancehall King and asked that he should shut up his dirty stinking mouth .Iwan said so many dirty things about Samini’s music and his style and made a mockery of Samini’s name calling him a village boy. He described Samini as a very greedy person and not versatile enough in the music game. He claimed Samini isn’t original but a photocopy of Sonni Balli.The insults was just too much.

Indeed there has been so much heat in the Reggae Dancehall fraternity .First of all, I understand Samini has released a song titled ‘’scatter badmind’’ which many people believe it’s a diss song targeted at Shatta Wale and Iwan.
Listening to Shatta Wale’s diss song in response to Samini’s ‘’scatta mind’’I got disappointed .I remember vividly at the Bass Awards Jams at the Accra Sports Stadium when Shatta Wale openly apologized to the Samini .Even though Samini was out of the country at that time and couldn’t make it to the show, Shatta Wale showed so much remorse and promised to record a track with Samini for the sake of peace. As a result of this, I wrote an article in praise of Shatta Wale calling him a born again artiste but here we are, Shatta Wale has gone back to his old self.

In Shatta Wale’s diss song, he insulted Samini as an idiot, pu**y, fool and that he should go and suck his mother. He claimed that it is right for Samini to be called a thief among other insulting words. According to Shatta Wale, whilst in school, Samini was known to be fool. He tagged Samini as the son of a poor parent who doesn’t see himself as such and that he should go and tell his own mother that he is a fool.

‘’I would kill your fame, kill your name’’, was Shatta Wale words in the song.
I can go on and on but one thing is very clear; the whole song is a huge insult at Samini and straight to the point. Shatta Wale did not insult Samini indirectly but mentioned Samini’s name throughout the song and hurled at him insults some of which I can’t mention in this article for lack of space.

I am not sure if this newly resurrected fight between Samini and Shatta Wale is intentional and aimed at promoting the Guinness Big Eruption Concert slated for November 23, 2013 at the Accra Sports Stadium on which they have billed to perform. I would be surprised if that‘s the case because the insults directed at Samini were just too much below the belt. My fear is that if these two artistes should meet each other face-to face, a physical fight would come up.

First of all, who is Shatta Wale’s manager? Is it really Bulldog? Was Bulldog aware of the diss song before it was released? Did he consent to the release of the song? I would want to give Bulldog the benefit of the doubt, but if Bulldog really knew about the diss song and gave his consent for the release of the song, then what I can say is that Bulldog is not being an asset to the music industry. If on other hand, Shatta Wale released the song without Bulldog’s consent, if indeed Bulldog believes in ensuring that there is sanity in the music industry, then he should disassociate himself from the song and possibly cease to be Shatta Wale’s manager henceforth.

Samini has been on the music scene for a long time and I believe his conduct in recent times hasn’t been the best. He needs to grow up and stop the childish stuff. His business is to churn out hits after hits rather than engaging in these petty scuffles that wouldn’t generate anything positive. Samini is known internationally and for him to be engaging in lyrical fights with his colleague-artistes is quite unfortunate.

I think Samini and Shatta Wale are two musicians who have lost sight of who they are and the subject of their focus in the music industry and most importantly the role they have to play in the society. Samini and Shatta Wale should be ashamed of themselves. They simply are like adults in pampers not knowing what to do if they have to urinate or sh*t. They simply need to grow up and stop behaving like day-nursery kids without any common sense.I rest my case.



Day in day out many solo artistes and groups announce their presence on the music scene but most of them evaporate into thin air just within a short time. This could be due to the fact they do not prepare very well and do not offer themselves to be mentored. However one particular group that has been able to learn the rudiments of music in Ghana and is very ready to take the music scene by storm is Kasoa SCC- based Righteous Yut.

Righteous Yut has been working underground since 2007 and have taken the pain and time to prepare feverishly and make its presence into the music scene a reality and a venture worth emulating.

Righteous Yut is a 5-member group made up of 3 vocalists and 2 instrumentalists. Mahlon, Skinny, Stags, Getsum and Ataaya form the Righteous Yut. One feature that distinguishes Righteous Yut from other groups is the fact that they only send out only conscious lyrics and messages to music lovers through hip pop, reggae, hiplife and other music genres.

Righteous Yut is currently doing some great reggae tunes and are set to release two new singles for their fans before the end of the year. One of the songs is ‘’U Can’’ which was recorded by Voltage. On the same track Voltage was also featured. The second track is titled ’’Check so’’ and was recorded by Octopus.

In some weeks to come, Righteous Yut will release the two singles and trust me; these two tracks would definitely take the music industry by storm. I have listened to the tracks several times and I am really convinced these two songs would go places. Right after the release of the two singles, Righteous Yut will undertake a National Tour and also work on some new tracks featuring both local and international artistes.

Currently Righteous Yut isn’t managed by any record label and do not have any executive producer to finance its projects. That notwithstanding Righteous Yut is working hard to make it on the music scene. Righteous Yut hopes to get help from any person or entity. Any person, who wants to help, can get in touch with Righteous Yut on +233 269015748,233 243038039 OR 233 246179561.
Watch out for Righteous Yut !



In Issue 247 of your favorite Flex Newspaper, Gospel superstar, Ohemaa Mercy, speaking about Gospel artistes who indulge in lesbianism, stressed that such artistes need to go through deliverance to gain their freedom from the negative effects of lesbians .Once again, the need for deliverance for a group of people has come up again.

This time around, it isn’t coming from Ohemaa Mercy but one of Ghana’s respected personalities in the music industry. Ace, versatile and undoubtedly one of Ghana’s best sound or recording engineer, Zapp Mallet has sent a word of advice calling for Ghana’s political leaders to be delivered by Pastor T.B.Joshua from the spirits which oppress them and make them insensitive to the needs of Ghanaians.

The call for deliverance in his view does not rest at the doors of politicians but should include officials of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG).

Venting his anger at our political leaders on Facebook, this is exactly what Zapp Mallet said;
‘’I think our political leaders need to go to TB Joshua for deliverance from the spirits which oppress them and make them insensitive to the people’s needs. And the ECG officials as well’’.

