Evangelist Lord Kenya has confirmed the story by Flex Newspaper with the caption ‘Lord Kenya Not Bothered by VGMA’’. Speaking to Sammy Flex on Flex on Pluzz on Pluzz 89.9fm, Lord Kenya among other things, noted that he is not really bothered whether he gets any VGMA nomination or not and also expressed regret at the kind of treatment meted to many secular-turned gospel musicians.

He noted that the moment that a secular artiste becomes ‘’born again’’ and turns to gospel music, most DJ’s who used to ‘’steal’’their songs from the studios, suddenly turn a blind eye to their gospel songs or albums and leave the secular-turned gospel musician to his or her fate.

Lord Kenya also revealed that his ‘’Christlife’’ album has been distributed to many radio presenters and DJ’s all over the country but surprisingly his songs are not receiving any airplay .He however noted that so far as he has been called to become an evangelist and has been winning souls for Christ, he believes he is doing the work of the Lord Almighty who called him into the soul winning ministry.

In a bid to ensure that Lord Kenya’s gospel music career is promoted in order to win more souls for Christ, the host of Flex on Pluzz, Sammy Flex volunteered to help in the promotion of Lord Kenya’s ‘’Christlife’’ album on various radio stations.

He therefore asked that Lord Kenya make available some promo copies of his gospel album. Lord Kenya acceded to the request and promised to make some copies of his gospel album for onward distribution to various radio stations in a bid to find out if radio presenters or DJ’s will promote would promote Lord Kenya’s gospel music or not.


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