It is one Saturday evening and the Conference Centre is packed to full capacity. Everyone is expecting to see Sakordie on stage to perform some of his hit tracks.

The atmosphere is charged and the audience can’t wait any longer. The audience starts calling out for Sakordie. Sakordie is at the backstage and in high spirit ready to do what he knows how to do best. The MC of the show, Bola Ray finally introduces and welcomes him on stage with so many adjectives.

At long last, Sakordie makes a triumphant entry on the stage and the audience goes crazy. Sakordie stands in front of the crowd, bows down his head and ‘coughs” into the microphone and that even increases the temperature at the Conference Centre. Instrumentals of Sarkodie’s ”saa okodie” starts playing and Sakordie starts to rap and all of a sudden………..watery human excreta is seen dripping down his Sark jeans trousers onto the stage. Omg! Wouldn’t it be embarrassing?

We treasure our celebrities so much and never wish something bad comes their way. Unfortunately, many of our celebrities encounter many embarrassing moments in their careers. It is sad to say but most times, it’s very difficult to forecast such moments and prevent them. In this article, some celebrities share with us some of their embarrassing moments. Laugh out loud if you want to but remember that, the journey to stardom for them wasn’t on a silver platter. They worked hard for it.

STONEBWOY: Hmmmm my embarrassing moment was one day after ”killing” a show. Many of my fans were hailing me all over the place and here I was standing by the roadside searching for a taxi. What made it very embarrassing was that many of these fans, mostly young guys, all had their own cars.

QUARME ZAGGY: My embarrassing moment was at Y fm’s Area Code at Tema Chemu Park. The crowd at that show was very huge .After the MC introduced me on stage, I looked into the crowd and made it a point within my heart to entertain the crowd, but to my surprise, my CD wouldn’t play.

IWAN: My most embarrassing moment is when I fell off stage after performing at the ”Ghana Support Haiti Concert” at the National Theatre some few years ago. The stage was crowded with microphone stands, monitors, wires and stuff as it was a live show. After I finished my performance and said ”Thank You” to the crowd, I was going backwards but all of a sudden I tripped on one of the monitors and the next moment, I realized I was flat on the floor.

AMEYAW DEBRAH: I had my embarrassing moment some few days back. I published tour dates from 2006 that said Jay-Z will be performing in Ghana on my website. When I noticed the error I deleted it and wrote another story to apologize.

DKB (Comedian): One day before a show, I went to the washroom to ”shit”. I can’t tell how it really happened but when I got on stage, everybody at the show noticed that I had gone to the washroom to ”shit”.I got really embarrassed.

PRAYE HO NE HO: My embarrassing moment was the day I fell off the stage during a show at Keta in the Volta Region. It was a real heavy fall.

I remember Ephraim at the Ghana DJ Awards. He found himself on stage to receive an award on behalf of the winner even when the winner of the award had not been mentioned. He became confused and looked so embarrassed on stage.

FBS also found themselves in an embarrassing situation whilst they were being interviewed on ETV some few weeks back. As the interview went on, a phone kept ringing. One of the FBS guys, brought out the phone from his pocket only to realize that he had mistakenly ”stolen” the phone which belonged to a make-up artist at the television station.
Some years back, a giant in the radio industry danced with a lady on stage during Akuafo Hall Artiste’s Night but surprisingly afterwards, everyone at the show realized this radio presenter had gotten an erection. This radio presenter has been with a radio station in Accra for about ten years now and cannot be ignored at all so far as entertainment and showbiz in Ghana is concerned. Your guess may be right. By the way, can you guess Raquel’s most embarrassing moment? What about Shatta Wale’s embarrassing moment? Need I say more? I drop my ”diabolic”pen.I rest my case.



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