Zapp Mallet went further to take a swipe at our local pastors claiming that they are also possessed with the spirits of greed,selfishness,caprice and avarice just like the politicians and advised that the politicians need not seek for deliverance from the local pastors or else they would rather become worse.

Zapp Mallet has made his opinion known. It’s not so clear what the reaction of our political leaders would be but one thing that I can be sure about is the fact that our political leaders would not be happy about Zapp Mallet’s statements. Will our local pastors keep mute about Zapp’s statement?

What evidence does Zapp Mallet have to claim that our local pastors and political leaders are possessed with spirits of greed, selfishness, caprice and avarice? Let the discussions start!



On June 29th, 2013, the third edition of Ghana Meets Naija came off at the Accra International Conference Centre and it was quite a successful event. It is common knowledge that the brain behind Ghana Meets Naija is Bola Ray who also doubles as the C.E.O of Empire Entertainment.

In my article captioned ‘’Why Guru Didn’t Perform At Ghana Meets Naija’’, I asked how come the name of Guru was absent in all the promotions prior to the show unlike other artistes like Dobble and Dr.Slim all on the Empire Entertainment record label .On the night itself, Guru was not seen on stage .Guru did not perform on the night which raised eyebrows.

As a writer, I decided to find out what the reason could be. When I got in touch with Cedis of Empire Entertainment, he revealed that Guru was expected to be a surprise artiste on the night but later on plans changed. Empire Entertainment thought it wise to ‘’preserve’’ Guru for his upcoming show dubbed ‘’7 faces of Guru Music & Friends Concert’’.

The rationale behind the ‘’7 faces of Guru Music & Friends Concert’’ is to give Guru the opportunity to act out the seven different characters he had played in different music videos. In some of his music videos, he has played the role of a pastor, an old burger, a political activist, a broadcaster, a father among others and should the ‘’7 faces of Guru Music & Friends Concert’’ become a reality, Guru would be on stage playing this characters and much more.

Four clear months after the Ghana Meets Naija concert, there hasn’t been any indication of the fact that the ‘’7 faces of Guru Music & Friends concert ‘will come off as planned. Is Empire Entertainment having issues with the organization of the concert or is it just that the time for the concert is not yet due? If that should be the case, when exactly would the concert come off?

In an exclusive interview with Flex Entertainment, Guru revealed that the concert would come off in December, 2013 but was unable to indicate the particular day on which the concert will be held. December, 2013 is just about a month away for us to find out if ‘’7 faces of Guru Music &Friends concert ‘will be a reality or a hoax. I rest my case.



Considering the story captioned ‘’Who Wins MTN Hitmaker’’ published in Issue 261 of the Flex Newspaper, radio presenter and hiplife artiste ,Pope Skinny on his Kasahari Level show prophesised that Koo Ntakra would win the MTN Hitmaker show and true to his word of prophecy, Koo Ntakra did win the ultimate prize at stake.

After the show when Flex Newspaper got in touch with Pope Skinny ,he mentioned that he made the prophecy all because Koo Ntakra is versatile,humble,respectful and most importantly, has a unique style of rapping.

For winning the second edition of the Hitmaker show, Koo Ntakra went home with the ultimate prize of 100,000GHC plus a recording and a management deal. The 20 year old artiste even before he releases any single, has gained considerable amount of popularity and acceptance which would certainly help him in the music industry.

In an exclusive interview with Flex Newspaper, Koo Ntakra expressed his sincerest gratitude to all those who supported him throughout the competition and even voted for him. He promised to do his best and make his fans proud of him as he prepares to launch his music career.

When asked what his fans should expect from him, Koo Ntakra mentioned that plans are far advanced and if things should go according to plan, he would soon release his first official single featuring Iyanya from Nigeria.
For now, Koo Ntakra has been crowned as the winner of the second edition of the MTN Hitmaker show but the big question I want to ask is about how judiciously the 100,000GHC would be used to ensure that Koo Ntakra really becomes successful on the music industry.

I stand to be corrected but I sincerely believe the winner of the maiden edition of the show, Naterial, has not really been successful on the music scene. Considering the amount of cash he received as his prize, whoever is managing should have done a better job.

I would be very sad and disappointed if a young and talented artiste in the person of Koo Ntakra is not managed well. The huge amount of 100,000GHC would not necessarily guarantee him success on the music scene. The management of Koo Ntakra should be able to plan out his music career, ensure cash is not wasted and most importantly work hard to ensure that Koo Ntakra gets to the level where he can start rubbing shoulders against the likes of Sakordie, Castro, 4×4, EL, Fuse ODG, Guru, Manifest, Kwaw Kese, Trigmatic and a host of others.

Koo Ntakra’s strength as a good rapper and lyricist wouldn’t be enough to make him successful on the music scene. The presence of a good management team is key to the success of an artiste. Without any doubt, Koo Ntakra deserved to win the show and he did but he should remember that the real journey is about to start.

‘’Can Koo Ntakra be successful on the music scene’’? The simple answer to this question will be dependent on the work that would be done by Koo Ntakra’s management with the whooping 100,000GHC.I wish Koo Ntakra all his best in his music career. I rest my case.


download OKOM

It’s a well known fact that Okomfo Kwadee is not too well and that he needs medical attention. In as much as he needs medical attention, I am one of the few people who would also call for some sort of spiritual intervention to ensure that Kwadee totally becomes free from the entanglement of the abuse of the substance wee.

As at now, some people are of the opinion that Kwadee’s present predicament may not be due to the abuse of wee. I strongly beg to differ. Kwadee’s condition is simply due to the abuse of wee. I say this because I have strong evidence to back my assertion. So fortunately ,when Kwadee’s ‘’madness’’ came into the public domain and people close to him were denying the story, I found myself at a vantage point all because at that time, I was spending five days in a week at the Accra Psychiatric Hospital .

I wasn’t at the Accra Psychiatric Hospital as a mental patient but as a young man in my capacity as an employee at the Records Department. On day to day basis, I had access to Kwadee’s medical folder and read it from one end to the other and realized he had been diagnosed as suffering from schizophrenia and psychosis. This won’t be the right time to explain what schizophrenia and psychosis are but for those who are curious, they can quickly check on the internet.

