For some time now, there have rumours within the entertainment industry to the effect that female Gospel songstress, Cecilia Marfo may no more be working with her executive producer, Cebex as Cecilia Marfo no more mentions Cebex as her producer whenever she grants any radio station, television station or newspaper an interview.

Right from the onset, when Cecilia Marfo burst out onto the Gospel music scene she always showered praises on Cebex for helping her with her Gospel music ministry but for quite some time now, that has changed and it is this observation that is sparking off the rumours that Cecilia Marfo and Cebex may no longer be having any working relationship.

However, for the very first time, Cecilia Marfo has spoken on the issue. Speaking to Sammy Flex on the maiden edition of Flex on Pluzz, the newest entertainment discussion show on Pluzz 89.9fm in an exclusive interview, Cecilia Marfo revealed that for the past two years, she has indeed severed any business relationship with Cebex. She is currently having her own record label by the name I am Records, which manages her music career with support from Flex Newspaper.

Cecilia Marfo took the opportunity to make that revelation when she appeared on the maiden edition of Flex on Pluzz, a collaborative effort between Flex Newspaper and Pluzz fm after she had gotten the show to a good start with a powerful Worship session. She got so much into the spirit to an extent that she couldn’t control her emotions but to shed tears as she led all listeners of the maiden edition of Flex on Pluzz in a time of Worship.

When asked what may have accounted for her break up from Cebex, Cecilia Marfo mentioned that her decision to break away from Cebex was due to the fact that she felt the time was due for her manage her own affairs after working with Cebex for some time.

However ,reliable information available to Flex Newspaper indicate that so many actions and inactions may be responsible for the Cecilia Marfo-Cebex break up but Cecilia Marfo is just not ready to reveal into details what really caused the break up as it has the tendency of causing so much uproar and controversies within the entertainment industry.

The working relationship between Cecilia Marfo and Cebex began in 2008 and within 2008 and 2011, Cebex helped Cecilia to release two albums. Her first album was titled ‘’Faithful’’ and had hits like ‘’afunumuba’’ and ‘’mammere mangu’’.Her second album which she released, was a Worship album titled ‘’ Time of Worship’’.

These two albums did marvelously well on the airwaves and also recorded high sales. Cecilia’s current album titled ‘’Osore3 nnwom’’ was recently launched at the Liberty Assemblies of God Church.
Flex Newspaper will do its best to dig deep into the Cecilia Marfo-Cebex break up and publish all the details in subsequent editions.


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