I even had the chance of getting close to Kwadee in his hospital bed at the BHC ward. With his dreadlocks at that time totally scraped off, it was so evident that Kwadee’s case was quite serious and damaging ;no wonder a close associate of Kwadee’’begged’’ me not to divulge any information about Kwadee as I was also a radio presenter at that time.

I stand to be corrected but Kwadee’s condition has been existent for more than five years. This should give a clear idea about how deep he got swallowed in the abuse of drugs and how difficult it is for him to come out of the predicament and concentrate on his music career.However,I find it difficult to understand why after all these years,Kwadee is still sick.
I am very sure many people in the showbiz industry and out of the industry have tried to help Kwadee but they haven’t been successful. Apart from the Accra Psychiatric Hospital,I am very sure he may have been to other hospitals and have seen different doctors .Judging from interviews Kwadee’s mother has granted to radio stations all over the country, it’s clear that Kwadee has also been taken to so many churches and prayer camps but the big question to ask is why Kwadee is still mentally sick.

Just like any caring mother would do, Kwadee’s mother has sought to seek help for Kwadee by appealing to all Ghanaians through many radio interviews but I believe it’s about time she keeps her mouth shut. Talking about her son’s ‘’madness’’ on radio wouldn’t cure Kwadee. Her outbursts on radio are rather causing embarrassment to the young artiste. In as much as its now public knowledge that Kwadee is not too well, some of the revelations made by her,in my opinion, amounts to her washing Kwadee’s dirty linen in public.

At this point in time, I am aware Kwadee’s mother has been in constant with Evangelist Lord Kenya all in a move to ensure that Kwadee would be back to his old self.The best thing she can do at this time is to ensure that Kwadee receives more medical attention and back it with her prayers rather than finding pleasure in granting radio interviews and talking about Kwadee’s illness.

In as much as Kwadee may be a celebrity for which reason many radio stations may want to find out how well he is getting or otherwise, I would be very glad if these radio stations would understand that the continuous discussion about Kwadee’s health is no more doing good for the artiste. There is the tendency of crippling his music career without the slightest chance of his comeback even when he is totally cured if the continuous discussion about his health pertains.

Once again, I would advise Kwadee’s mum to shut her mouth up and reject any radio interview. If radio interviews could have cured Kwadee, he should have been well by now .Radio presenters and stations should try their best to keep Kwadee’s health issue out of the public domain for now and rather channel all their efforts to ensuring that Kwadee gets back to his feet as one of the talented artistes in the country.

Surprisingly enough, even though many artistes are seeing clearly what the abuse of wee has done to Kwadee, they joyously still abuse wee and even go ahead to sing about it .Even though Lord Kenya has publicly come out to confess that he was under the influence of drugs which did not do any good for him and for that matter has repented and decided to do the work of God, many more artistes have closed their eyes and ears and are rather swimming, sleeping and snoring in the abuse of drugs.

I wish all our artistes the best and pray that one day, they would all follow Lord Kenya’s steps and stay away from drugs. As for Kwadee’s mum, the best and wise thing for her to do would be to shut up. With God, Kwadee will soon be medically well in the head. I rest my case.

Why Is Mafikizolo’s ”khona” Ruling In Ghana?


I have gone to different nightclubs, pubs, joints and other social places and gatherings and one thing is very clear; the song ”Khona” is played almost everywhere and enjoyed by both the young and the old.”Khona” is even played on many radio stations and television stations.

In as much as most people do not understand a word in the song, anytime it’s played, people try to sing along and dance to it. As a matter of fact, the song ”khona” is a big hit in the country and I find it very difficult to understand why that is the case.

”Khona” is a song by Mafikizolo which is an Afro-pop group from South Africa. Mafikizolo is made up of Nhlanhla Nciza and Theo Kgosinkwe. In as much as many Ghanaians enjoy the song, the song was sang in the Zulu language which many Ghanaians do not understand. ”Khona” which features Uhuru is one of the tracks on Mafikizolo’s ”Reunited” album which was released in February, 2013.”Khona” simply means ” there” or ”at that place”.

As at October 4, 2013 at 10:50pm when I checked on youtube.com, I realized the ”khona” music video had recorded 831,012 views just within five months. The music video has also been nominated in the 2013 4Syte TV Music Video Awards for the Best African Act Video award. This gives a clear understanding and picture of how accepted ‘khona’ has become worldwide.

I believe anything African should be embraced by every African. I am happy that ”Khona” is enjoyed by everybody but I am a bit worried about a phenomenon that is creeping into our entertainment industry. I am quite certain that many radio presenters or Djs who play ”khona” religiously have not been paid any payola to do so. Notwithstanding the fact that they have not been paid any dime, they seem to be promoting the song so much to the detriment of Ghana-made songs.

I stand to be corrected but I am forced to believe that many radio presenters or DJ’s who are promoting ”khona” are doing so much more than for the Ghana-made songs for which the artistes have even paid huge amounts of cash as payola.

There are many artistes who have very good songs but do not have their songs played on radio but here we are, we promote a song from South Africa and leave behind our own songs. Is it not a disgrace? Is it the right thing to do? ”Khona” is a nice song but I believe our priority should be geared towards promoting any good Ghana-made song first of all before we promote works from other countries.

Radio presenters and djs can continue playing the khona track but they should not forget to also promote songs of Ghanaian artistes for which they have been paid payola and even any good song from any Ghanaian artiste even without the payment of payola. Let’s love and promote our own before we do so for others. I rest my case.

Why Do Celebrities Engage In Financial Misconduct?


In our part of the world, celebrities are seen as role models and as such so much is expected of them. In as much as every human being could make mistakes, it is quite difficult to understand why a celebrity would engage in certain unacceptable activities especially when the youth look up to such a celebrity.

Using the famous Anas-Dumelo saga as a case study, it is very difficult to understand why John Dumelo decided to squander a young lady’s 10,000 Dollars instead of depositing it in the lady’s account even to the extent that he ignored all prompts from the lady to refund the amount. Even when Anas advised him to pay the amount, he consistently ignored him till Anas threatened him on Facebook.

John Dumelo paid 6,000 Dollars out of the 10,000 Dollars only when the saga broke out into the public domain. As to whether John Dumelo has paid the remaining 4,000 Dollars or not, we are yet to find out.

Sincerely I find it very difficult to understand why celebrities, who are relatively richer than the ordinary Ghanaian, would stoop so low and misconduct themselves financially. Most of these celebrities take money from innocent Ghanaians under the pretense of helping them in a way, but at the end of everything, it turns out that these celebrities swindle the innocent Ghanaian.

Another typical example is the case of Agya Koo who sometime back was in the news to have collected some monies from some individuals with the promise of helping them travel abroad. Another current example is that of Gospel artiste, Ernest Opoku who was paid an amount of 1,500 Ghana cedis by Roro to perform at a church function. Few days before the function, Ernest Opoku was said to have been involved in a lorry accident only for Roro to receive the shock of his life when he found out that Ernest Opoku had fled out of the country with the 1,500 Ghana cedis.

Why would some of our celebrities ”defraud” people and think they can go scot free. I am ever ready to expose any celebrity who indulges in any financial malpractice, without fear or favour. What really motivated me to write this piece is the case of a popular Ghanaian artiste who was bailed out of a problem by a Ghanaian woman in Canada some months back. The Ghanaian woman (name withheld) gave the Ghanaian artiste 1,000 Dollars to help resolve his issues with the promise that he would pay back the amount.

Unfortunately, the artiste decided to be ungrateful and refused to pay the amount of 1,000 Dollars to the woman. He decided not to answer calls from the woman and any phone number he does not know. However, he has now changed his mind and has promised to pay the amount as soon as possible all because he has received the hint that I may very soon expose his ungratefulness and indebtedness to the woman in Flex Newspaper.

Is it not prudent for our celebrities to be financially disciplined and not indulge in some of these financial misconducts? Some of these practices only end up tarnishing their hard-earned reputation and respect. Our celebrities should learn to do the right things and also learn from the experiences of other celebrities.

It’s good to have money but our celebrities should find good ways of making money rather than ”defrauding” innocent Ghanaians. I only pray that our celebrities would discipline themselves financially and desist from making money through dubious means. My diabolic pen is ever ready to expose any celebrity who misconducts him or herself. Once again, this is my opinion. You can disagree with me but please don’t insult me like a Rasta man I know did. I rest my case.

Would Afia Schwarzenegger Laugh At Delay Again?


In last year’s Radio and Television Personality (RTP) Awards, Deloris Frimpong Manso a.k.a Delay got nominated for the Radio Mid Morning Show Host of the Year, Radio Female Presenter of the Year, Television Female Presenter of the Year Awards and also had her ”AFIA SCHWARZNEGGER” series nominated for Television Series of the Year (Local)award.

Even though Delay may have thought that she could take home at least one award, it turned out that she returned home from the Dome of the Accra International Conference Centre, where the awards was held, empty-handed. That must have been a huge disappointment for Delay but on the other side, someone else was overjoyed and extremely thankful to God just because Delay did not even win an award.

Valentina Agyeiwaa, the very first person to have played the character ”Afia Schwarznegger” in the Afia Schwarznegger series, was the lady in question who was bubbling with excitement for the inability of Delay to clinch at least an award. Right after the awards, Afia Schwarznegger was seen outside the Dome, down on her knees offering thanks to God for answering her prayer.

Her prayer was to ensure that Delay never won any award at the RTP Awards and as expected, it seemed God answered her prayers. Afia Schwarznegger openly made a mockery of Delay, laughed at her and even went to the extent of saying that the dress Delay wore to the awards had not been paid for. She was of the view that Delay had gone to buy the dress on credit thinking that she could win an award.

‘’I am going to the Aphrodisiac Night Club to enjoy some drinks with my friends to celebrate the fact that the good Lord has listened to and answered my prayers. I will be throwing a party tomorrow for fans and loved ones because the enemy could not overcome me. God will punish whoever wants my disgrace in this world. There was no way she could have won an award in my presence.It serves her well, next time she should be careful when dealing with a child of God like me” Afia Schwarznegger said in the presence of many people at the Dome of the Accra International Conference Centre after the awards.

DEEIn this year’s RTP Awards, Delay`s ”AFIA SCHWARZNEGGER” series has once again been nominated for the Television Series of the Year (Local) award. As should be expected, Afia Schwarznegger would wish that Delay’s series does not win the award so she gets the opportunity to laugh at her again. Knowing very well that Afia Schwarznegger`s ”AFIA SCHWARZNEGGER TALKSHOW” on ETV couldn’t get a single nomination for the RTP Awards, the motivation to fast and pray to God to ensure Delay does not win an award would be at the highest level. I would have been very much surprised if the AFIA SCHWARZNEGGER TALKSHOW had been nominated for any award.

When the RTP Awards finally comes off, we would find out exactly what Afia Schwarznegger would do if Delay does not win any award again; whether she would mock and laugh at Delay or rather roll on the ground to show how happy she is .Time will tell.



Last week,we heard of the featherweight bout between Wanlov the Kubolor and Blakk Rasta.It was quite unfortunate.Fortunately Kwesi ”Atuguba” Aboagye of Peace fm’s Entertainment Review had them on the show(via phone) and they each apologised to each other.However ,few days afterwards Wanlov’s post on Facebook suggests that the anger between Wanlov and Blakk Rasta is not yet over. Read below the unedited post by Wanlov on Facebook;

Blakk Rasta

You contacted me via Peace FM to apologise for slapping me. A slap that came unaware whilst I was turned away listening to a comment your colleague Doreen Andoh was making on the front steps of Multimedia, your workplace.

I clearly said that I had stopped many angry people from coming for you during this Peace FM call. When it was your turn to speak you turned the issue like I had said I was sending people for you so you were also ready to send your guys to me. The host caught you and pointed out your twisting of my words and intention. Is this apologetic behaviour? Or comprehension deficiency?

Your mother has never done anything bad to me apart from giving birth to you so I apologise to her for insulting her because she could not have known you would grow to be a pain to me and a few others.

As far as I know, you have not publicly withdrawn the cocaine comment by tweeting it like i asked because it has not come to my attention. I only accept your slap apology because you didn’t go as free as you might have wanted since my hands also had a few seconds on your face, but i can not apologize for fighting back coz it was a natural reaction.


Now on to more issues:

1. You wrote letters to Bavaria to sponsor your Reggae event. Meanwhile you were calling the guys who brought them to Ghana cocaine users and strippers. Do you posses a shred of shame? Yet we went ahead to say that they should consider your proposal if it holds business value, but they said even if it did, they wanted to work only with artists we approved of totally. See how you dig your own pit?

2. You attempted to use Rita Marley’s name to go to Felabration by lying to the organizers that you were her 15 man band, unbeknownst to Rita, with the plan of calling her on stage by surprise when you got there. I thought you liked Rita Marley. Yaa Pono, EL, Lady Jay, Afro Harmony, Macho Rapper, Knii Lante & FOKN Bois were all invited there officially to perform. Yes, and FOKN Bois performed “Thank God We’re Not A Nigerians” to 6000 plus Nigerians and they sang along, laughed, danced and teased us back right after. We’ll put it on youtube just for you to watch since you were the first to speak against the song when it came out.

3. You uninvitedly jumped on Lady Jay & Afro Harmony’s stage at La Palm to forcefully shoot your video without permission because it looked nice to you. After you were told to wait till the show was over so you can use it for free, you pretended to agree and jumped right back on it minutes later. Opportunism has a new meaning with you.

Before stealing that slap, you accused me of thinking I am special, as if being special is a bad thing, yet you behave like you are over entitled and use insensibly forceful and crooked means to try and get things…the only thing that makes me special is truth. I do not trick or lie. I live my life as simple as I can. I did not come to this world to step on any toes.

What made you stoop so low to me to apologise since you claimed you will never do so? Was there pressure from Multimedia? Do not mind them coz they will protect their own. If you have not yet lost your job so far for your misogynic, racist, homophobic, sexist and violent views that you air freely on Hitz FM, a station that claims to be progressive, then you wont lose your job even if i take Multimedia to court because realistically I don’t have enough money for that and we all know how our beautiful nation of Ghana functions.

As for the police… Your colleagues at Multimedia that like you a lot, because of certain behaviour you have been exhibiting at work, advised that I report you to Nima police station right away so that they come and arrest you for assault…so I did…I went through all the motions required of me officially, but I did not “lubricate” any palms so I doubt they will come for you. If they do then be happy that at least some parts of the police system are still functioning.

If you plan to continue your attempt at being a relevant public figure then try and make some adjustments in your life and till the day you do so please don’t comment on things I or my people do, because I really thrive on tit for tat.

Oh wow…the police just called me…some parts still function!!!…they want me to accompany them to Multimedia to point you out and arrest you…I had to tell them that I am very busy and don’t see why I need to accompany them to come and pick you up. It will feel like I have also been arrested since it would be taking up time I can be using to edit “Coz Ov Moni 2” coming out 23rd December at National Theatre ;0). Is it true you asked King Luu to do some for you? hahahahaha! So pray the police do not come coz I will not stop them from doing their duty since it is a rare sight in my experience. And even though I have forgiven you for slapping me I have not forgiven Multimedia who made no effort to contact me and apologise for their employee’s assault on me on their premises whilst I was there in full official capacity.

I wish you all the best


Is Shatta Wale Into The Sakawa Business ?


I was shocked to the bone when I heard that Ghana’s Dancehall King, Shatta Wale had bought a new BMW car worth 45,000 pounds sterling. 45,000 pounds sterling isn’t a joke. There are many people working in very big corporate institutions who would never be able to have that amount of cash in their entire life on this earth.

The first thing I did was to convert 45,000 pounds sterling into Ghana cedis and then to the old Ghana cedis as well. The calculations I made and the results I got nearly got me to the Psychiatric Hospital just like marijuana did to Okomfo Kwadee.

Assuming 1 pound sterling is equivalent to 3 GHC, a total of 45,000 pounds sterling would amount to 135,000 Ghana cedis which is also equivalent to1, 350,000,000 old Ghana cedis. In case you are having issues with the figure 1, 350, 000, 000, then let me help you out; it`s one billion three hundred and fifty million old Ghana cedis.

I am pretty sure that the question that would be running through your mind is how Shatta Wale got that amount of cash just to get a car that could easily help one to die, if one does not drive it carefully and with maximum concentration. The first answer that could come to any person’s mind would be that the money he used for the car could be cash he had been paid for the various shows he has performed at.

However, considering the staggering figure of 1,350,000,000 old Ghana cedis, I beg to differ. How much is Shatta Wale paid for a show and how many shows has he performed so far? Does Shatta Wale do any kind of business apart from music? Is anyone sponsoring him or spoon feeding him with so much cash?

It’s very difficult to get answers to these questions immediately and as a result, many people are drawing their own conclusions that Shatta Wale may be engaging in the sakawa business. I have known Shatta Wale since 2001 and associating him with the Sakawa business has never crossed my mind before. The last time I saw Shatta Wale was at Karldorf with his ”normal” Toyota Corolla which may not even cost 15,000 Ghana cedis but just within some few months, he has a 45,000 pounds BMW and refers to the Toyota Corolla as his taxi.

Some few months back, Shatta Wale was just like an underground artiste who was only performing at night clubs, pubs, drinking joints and the likes. His remarks, actions and insults at Kaakie and the song that he released ”insulting” Charterhouse for not giving him the Reggae and Dancehall artiste award was what brought him into the limelight again after more than a decade of releasing his first hit ”moko hoo”.

The spotlight moved from R2BEES who had just swept many of the awards at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards onto Shatta Wale. Almost every media house’s attention shifted to Shatta Wale. Without mincing words, he is currently the most popular artiste in Ghana and his song ”Dancehall King” has soared him to unimaginable height.

With all these media attention and the upsurge in the number of shows he has performed at and keeps on having, it still beats the imagination and understanding of people about how Shatta Wale could afford a 45,000 pounds sterling BMW ride. To get to the bottom of this brouhaha, your evergreen Flex Newspaper got in touch with Shatta Wale and asked him if he is indeed a sakawa boy as some people may want to believe.

Unfortunately Shatta Wale was not in the mood to grant any interview but only mentioned that he is currently facing so much pressure nowadays from the media. With time, if Shatta Wale is really a sakawa boy or not, we would get to know. For now, it’s Shatta Wale’s time of glory. Let’s allow him to enjoy it. I rest my case.

Wanlov The Kubolor Finally Goes Mad


Who the hell does Wanlov the Kubolor think he is? What at all does he have in his mind? Does he have a conscience? Is he able to distinguish between good and bad? What about the difference between sanity and madness? I simply can’t believe why a human being like Wanlov the Kubolor who is seen to be sane would say and do some of the things he does. I would have wished to be silent but especially when he blasphemes against God, I have no other choice than to speak some common sense into his head.

On September 22, 2013, Wanlov wrote a silly thing on Facebook which needs to be rubbished out rightly. How would any right-thinking human being accuse God for the killing of people in Nairobi and get to the extent of asking if God is normal? Is Wanlov trying to find out if God is mad or what?

‘’God why did u just kill those people in Nairobi?!? God are you normal? What kwraa be your problem?!! ah!!! mtschew!!! ‘’ was Wanlov’s update on Facebook.

Isn’t this absurd and outright rubbish? Frankly, I think it’s about time Wanlov the Kubolor is dragged to any mental hospital for a thorough checkup because his utterances are simply not normal. It’s so obvious; no sane person would do exactly what he does.

‘’God because of u no one has ever come out of life alive yet u say “thou shalt not kill” …doesn’t that make u a sinner? Also pride, envy and wrath are a deep part of your character. Why are u such a sinning god? God u r corrupt just like our sinful politicians n police. Today I will pray for u ok? Say amen over there b4 u chop heavenly slaps!’’ is another update on Facebook put up by Wanlov on September, 29, 2013.

How on earth would Wanlov describe God as a sinner, full of pride, envy and wrath? Why would he compare God to some politicians and police and tag him as corrupt. I just can’t control my anger at Wanlov for saying that he would pray for God and that if he does not say amen, he would give him some heavenly slaps.

Wanlov should note one thing; he can engage in any stupidity he desires but should understand that God is the creator of the Universe and not his colleague for him to play with.One thing I can say for certain is the fact that Wanlov is only bathing himself with curses for all the nasty comments and utterances he keeps making about God. God is God and not like any sinful human being.

‘’Amen! God just sent me a vision to sleep with all women I meet who are over 69 and lonely. I will do my best as I am god’s humble servant here for your mothers and their mothers. Jireh!’’ was the update by ‘’madman’’Wanlov on September 15, 2013.

I would love to make a comment but I won’t do so. Any attempt to do so would result in me raining insults and curses on Wanlov. If Wanlov does not believe in the existence of God, he should keep his mouth shut. For now, he is nothing but a disgrace to Ghana, Africa and mankind as a whole. I better drop my pen or else I would say something I need not say. I rest my case.



‘’You all know Music Music has been touted to be big since time immemorial so what I am bringing on board is to make it “gargantuanly bigger” than before with my experience on television screens. I am bringing on board more terminologies than one can think of, so if my fans missed any of my terminologies, then this is the time to enjoy them more.

You know if Music Music was riding on a bicycle, then fans should watch out because we will be flying in a jet plane very soon” were Afia Schwarzenegger’s comments when she spoke to Flex Newspaper about a month ago before she started her work as co-host of Music Music on TV3.

Quite unfortunately, within this short period ,Valentina Agyeiwaa has already tendered in her resignation letter to the management of TV3.Her resignation which takes effective from October 1,2013 means that patrons of Music Music would no longer see Afia Schwarznegger on the show. To confirm that she has really resigned as co-host, Afia Schwarznegger was not seen on October 5, 2013’s edition of the Music Music Show.

When Flex Newspaper got wind of her resignation, a call was placed to Afia Schwarznegger but she asked that reference be made to the resignation letter. A careful study of the resignation letter which has already gone viral on the internet suggests that TV3 had a problem with Afia Schwarzenegger’s contract with Despite Group of Companies even though Afia informed the Brands Manager of Tv3 before she signed the contract with TV3.

Afia Schwarznegger finally decided to abrogate her contract with TV3 and quit her role as co-host of Music Music, when it became clear that in as much as TV3 would want to have the services Afia exclusively, TV3 was not prepared to refund the alleged 70,000 Ghana cedis given to Afia by Despite Group of Companies. It has also been alleged that not only was Afia given 70,000 Ghana cedis but then she was also given a brand new car in addition.

Furthermore ,a reliable source from TV3 indicates on October 5,2013 ,Afia Schwarznegger was on the set of Music Music but didn’t mount the stage.The reliable source also mentioned that with the contract Afia Schwarznegger signed with the TV3,she was to be paid an amount of 2,600 Ghana cedis monthly.

One important issue with respect to Afia Schwarzenegger’s resignation has to do with why TV3 is not prepared to refund the money Afia received from Despite Group of Companies especially when Afia maintains that she informed TV3 before she signed the Music Music contract.

All efforts to get in touch with Ekow Blankson of TV3 proved futile as his phone number which he has been using for a quite long time suddenly gives the response ‘’number does not exist’’ when a call is placed to him. That notwithstanding ,Flex Newspaper would still make frantic efforts to get in touch with the management of TV3 to get their side of the story and publish it in subsequent editions of the newspaper.


Flex On Pluzz Set To Shape The Entertainment Industry

FLEXSome years back, entertainment talk shows seemed to be absent on the various radio stations in the country but of late, almost every radio station has embraced the phenomenon of having entertainment talk shows. The upsurge of entertainment talk shows is helping to shape the entertainment industry in the right way.

However, of much concern has been the lack of creativity so far as some of the talk shows are concerned. In as much as it would be very difficult for the talk shows not to discuss the topical issues within the week,it seems most of the talk shows virtually do the same thing. Instead of setting the agenda for discussion on other important issues in the entertainment industry, almost every other talk show display lack of dynamism and creativity as they discuss issues that have been overly treated. To add more salt to injury, most of these entertainment talk shows all air on Saturdays which makes it difficult to monitor each one of them.

Quite fortunately, the newest and most refreshing entertainment talk show on Radio, Flex on Pluzz is set to create a difference in the entertainment industry. Unlike other entertainment talk shows that air on Saturday, Flex on Pluzz will spice up the Sunday of every lover of entertainment. Flex on Pluzz will air on Sundays from 3pm to 5pm on Pluzz 89.9 fm.

Just as the name implies, Flex on Pluzz is a collaboration between Flex Newspaper and Pluzz 89.9 fm. That notwithstanding, Flex on Pluzz will not only base its discussions on stories culled from the Flex Newspaper but would fairly treat stories from other entertainment newspapers ,blogs, websites etc. It would also offer its listeners the best of interviews with the movers and shakers within the entertainment industry and also bring Ghanaian celebrities closer to its listeners.

Listeners of Flex on Pluzz can contribute to discussions through flexghana.com on Facebook and on whatsapp number 0272-166714. Flex on Pluzz will be hosted by the Managing Editor of Flex Newspaper, Samuel A. Baah aka Sammy Flex. His team of panelists who have in-depth knowledge of the entertainment landscape are ready to make your Sundays ”flexly”and ‘pluzzfully” educative, informative and entertaining.

Don’t forget to make a date with Sammy Flex on a premiere date in this October and other subsequent Sundays on Pluzz 89.9 fm from 3pm to 5pm. “We will say it without fear or favour” is our motto.



The 5th edition of the 4Syte Music Video Awards scheduled for November 16, 2013 at the Accra International Conference Centre (AICC) has been launched.The 4Syte Music Video Awards which started in 2008 aims at encouraging musicians to come out with good music videos.

Among all music videos that got nominated in the various categories,Tic Tac’s ‘’PUM PUM’’ video got nominated in the Best Edited Video Category.The same video also earned Tic Tac another nomination in the Best Hiplife Video Category.

Speaking to Tic Tac in an exclusive interview, he noted that so much hardwork,commitment and resources went into the making of the PUM PUM music video and as such ,he would be very glad if he wins the two awards he has been nominated for.

He therefore urged all his loyal fans and Ghanaians in general to help him the awards by voting for him.
According to the organisers, nominees can be voted for on all networks by texting ‘BE & TIC TAC ’ and “BHP &TIC TAC”to short code 1747.Vote for Tic Tac for him to win Best Edited Video and Best Hiplife Video awards respectively.



Every Saturday, when I flip my dial through the various radio stations, I realize there are so many entertainment shows but for close to a year now, I have religiously been listening to Showbiz Xtra on Happy Fm hosted by Dr. Cann.

I must admit that Showbiz Xtra can be ranked among the best three showbiz discussion shows in Accra and the country as a whole .Kudos to Dr. Cann, his producer as well as his panelists for the good work done so far; award or no award, I still count you as one of my favorite radio presenters.

My praise for Showbiz Xtra does not in any way suggest that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the show. I was so much impressed when the Discovery of the Week segment was introduced as part of the show. However, I have a little issue with the way Dr. Cann conducts his interviews and I believe it`s time I advise him so he repents.

Quite unimpressively, whenever Dr. Cann interviews any artiste during the Discovery of the Week Segment, he does so hurriedly and sometimes creates the impression that the artiste in question is not too important. I have no idea what kind of agreement he has with the artistes before they get to the studio but one thing should be made clear; even if the artistes appear on the show without paying a dime that does not give Dr. Cann the audacity to treat them as nonentities. I would be so much surprised if he charges them for the interview and still treats them the way he does.

In as much as we need to encourage our artistes to be always time-conscious, I feel very uncomfortable whenever Dr. Cann condemns and castigates artistes when they appear on his show late. Such an attitude is likely to lower the morale of the artistes. I am very sure if an artiste like Sarkodie who is scheduled to be on his show, gets to the studio late, Dr. Cann may find it very difficult to condemn Sarkodie for getting to the studio late and also interview him hurriedly.

One thing Dr. Cann should do is to take his time and interview any artiste who makes an appearance on his show rather than do so hurriedly. He should treat the up and coming artistes the same way he would treat the superstars. It’s much better to call off an interview in my opinion rather than do so hurriedly within 5 to 10 minutes.

I hope Dr. Cann takes my advice in good faith. I would still listen to the show and see if Dr. Cann would change his ways.”Dr.Cann, I am Affum but you can call me ”Afutser”. I rest my case.



In case you didn’t know, Quarme Zaggy is the current sensation holding high the music flag of highlife in the country. If all other artistes would decide to stop doing highlife, Quarme Zaggy will never do so. His love and passion for highlife is what culminated in the release of ”temi mole”.

After its release,”temi mole” has been enjoying massive airplay all over the country. Almost everyone is enjoying the new tune and tipping him for some nominations in the next VGMA isn’t too much to expect. Quarme Zaggy is a genius so far as highlife music is concerned and he is doing all his best to churn out more hits.

In as much as ”temi mole” is doing very well in the country and getting Quarme Zaggy the needed recognition and the opportunity to perform at many shows, the young highlife artiste is still working hard in the studio. He performed at the Akwaboah Music Video Premier which had the likes of Richie, Jon Germain, Kwabena Kwabena and Akwaboah himself on stage and quite impressively, he had his performance being tagged as the best on the night.

Speaking to your evergreen Flex Newspaper in an exclusive interview, he stressed that he would soon release another single hit titled ”my desire”. The release of ”my desire” would definitely take him to another level before he goes ahead to release the next single titled ”tonite” featuring Kobby. Quarme Zaggy also noted that preparations are far advanced to ensure that the music video for his current hit ”temi mole” is released soon.

Quarme Zaggy however revealed that ever since he released ”temi mole” he has been receiving several death threats on Facebook. When he received the first threat, he didn’t take it serious until he received subsequent threats from the same person (name withheld) which made him inform his management.

When asked what could have necessitated the death threats, Quarme Zaggy noted that he has no idea why someone would wish him dead but Quarme Zaggy and Flex Entertainment are taking the issue very seriously and would soon make a decision as to whether to report the threats to the police or totally ignore the threats. Irrespective of the threats, Quarme Zaggy is still focusing on his music career.

Flex Entertainment in a bid to ensure its artiste is safe to concentrate on his music career, would soon send an official complaint to Facebook to help in initial investigations and ensure whoever is behind the threats is brought to book.

Quarrel Between Afia Schwarzenegger And Delay Intensifies

NEW DELAYOn Saturday August 24, 2013 I watched a repeat telecast of Afia Schwarzenegger Talk Show with Celestine Creppy and Nana Yaa Denkyirah Obuobi as guests. I tuned into the show after 10pm and watched only a portion of the show but what I witnessed shocked me to the bones; the show displayed traces of irresponsibility, rudeness, loose talk and immaturity at the highest level.

As I didn’t follow the show right from the beginning, it was difficult to find out what exactly was the topic of discussion. However, the level of discussion in my opinion was not intellectual at all. The discussion could have been educative enough even the Akan language they used but then, that wasn’t the case. I am sure the two young ladies on the show were educated however, together with Afia Schwarzenegger, they reduced the show to some kind of ”kokonsa” among three ladies. They expressed themselves as if they were in their bedrooms having a private ”kokonsa” chat.

Surprisingly, when one gentleman called into the show to advice Afia Schwarzenegger on some of her comments which seem to be targeted at one specific enemy of hers, Afia Schwarzenegger showed how rude she could be and virtually ”chased” the gentleman off the show. Initially, the gentleman made a mistake of responding to Afia’s greetings with ” yaaa egya”. ”Yaaa Egya” should be the response to a greeting from a male but because the gentleman responded in that manner, Afia got offended and disrespectfully asked the gentleman if she looked like Delay.

For crying out loud, what does the name of Delay got to do with the Afia Schwarzenegger Talk Show? Why should Afia imply that Delay looks like a man? Looking at Delay, is it not clear that she has boobs and butts which clearly shows that she is a woman but not a man? If Afia Schwarzenegger is no more on the Afia Schwarzenegger series, no matter what the reasons are, she has no right to always speak ill of Delay anytime she gets the opportunity on any platform.

If Afia Schwarzenegger has anything personal against Delay, that’s her own cup of tea but she should be professional enough not to insult Delay on her show. Sorry to say, but that kind of behavior is childish and a disgrace to her. The fact that she has an issue against Delay is a reality that cannot be ignored but then she needs to handle the issue maturely.

Afia Schwarzenegger has a huge sense of humour but some of her utterances on Happy Fm some weeks back, concerning Delay with respect to the auditioning she would be undertaking to get a new character for the Afia Schwarznegger series was quite unfortunate and uncalled for.

Afia Schwarzenegger showed another degree of irresponsibility on ETV when she said that nationals of Zimbabwe were thieves. The fact that just one national of Zimbabwe may have ”stolen” from her doesn’t give her the audacity to sit on television and make that irresponsible general statement that Zimbabweans are thieves. How many Zimbabweans does she know?

She should learn what to say and what not to say. She should also be slow to speak as the Bible advises. What’s her beef if Anas Aremeyaw decides to investigate John Dumelo rather than investigate what killed the Late John Evans Atta-Mills? Is she the one who employed Anas or pays his salary? Does someone dictate to her how she should do her work on the Afia Schwarznegger Talk Show? I am not really disappointed in Afia Schwarzenegger but I am rather disappointed in the sponsors of the show; they should know better. I rest my case.

Can Hammer’s ”y3da W’ase” Ever Become A Hit?


Apart from Reggie Rockstone who originated hiplife, one other person who has been of immense importance in the development of hiplife is Hammer of The Last Two Music Group.

Hammer has helped discover and nurture many talents in the country and as such, it’s a step in the right direction that a concert would soon be held to celebrate him. The number of artistes who have experienced the tutelage of Hammer is enormous and the ”Hammer” factor in the life of some current artistes is what has made them successful.

A little over a month ago, a new song titled ”y3da w’ase” was released. The song is supposed to be the theme song for the Celebrating Hammer Concert and it features the likes Of Tinny, Kwaw Kese, Edem, Sarkodie and Obrafour. I have keenly followed most of the works of Hammer and ”y3da w’ase” is no exception.

Having superstars like Tinny, Kwaw Kese, Edem, Sarkodie and Obrafour on one track easily gives the impression that the track would become an instant hit, however this has not been the case with ”y3da w’ase”. I stand to be corrected but I believe the track has not received the right amount of airplay. I simply can’t tell who is in charge to ensure that the track is promoted well.

Assuming the promotion of the track lies within the corridors of Hammer, doesn’t it give the impression that Hammer decided to assemble the five artistes to record a song to celebrate himself? Is it a case of Hammer trying to make himself relevant in the music industry?

Some years back, most hit tracks in the country were songs recorded by Hammer but of late, it’s very difficult to even pinpoint songs on radio that were recorded by him. To make Celebrating Hammer Concert successful, it’s prudent that ”y3da w’ase” is promoted to an extent that it becomes a hit in the country. For crying out loud, the track which is supposed to be the theme song for the concert should be able to make an impact on the music scene if it’s expected to help in promoting the Celebrating Hammer Concert.

Having Tinny, Edem, Obrafour, Kwaw Kese and Sarkodie on one stage can make patronage of the concert a success but I believe, of utmost importance is the success of the theme song. Before the date of the Celebrating Hammer Concert is revealed, let’s just keep our ears on the ground and monitor the performance of ”y3da w’ase” on the music scene as to whether it would become a hit or not.

For me, I am yet to feel the impact of the theme song. Before I drop my pen, let me ask two questions; ”If the ”y3da w’ase” is meant to celebrate Hammer, do you think it would have been much better if a different sound engineer had worked on the track? Would the likes of Appietus, Jay Q, RoRo, Morris Da Voice and Zapp Mallet who have also contributed in making hiplife successful, ever be celebrated?” I rest my case.